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Marvin is the best
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Maya Floral

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Courtney Hooker

By Courtney Hooker, · 889 Views · 7 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: NONE!

Marvin from Maya floral was the best. Throughout the process, he was consistent with emails and responding to my request. He sent me examples of centerpieces and bouquets which FAR exceeded my expectations. Everyone said my centerpieces should have been in a magazine. I ordered everything from Marvin (bridesmaid flowers, centerpieces, boutineers, bridal bouquet). Thank you, Marvin for your incredible work. You will not be disappointed if you use him






Those look gorgeous! Do you mind me asking..did you get each guest an orchid? If so how much did marvin charge you?


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I did not order the napkin orchids from Marvin because I the quote I received for this item was outside of my budget. I ordered the orchids from Save-on-crafts.com. They are REAL perserved orchids and I think I got 30 of them for just $12.99. Easy to travel with and well worth it.


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Hi Courtney!

Your wedding looks amazing! How did you get your centerpieces into the Cancun Palace? Did you pay a vendor fee? Did you have them set-up at your ceremony or how did that work? Also, where did you get the decor/chandelier/starfish/chair decorations? Did they have those or did you bring them from home? I am getting married at the Moon Palace and need some help on how to get the ceremony/reception to look the way I want w/o the ridiculous cost. Also, did you go off site to get your make-up done? How did that work out for you? I would appreciate any information or details you can give me!!!


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Thanks for the compliments. The wedding was at the Hard Rock Cancun (formally known as Cancun Palace). No, I did not pay outside vendor fees for anyone except my DJ and photographer. If you want things set up (aka, not have your guests do it), you can hire Cintya for $200 and she takes care of everything. She helped the florist set up everything and was a gem. I used a decor company for everything else (chandelier, starfish, chair decor). I got my hair and makeup done in my room. No vendor fees. I used Norma from Ultrafemme.... she was AMAZING and far more reasonable then most. I am super picky and she far exceeded my expectations. I think you PMed me so just keep asking me questions through that since I don't check this site anymore.


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