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  1. I was lucky enough to have people offer to bring all of my decorations and favors down for me. I took over 100 chair ties with me that I had ironed flat and rolled up together. I used some gigantic suitcases and lots of packing materials. Luckily most of my decorations were lightweight and fit easily together in suitcases. I would start asking groomsmen to commit to carrying on a suitcase for you! You know boys pack 6 items and are good for a week!
  2. @@kimmyd2 We were going to go to the underwater museum but the weather was bad. I think we went ended up snorkeling off the island of Isla Mujeres. It was beautiful even though it wasn't our original plan.
  3. We got married in Cancun on October 12th this year and our reception is late June at my in-laws house. i am not planning or paying for any of it so as I see it--- I am rollin with it! I thought it was a bit odd at first but then realized its not my place to say anything and that I need to just appreciate and enjoy another party! Good luck and congratulations on your recent marriage!!
  4. @@Kayla88 We used Samba Catamarans. Very good communication and was able to pay via paypal! Had the best time ever on the cruise. They took us snorkeling then were able to parasail off the back of the boat. Once in a lifetime experience for most of my guests. They worked with our budget too which was really appreciated.
  5. I got married in October in Cancun and had no problems getting my starfish and shells thru customs both ways. I had a lot too!! I had starfish chair ties-- 10 and large starfish for the aisle. I had saved all my Crate and Barrel wedding gift packaging.... all of them made it there without breaking!! It was a beautiful touch. Hope this helps!
  6. We were at our hotel for 7 nights and had an event scheduled almost every day. We gave our wedding planner $400, $200 when we first met her and the rest at checkout. I think it made a huge difference in our service and how well our events went! It was well worth finding the money to do this... she was so appreciative and went above and beyond her duties for us the entire week.
  7. We used our Southwest Airlines Platinum credit card and there are no fees for international charges. It was wonderful! Saved us hundreds of dollars. Not sure if you are able to get one in Canada but I would check it out!
  8. I didn't do OOT bags. I decided to use my money to provide memorable experiences for the guests while they were in Cancun! It was the smartest decision I made!! First... you dont have to lug all of the bags and their goodies all the way to your destination and spend your precious time putting them together. Second, people are coming to your wedding to do things with you and would rather have a cool experience than some advil, pepto, and some chapstick! Most of the OOT items people bring for themselves when going on vacation-- and the rest of the items never get used. I did a private Tequi
  9. Hey @@misbosox I used Gama Grupo for decorations and did their Disco setup. It included 4 light up columns and strings of light up lanterns to go over the reception area. It was beautiful!!! My reception was at 6:00 on the Tucan Terrace in October. I can't figure out how to add a picture but I can email you if you'd like! PM me your email address and I can send a few pictures your way!
  10. @@ctlind7 So excited for you!! You will love Joselin! She is wonderful! Wishing you a dream wedding and perfect vacation!
  11. @@grupogama Yay Gama!! We used you for our October wedding at Moon Palace! Thanks for helping our dream wedding come to life! Highly recommend their services ladies!! Great communication, on-time to set up and removal and professional staff!
  12. @@agundisv I bought the runners from Etsy here is the link! https://www.etsy.com/listing/155038678/gold-dazzle-square-sequin-table-runner?ref=shop_home_active_5 I bought the 84" runners. They were the perfect length. Great price considering the rental prices down there!! I rented the table clothes... but I should have bought them and brought them with me. You can find them online so cheap and when you get back sell them online to recoup some of the money. All of the small items I would recommend trying to bring with you. Its worth it to beg family member or bridal party member to che
  13. I don't want to freak you all out but, my amazing designer wedding dress was dropped off at a reputable dry cleaners in Austin and it came back with a gigantic tear above the bustle-- larger than my head. Luckily the dry cleaners is taking responsibility but the dress absolutely cannot be fixed. its hand beaded lace. Please, make sure when you drop off the dress to get a written note from the cashier of any damage on the dress. That way when you get the dress back and there is something wrong with it there is no question as to who is responsible. This was standard policy at my dry cleaners but
  14. So glad to hear this!! I can't wait to hear about it and see pictures!!!
  15. @@colleentf09 Congratulations!! I just had my wedding October 12th and the forecast the entire month leading up to the wedding and while we were there called for 60-80% chance of rain. I must have had 100 nightmares and lost countless hours of sleep over the weather. It rained... one day during the week for 15 minutes. Not a drop after that and it was perfect! I did have a backup plan for the wedding. A ballroom.... yuck!! I planned the wedding as if it were to be outside just like I had dreamed! If it rains the day of the wedding then your onsite coordinator will get in contact with
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