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  1. Hopefully the rest of your stay will make up for the horrible first day you had. As far as the construction goes, are they building swim up bars? How long will construction last? My wedding is the end of May and if construction is still going on, I would like to warn my guests. The more they're prepared for {time share salesman/delayed check in/ etc}, the less stressful it will be. Can't wait to hear about your wedding!
  2. It just hit me today that I need to find my Dad something to wear. Since my Mom passed away from Breast Cancer I have been doing his shopping for clothes. The wedding is no different I suppose. I'm not sure what he'll wear...kinda want him in something different from my FI. My apologies for being verbose. I'm a little emotional right now. I miss my Mom...
  3. They offered me that option but I'm unsure of the prices for a cab. My resort is about 30 minutes away...so I'm told. Is your resort in PDC?
  4. I'm not sure what they use. I use Makeup Forever HD Foundation. I know how to apply my liquid foundation and all that good stuff I wanted the airbrush and my resort doesn't offer it. I recently purchased an airbrush machine to practice with however I'm not so sure I'm sold on it. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. I would love to see pictures of your hair and make up! I'm currently stressing over the makeup situation. Oh and a few pictures of your reception as well! Carter.Watson2015@@gmail.com
  6. I'm leaning towards doing this. I am currently stressing over this makeup situation. I would like airbrush but with the price of the service coupled with a $350 vendor fee, I'm looking at $600 for makeup! To put things into perspective, the vendor fee is more than the services. Urgh...
  7. The first pic is my FI's signature look! If he can only find it in gray and linen. Perry Ellis is our backup. The outlet stores have the tan linen pants, vest and jacket 60% off.
  8. I'm using burlap bags and I purchased them from SaveOnCrafts.com
  9. I was told the same by several TAs during my early planning phase. We were told yesterday that 2 room categories in our block were sold out. A few guests were forced to book a more expensive option if they still wanted to go.
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