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  1. I made a booklet with a meet the guests in it.. I could always send you the template.
  2. Joyce, you're the best I don't think she will come around but we are in love and happy and I have him for support 100% which is awesome. Here is hoping it does. P.s - on a completely unrelated note we are looking at buying a vacation condo in the Mayan possibly... wouldn't be for a few years but yay!
  3. Thanks ladies - I really appreciate the advice and the listening - especially since you have listened to me in the past with the family drama prior to the wedding! I cannot wait for Jamaica and I am really looking forward to just forgetting about this all for a week - and then preparing myself for April 18th. At least I will be relaxed when dealing with her - which is good for her. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  4. Thanks My husband and I are headed to Jamaica for our delayed honeymoon next week (since the one that was after the destination wedding turned out SO well - family drama with you know who) right before our at home reception which is on April 18th. So it will be nice to get away and just relax - I didn't get why he wanted to leave right before the AHR but now I get it.
  5. +1 on the not putting him in the middle. I try to remember that every time she causes drama that being in the middle sucks and I don't want to put him in that position. I know I hate being in the middle. I made him talk to her this time about it though because it's got to the point where she is blatantly name calling, accusing me of things (which my husband knows are not true) and talking badly behind my back on things that she is making up. Oh and sending me rude text messages during work hours. She did this during the wedding process and engagement period too but I let it slide as we were go
  6. Remember my lovely Mother in law who created and started so much drama with the wedding? She is back at it again. We are having our at home reception here in a few weeks and I created a wedding album to display at the at home reception so people could flip through it and see pictures. When I was done it, I sent it to my mom and her, as a COURTESY - just to make sure they were happy with the photos in it. My mom asked if I could switch out a few but was really nice about it - it was more of, hey my hair looks bad, can you switch the photos out. However, mother in law texted me Tuesday, Wed
  7. You two will LOVE Blue Venado! We got married there last year on 11-11-2014 and wow, what a perfect venue, day - just amazing. If you two have any questions, just ask away!
  8. What a touching story! You two have been through a lot together – made me tear up! It’s so special you are renewing your vows as well. Fantastic to see you are using Joyce, she is so wonderful to work with J
  9. We are not. A few toasts and what not and we are going to do a first dance but that's it.
  10. LOVE your hair!! and the necklace you chose. Just gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the other photos
  11. OOOOOOO!!! I have the perfect one. Check out Blue Venado Beach Club. That's where I got married.. I have my planning thread on the planning board forum and my wedding review. They were fantastic! Only thing is they are on the south end of PDC.. so it would be about 45 minutes to get your guests there.
  12. I agree - I picked a large resort and regretted it. We still had a good time but it was too big.
  13. I messaged you but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Enjoy today, all of it! Try to take in each and every moment. It's going to be such a wonderful day for you! Can't wait to hear all about it
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