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  1. yay I love reading these! I have been procrastinating on starting mine but maybe I should start
  2. @@TinkerSofi It is those buttons are just so nice. I love them
  3. That sounds like a great price. I hope mine comes in close to that since I also want to do everything you are doing. I love my dress but I'm worried about bloating in Mexico so I think a tie up may be the best choice.
  4. @@aborgesbride Congratulations on your wedding! I'm so relived to hear it went well
  5. I hope your day is all you ever wished for! I'm so excited to hear all about it sorry to hear about your dad I hope he is feeling better
  6. @@rachelia160 We will get it all done and have amazing weddings
  7. I'm so excited for you Kim! Enjoy every second of it! I can't wait to hear all about it
  8. @@rachelia160 I'm going to say your on the ight track! Or at least I hope you are. my wedding is two days before you and I've get pretty much the same things done that you do.
  9. Welcome! I agree with the other ladies find a TA that specializes in weddings. I didn't have much luck in Edmonton so I hope you have better luck
  10. I used mywedding.com simply because you can set it up with a password and it's not open to the whole world it's so easy to use! I have used weebly in the past and it's easy but not as user friendly as mywedding
  11. @@LisaAnthonyPoppy His family has been awful with all the wedding plans so I couldn't let him have nobody on his side there
  12. Hi Hope! Welcome to the board. My best advice would be to contact a TA and let they send you all the best offers out there. That's what I did.
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