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  1. Hi all- looking for a destination for a New Years wedding for the upcoming New Years 2019. I’m open to Mexico, Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica...it just has to be affordable and not too expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm officially married! My wedding was crazy but all in all it was an amazing day. My husband (weird to say that!) fainted twice during our ceremony which made for a lot of drama. I will post more pics of decor and such later, as well as lots for sale. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks everyone! I can't believe I leave in 6 days! I'm the worlds biggest procrastinator so I still have SO much to do. Guestbook: instead of doing a traditional guest book, we are going to have everyone sign their name on a shell and put it in a vase. This way we can display it in our house. I got the vase for $3 at Michaels and I hot-glued rope halfway up it. Filled it halfway with sand and then everyone can put the shells in. I figured the shells would be scattered on the table in front of the vase. This is the vase full of shells: Table numbers: We have 31 guests so we onl
  4. Wow, it's been so long since I updated this! I leave for my wedding in 8 days, I can't believe it's finally here!! As I said before, I am the odd one out here - I'm doing a cruise wedding in Bermuda. We have a total of 31 guests coming to our wedding. 26 are taking the cruise with us and 5 are flying to Bermuda and staying on the island. I've been busy; here's the few things that are completed.... Here are our menus, we ordered them from Wedding Paper Divas. I copied the starfish and shell on the menus and used it to coordinate the place cards, thank-you letter (to go in w
  5. Thanks for the ideas, ladies! I love the Stevie Wonder idea, just may use that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hey everyone! My planner is asking me to come up with a song to play while we sign documents during the ceremony. Help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Interested in ampersand and Chapstick labels. Do you know what shipping cost would be for me? (44026) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Haha, thanks everyone! Spanx hide the belly area, but nothing hides arm fat! hehehe I will have more updates soon! Next updates will be OOT bags & Pre-travel mailers..thats what I am working on now!
  9. Great story! I loved that you shared some of your favorite songs, I just listened to them all! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Update: Hey everyone! Wow, I haven't been on this site since January! Work and school have consumed my life in the past few months. No real updates except that I found my dress!! I was on the hunt for a short wedding dress which seemed like mission impossible. I finally found one...for $300! I was hoping for sleeves - was trying to avoid strapless in fear of having that dreaded "arm fat", but I still love this dress...
  11. Ugh, this is my fear! I am sending my invites out soon and I'm scared my friends and family will pull the same thing. :/ hang in there, in the end, the people that are there are the ones supporting you. I'm sure I will have flaky people back out at the last minute, but at least at my wedding I'll be surrounded by the ones who care!
  12. That 50% off coupon was nice. I love the hair! That's about the same length mine is. Looks like you are ready to go..exciting!!
  13. Thanks @@calgarybride2015! I love the idea of putting the letters by the cake! I've been working on my centerpieces... This was my inspiration, found this on Pinterest I've been working to recreate it, I found the stones and the tall vase at the dollar store, and the other two vases at hobby lobby. I have the large starfish, just not the tray with sand. My FI is pretty good at wood working, going to see if he can make me the tray.. I also found these little lanterns at Hobby Lobby, they were $3 each on sale, and the LED frameless candles were $3 I think. Thought I would use t
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