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  1. I personally didn't use one as it only took a minute or two (or at least that's how long it felt to me!) but my sister used "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder and it was cute!
  2. I would start by looking at the packages provided by the resort (if any). By looking over those you should be able to get an idea of what is and isn't offered. From there, you need to decide what kind of feel/theme you want for your wedding and see how you can incorporate that into what the resort offers. You can definitely search around on this website and I'm sure you will get lots of ideas! Good luck!
  3. I recently got married at the Dreams resort and you won't have to worry about a thing! If they are staying at the resort as a guest you do not have to pay the vendor fee. The fee is only if they are coming for the day of the wedding. Good luck planning!
  4. We did the legal stuff after our wedding in Punta Cana. We only told a few people (mainly our parents and bridal party) that the ceremony wouldn't be legal, but there was no way to know from our ceremony. There was even a certificate for us to sign. Most guests didn't know that the ceremony wasn't legal. We actually got legally married a month after our ceremony, due to some issues that came up when we got home. We went into it with the mindset that the legal aspect at home was just signing the paperwork. When we got married in Punta Cana that is when it felt real for us. We will celebrat
  5. I think any of the AM resorts would be a good fit for you (they include Dreams, Secrets, Now resorts). They offer a complementary wedding package if you have a certain number of rooms booked for 3 nights.
  6. We stayed for almost 2 weeks. We went down on a Sunday night and left late on a Friday night. Our wedding was on a Friday and we went to another resort on the Sunday for some alone time. It was expensive, but we got a good deal on the second resort, plus we got back almost $2000 based on our guest count at the first resort, so that almost covered our second week. It was definitely worth staying longer as we actually got to relax and spend some time together. We had guests arrive from Monday to Thursday, so most of our days were broken up by waiting to greet guests as they arrived.
  7. I also don't have much to input on this (we were planning on doing an AHR but now we are both unemployed and completely broke...not to mention have zero interest in planning anything else!), but I just had a question about the costs. How would inviting more people bump up the cost? Just the food and if you do pay for some drinks? Would you be able to modify your food selection to accommodate more people? Also, people might not be expecting too much food as your event is from 2-6. As for the guest list, did your aunts and uncles attend your wedding in Mexico? What about their children (aka
  8. We had the same time frame that you suggesting. Our ceremony was at 4 then we had cocktail hour/reception start at 6:30. Our ceremony was about 30 minutes, then we did group and family photos. We then went to the beach for couple shots for about an hour. Our guests just relaxed in the lobby bar while we were taking pictures, so they were able to cool off and relax. We had enough time to get photos and make it back for 6:30 so we didn't miss any of the reception. Good luck!
  9. I've seen people put a picture of their lost loved one on the empty chair. That way you would be able to see your mom's smiling face on your big day
  10. Oh cool! I have never heard of that place, but it looks nice! I will have to keep it in mind if I ever need any type of dress again!
  11. Yes I agree! Just send out a "standard" save the date and everyone will get the idea! If they want more info they will contact you about it. Definitely no need to explain yourself, as the people who you are inviting should understand why you are doing it this way! Good luck!
  12. You look gorgeous! Did you get it in London? If so, from which store? I don't recognize the background! lol
  13. Hi Ladies, I'm just about to start our thank you cards but have a few questions. Our wedding was about a month ago, so we figure that we have received all the cards/gifts we are going to get. It appears that we potentially have three different "categories" of cards to write: 1. People who attended the wedding (either with a gift or not), 2. People who were invited to the wedding and sent a card and/or gift, and 3. People who were not invited to the wedding (great aunts, older relatives etc) who send cards and/or gifts. I was just wondering what to write for each "category"? Also
  14. I got married at Dreams Palm Beach a month ago and it was fantastic! I had no issues planning the wedding and everything went very well. I can't say enough good things about dreams! All of our guests loved the resort and would go back again. The WC at Dreams are very good at what they do. I'm not sure the difference in price points, but Dreams is definitely a great resort!!
  15. I just picked up reading this tread and all I can say is WOW! I can't believe the turn it took, but am pleased that it made you think about your situation better @@JennyZ!! That MIL seems to have forgotten the whole point of her sons wedding....to watch her son get married! All she seemed concerned about is how much of an inconvenience it is for them. She also seems to be in the opinion that her future DIL is making all the decisions....while that is mostly true for weddings, I never made a decision without consulting my husband first. Even if I knew he answer would be "Do/get whatever you
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