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  1. I made a booklet with a meet the guests in it.. I could always send you the template.
  2. Joyce, you're the best I don't think she will come around but we are in love and happy and I have him for support 100% which is awesome. Here is hoping it does. P.s - on a completely unrelated note we are looking at buying a vacation condo in the Mayan possibly... wouldn't be for a few years but yay!
  3. Thanks ladies - I really appreciate the advice and the listening - especially since you have listened to me in the past with the family drama prior to the wedding! I cannot wait for Jamaica and I am really looking forward to just forgetting about this all for a week - and then preparing myself for April 18th. At least I will be relaxed when dealing with her - which is good for her. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  4. Thanks My husband and I are headed to Jamaica for our delayed honeymoon next week (since the one that was after the destination wedding turned out SO well - family drama with you know who) right before our at home reception which is on April 18th. So it will be nice to get away and just relax - I didn't get why he wanted to leave right before the AHR but now I get it.
  5. +1 on the not putting him in the middle. I try to remember that every time she causes drama that being in the middle sucks and I don't want to put him in that position. I know I hate being in the middle. I made him talk to her this time about it though because it's got to the point where she is blatantly name calling, accusing me of things (which my husband knows are not true) and talking badly behind my back on things that she is making up. Oh and sending me rude text messages during work hours. She did this during the wedding process and engagement period too but I let it slide as we were going to spend two weeks in Mexico with her. I even went to counseling on my own to talk to someone as she was causing me so much stress. During the wedding time in Mexico she caused so much shit, even the night before the wedding - I ended up crying in my room the night before getting married as she was causing drama. The day of she blatantly named called me behind my back and accused me of doing shit. ON THE DAY OF MY WEDDING. And I let it slide. Even when she was off in jungle getting stoned. So letting it slide this time was not an option. This woman was so good for 8/9 years we dated and as soon as we moved 3 hours away and got engaged she started acting like this. The crappy thing is she is a non-existent parent, only when it makes her look good, so it's super frustrating to have her be like this. Now she recruiting her sister to blast me (which they are doing on FB in a round about way) which is hurtful. I'm lucky in that my husband is very very aware of how is family is and has my back 100%. I haven't retaliated or done anything so pretty much all that she is doing is making her look bad. It's just he tries to stand up to her and she cries like a little child and throws a tantrum - even yelled at her son on the phone last week because he was refusing to change the photo book (which we now changed). UGHHH. I told my husband that from now on, I am not talking with her. Which he understands and is fine with. I just can't do it anymore. I have so many good thinks to be thankful for and an amazing husband and I just can't deal with the stress and anxiety this lady causes. Oh and on the coping side - we have discussed it and we are putting distance between us and her after the at home wedding reception. Thank god. I am lucky I have his support, I'll say it again and again, very lucky. It just makes me sad that this woman is being this way, when I have done nothing to deserve it. My husband says she has always been this way and that's why alot of her family doesn't talk to her and everyone excuses her behavior because she is difficult but it's not right. I'm not the person to call her out on this but it's complete BULLSH*T in my books. She has essentially tainted a very important time for him and I and feels no remorse at all. Maybe she will wear her white dress again to the AHR. Just saying. Thanks for listening ladies. I've been losing a lot of sleep over this. It' just makes me so sad. Oh for those girls on here who say they are the moms of boys - I don't think anyone could EVER be like this woman. it's one thing to be difficult on some issues, I know I would be one day if I have boys but to go completely off the deep end - this is worse than that J-Lo movie.
  6. Remember my lovely Mother in law who created and started so much drama with the wedding? She is back at it again. We are having our at home reception here in a few weeks and I created a wedding album to display at the at home reception so people could flip through it and see pictures. When I was done it, I sent it to my mom and her, as a COURTESY - just to make sure they were happy with the photos in it. My mom asked if I could switch out a few but was really nice about it - it was more of, hey my hair looks bad, can you switch the photos out. However, mother in law texted me Tuesday, Wednesday and then cried to her son about the book all last week because she was upset that I included pictures of my husband dancing with his godmother (which is her sister and yes they get along) in the book and that I didn't have enough photos of HER family (I did and counted them - it was half and half and very fair). Also she started in on that I didn't get any photos of richard's brother and his fiance alone with us (we didn't have alone pictures with us and the siblings as the sun was setting and we literally had 25 minutes to get photos) Like what the hell - she could of asked for the photos in Mexico at the wedding????? Anyways, after crying to my husband about it and making a huge deal, I had to change out one page (I refused to change any of the other pages. screw her) and order ANOTHER book (which my husband paid for) to appease her. Pretty much I'm just sick of this bullsh*t with her. Why does this lady have to make my life miserable?? ARGHH!!!
  7. You two will LOVE Blue Venado! We got married there last year on 11-11-2014 and wow, what a perfect venue, day - just amazing. If you two have any questions, just ask away!
  8. What a touching story! You two have been through a lot together – made me tear up! It’s so special you are renewing your vows as well. Fantastic to see you are using Joyce, she is so wonderful to work with J
  9. We are not. A few toasts and what not and we are going to do a first dance but that's it.
  10. LOVE your hair!! and the necklace you chose. Just gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the other photos
  11. OOOOOOO!!! I have the perfect one. Check out Blue Venado Beach Club. That's where I got married.. I have my planning thread on the planning board forum and my wedding review. They were fantastic! Only thing is they are on the south end of PDC.. so it would be about 45 minutes to get your guests there.
  12. I agree - I picked a large resort and regretted it. We still had a good time but it was too big.
  13. I messaged you but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Enjoy today, all of it! Try to take in each and every moment. It's going to be such a wonderful day for you! Can't wait to hear all about it
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