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  1. How much did you guys tip the staff for the wedding? DJ, Coordinator, Photographer etc.
  2. I leave Saturday morning I'm working on the table numbers currently. Itineraries, map, and guest faces page getting printed, ready at 5:30. Have a deep tissue massage first, and I need it. Need to make corresponding table number flags to go in the lime of everyone's tequila shot. Got the rings cleaned today too. Bought 3x donut donuts. One for us and one for each of our parents.
  3. I was under the impression that decorations were extra from the catalogue. I asked and they didn't answer.
  4. So I haven't taken much time to post in my own planning thread because I feel like I don't have the time with all the planning I have left. My job gets really intense at month end so I don't even or energy to do anything. And I have a p/t job on Sundays. I'm working straight through until just before I leave for my wedding! I have FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. Then two days of wedding prep crunch time before it's off to Mexico! I'm already half packed. Things I need to sort out: -Finish my ring box. It's not properly lined. -Get 2x baskets for my flowe
  5. So my coordinator is going on vacation for the next week. I have a lot of questions left. I've asked to see my current invoice a couple of times and it seems to be falling on deaf ears. I'm not worried, I'm just frustrated. I want to work out my details. That's fine, next week will be extremely busy for me at work. Time will fly!
  6. Thank you. Okay we're planning around it now. Getting down to the nitty gritty.
  7. So I think a bunch of us did the Free Wedding with Palapa upgrade. It's been so many emails, and so many documents. I got it in my head that they would steam my dress as part of this package. But now looking back at my emails I can't seem to see anything about this. Do they steam my dress, and press the groom's outfit?
  8. Uhm OMG! Why???? I'm having the BBQ beach menu..... I mean I think I am. Unless they pull this stunt on me. How many guests do you have? Is it too many or too little? And sorry for my vague canape question. I'm actually having a mini meltdown right now trying to pull all my details together and cursing myself for being a slacker. I meant to ask... the capapes how are they served? Just on a table? What kind of food is it? They are telling me now that they think I should add extra drinks between ceremony and reception, but I kinda thought that's what the cocktail hour was for. I du
  9. I'm picky, and I was ready to cry from not finding what I needed.... But finally
  10. Glad to hear you say that. I'm not bringing anything with me for decor at all! I didn't upgrade decor either. I'm worried about my playlist (lack of) shoes (don't have those either), and favours (boy I'm a slacker)
  11. My mother is sending me text messages because she interprets the song negatively. FFS I give up. Sigh. I'll pick something more obvious and upbeat I guess. I'm totally panicking about everything. Sean is too. We are realizing how many details are left that we haven't considered. Oh and if I get there on the 7 and you leave on the 8 then we do in fact overlap.
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