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  1. Wedding was a success!!!! It was a beautiful day and was over in the blink of an eye!!! While there were a few bumps along the way, I wouldn't have it any other way. This resort is beautiful! Even with all the construction going on. Sadly I did not get to have my ceremony on the beach, and it was frustrating. The weather was rain rain rain the first 4 days we were there. The day of the wedding was the first day of sun. But apparently the tide was too high and the ground was too soft to have the wedding on the beach. They moved me inside to the "its raining" venue LOL. It was still beautiful, b
  2. PAST BRIDES!!!! I don't know if its just me or my wedding planner but this has got to be the most frustrating experience of my life!!! Where are all these added costs coming from!! UGH! My biggest problem I am having is that I am getting the Devine wedding package. The cake options that they offer is not the actual cake you get?? The package is for up to 25 people and I have 45 people coming. They told me that the cake i get is only ONE TIER?? Not what is actually shown.... if I want to pay for the extra 20 people then I would get a cake with two tiers but still not the cake shown.... I
  3. HEY! So i purchased my dress off the rack and it is FILTHY!!!! It needs to be dry cleaned, but i'm afraid it will cost more then the dress itself! Can any Calgary ladies recommend a place for dry cleaning that is decent priced and really good? Thanks!!!
  4. Awe this is so perfect!!!! I love your review! It makes me so excited!! So much congrats to you and hubby! How much did you have to pay for outside photographers? Is it just the day pass? or is there a vender fee?
  5. I already took my dress in. I had them put sweetheart neckline in, a corset back and sew in my slip with the crinoline. It didnt need to be hemmed or taken in at all. I wanted to make sure that main part was done, and then if it needed any further alterations he would do it at no charge. Im not certain if it will need to be taken in, but we will have to wait and see
  6. Not yet! July 18th I will go in to make sure everything is perfect. I also am trying to lose a chunk of weight, but I wanted to get most stuff done. He said that if the dress had to be taken in some more or any other things needed to be fixed/altered he wouldn't change me anything. So that is a bonus! I will keep you posted!
  7. @@rachelia160 you looked absolutely stunning! So beautiful!! I can't wait to read your review!! Congrats girl!
  8. I FOUND IT!!!! Totally got lost!! LOL... These threads are hard to keep track of, but I found my way back! @@calgarybride2015 i am so very sorry for leaving you high and dry about the shells! How could I have forgotten! Still have anything available?! I also wanted to let brides know that I found an alterations place called "Chinook Alterations" that is SO CHEAP!!! Originally I was going to have David's Bridal do all the alterations on my dress, but it was going to cost over 500$ and my dress was only 699$ so I was like HECK NO! A friend of mine who just got married Sunday in Vega
  9. Love the pictures too!! So cute! That actually makes me feel a lot better! Thanks a million! Yes I am getting married at the now jade. Boy is it pricy! I cant wait to see your pictures. I may need to steal ideas hahaha
  10. We got ours at Le Chateau as well Tried posting a pic, but there is no attachment option
  11. I am so glad some one posted about this!! Congrats on your legal marriage! How exciting. So I have a JP coming to our house and I had planned it just to be our parents and siblings.... somehow, it has turned it to a second wedding (but a first cause it will be before the DW) After letting our Mothers in on our plans, we are now having an backyard wedding and a whole bunch of people over.... aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents etc.... then a huge BBQ after for everyone who cant make mexico.... two things- if people going to Mexico catch wind do you think they will be angry about it?
  12. Hey Ladies, So I got an email from Pamela over the weekend. I had emailed her last week asking her if I could make some adjustments on my wedding. I asked if I could use my bouquet for my cake flowers instead as I wasn't needing it. she said No, that anything that comes in the package can not be used towards anything other than what its for... This frustrates me beyond belief! I also asked that I don't have extras at the cocktail party, extra cake for guests or extra champaign. Just to save on some costs and such. She basically told me I couldn't cancel the extras and that if I wanted to c
  13. I know!! When i got engaged I wanted to get married earlier, but thought nah ill give it 1 year just so we can have some time to save. Well my wedding is 5 months away and I havent saved anything! hahaha. I have to get my butt in gear! I am getting married at the Now Jade! I cant wait!
  14. Absolutely gorgeous! Clip in's it is!
  15. Beautiful pictures @@tracyannhoward!! I so cant wait!!!! I always said that a photographer is where I am going to spend most of my money when it comes to my wedding, cause I will have those to look back on. My fiancé's cousin is just starting up photography and she said she would do our pictures. But part of me is a little nervous.... and now she is pregnant and doesn't now if she can make the wedding, as she is due the month before we go. So now I am not sure what I am going to do. Was the cost fairly decent priced?
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