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  1. I did work with a travel agency and they were very helpful before the wedding with getting issues resolved and after the wedding they really tried to help but Moon Palace was unwilling to take any responsibility. Best advice I could give is to stay away from this resort. If you've already booked then just really be on top of the coordinator. assign an aggressive friend or family member to do this during the wedding or hire an outside coordinator.
  2. Hi! You already know what happened with mine. Just be proactive and make sure that if the day of forecast calls for rain that you talk it out with the coordinator before hand. Unfortunately my coordinator was no where to be found the morning of our wedding and never even advised us that there was rain in the forecast. They asked us to make the decision to move inside after it already started raining and all of our rented decor items were setup outside. Which means they got wet. They refused to move in the majority of our items and did not give us a refund for the items that were not used a
  3. You're welcome. Yes, i posted it under Resort Reviews for Moon Palace. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/r/4726-moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/
  4. Good morning Ladies! I have finally written my review for Moon Palace. It does not even begin to explain all the major fails that occurred during our vacation and wedding but i wanted to get something on here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and i'll be around to throw in my 2 cents and give my advice on the forum. Good luck to all of you!
  5. Sorry ladies! I will likely write my review this weekend. We just got back last weekend from honeymooning and went straight back to work. Also, I have been putting it off a bit because i just want to move on and not stress myself by thinking about it. You will get all the details soon! If you've booked already i just highly suggest you stay on the coordinators' asses (especially the onsite) and make sure you get all your questions answered and in writing. If you haven't booked i highly suggest you take your business elsewhere.
  6. Our wedding was yesterday and to put it nicely we were not at all happy with how everything was coordinated and the fact that we were lied to by the coordinators. It was a disaster. From the priest to the decor company; everything was a mess. The only people that truly came through were the special effects company Promedsa which really helped us make the best of a shitty situation. Full review to come.
  7. 6 days until we leave and 10 Days until our wedding!! Hoping everything goes well!
  8. It might be too early to start planning with those types of vendors with Palace resorts. I started planning my wedding at moon palace 6 months before our wedding date and even that was too early. They dropped and changed preferred vendors and prices in that short time.
  9. Has anyone had Miriam as your on site coordinator? She was just assigned to me.
  10. @@NJBride2014 I'm having between 75 and 80 guests. Yes, we are leaving in 18 days and that number is still growing and i feel like everything should be done already but it's not! AH! Anyway, we got JSAV through the coordinator but have not signed anything yet. I was looking in to booking Discomovil a few months ago but they replied that they were not available for our date. I was really bummed about that.
  11. @@NJBride2014 Yeah my coordinator sent me the price list. Its a little crazy to pay 4 times the amount i would have payed here in the US but i guess i i'll have to decide if i really want them. I read they are easier to find in Mexico during the holidays and not very easy to find otherwise. I don't want to go on a wild goose chase when we get there so I'll probably just get them through the resort and pay the $118 for 30 or not get them at all because it hurts me to think that they are $30 for 48 here in the states.
  12. Does anyone know where i can find sparklers near Moon Palace or even in the Riviera Maya area?
  13. Hi Everyone! We are getting married at Moon Palace and want to know if anyone knows where we can find sparklers in the area. I think we can't bring them with us from the US and we can't ship them there so if anyone knows that would be a great help. Thanks!
  14. Thank you for your advice @@shan0487 & @@NJBride2014 @@NJBride2014 all the uninvited guests were invited by other guests so that's how they got all the TA info.We didn't mind plus ones. We were expecting that but whole families to be invited without anyone even asking us or letting us know has been a real shock to my FI and I.Mind you they were not invited by our parents or anything like that. Even that would have been more understandable. It's really stressful to be put in this position. We too have had people book now just 30-25 days before the wedding and more than 2 months aft
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