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  1. I had Andrea. She's new, although she told us that she had been there "a long time". When I got into a dispute with them over the Akumal site because she was insisting that it had always looked the way it did, the manager told me that she had only been there a few months and probably never saw it look any different. She did an OK job, but I wasn't thrilled with her. She tried to change every detail of the wedding on us, so you need to keep an eye on her emails. I requested the Jacuzzi pool, she booked us at one of the main pools. (The jacuzzi pool was totally the way to go, our guests we
  2. If you do this, bring your own certificate! They don't supply them for the symbolic ceremony and didn't let us know until the day before we left! We did $10/hour as the basis for our tips. so it worked out to like $30 for the bartenders and dj, and $50-80 for the coordinator, I'm not sure exactly as my in laws took care of it.
  3. I got married there on Nov 11. The photographer did a wonderful job with the photos, although we did feel a little rushed (although that turned out OK, it was 30 degrees and by the end we were all sweaty and ready to be finished anyways!). The part we didn't like was the hard sell at our meeting to choose our photos. We had to sit through their pitch on the discount and freebies they would give us if we bought all 102 photos that they had edited for us. We politely told them that we already knew we didn't want all 102 and would like to go through them first before talking about adding to o
  4. Thanks, @@calgarybride2015. The wedding day itself was lovely and our families are still raving about how great the wedding was.
  5. So I got married on Wed at the Akumal site, and stayed at the Coba resort, and to be honest, I will never go back to that resort again. The wedding itself was lovely, but the customer service was absolutely terrible. We were not given any sort of VIP treatment at checkin, in fact we never got the welcome cocktail that I saw other guests getting, they never explained anything to us or told us that one of the snack bars was closed, they pretty much just gave us our key and sent us on our way. My Brother in law inexplicably got stuff addressed to me in his envelope. My in laws weren't given
  6. @@Monikab which resort? We're at Coba and having the filet with mushroom chardonnay sauce, gourmet salad, white asparagus soup and passionfruit parfait at Le Gourmet.
  7. I ended up finding someone on Etsy who can do one up in a few hours, then I just have to hope that I can get it printed on thick stock paper in time!
  8. Well, I am freaking out. Despite asking repeatedly, I was just told NOW, 24 hours before departure, that the resort does not supply a symbolic wedding certificate. WTF? I asked like three times and each time she just deflected or said the minister will supply it, to which I kept replying that we are bringing our own minister so I need to know if they supply one. Any ideas where I can find a symbolic certificate on a super short timeline?
  9. Leaving in less than a week. Did anyone worry about the dj not having any of your "must play" songs? Should I compile a must play and a do not play list for the dj?
  10. You can pay with up to 1500USD, the rest must be charged or paid in Pesos, I believe.
  11. The package includes the photographer for the ceremony and champagne toast only. we're paying $400 to tack on an hour of photography after the ceremony.
  12. What is everyone doing for tipping the day off the wedding? I was thinking we would tip the WC, band, dj and bartender, and I was thinking of using $10/hr as our base. So the band only plays 1hour, so $10 each. The dj and bartender are hired for three hours, so $30 each, and the wedding coordinator I'm assuming will be there from the ceremony until we start drinking, 5 hours, so $50? Does that sound fair?
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