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  1. Thanks for your kind words @@vancouverpetunia. No booking deadlines, but we did ask everyone to RSVP by July/August 1 latest, so we can pay for dinners, gifts, etc. The resort is small (only 350 rooms) so it does book up fast in the Holiday months such as December. Uncle is totally aware of the wedding plans, but they were just waiting until my Aunt started feeling better, to book anything... My 2 cousins are younger, but they live on their own, so I'm not sure if they are even able to afford to come? But I was going to send them invites so they were included anyway.
  2. OOOO! I'm so happy I found this thread! I'm jumping in!!! I have done soooo much research on this topic and all in all, I get no specific answers! lol! I have been told it is completely acceptable to straight out ask your wedding coordinator, who should be tipped and how much, so I will be having that email conversation with mine soon! (I can update any ladies who are interested in her response). Based on my research and budget, this is what I have personally concluded and am preparing myself for: $100 - Wedding Coordinator $50-$100 - Photographer $50 - Officiant (we are just hav
  3. @@Jsnyder0132 - I had been shopping around and was also torn between photographers, looking for reviews/advice here and not quite satisfied with my options... I posted this on another brides thread who was trying to decide between different destination photographers and she has since contacted my photographer and I believe they will be working together soon!! I just thought I would throw this out for you too, because I am SO happy and want to share with other Brides who might be on the same search I had been on for a LONG time!: Anyone currently shopping around for a destination phot
  4. Last week, I received an urgent call that I needed to rush to the hospital, as my Aunt's cancer treatment had unexpectedly failed and she was now in her final days... My beloved Aunty passed away on Thursday April 16th after a short, but very painful battle with multiple myeloma cancer at the age of only 59. We are all devastated, as worst case she was given 5-15 years to live from her diagnosis in December, and she only made it for 5 months I will be greatly missing her at all the events she was suppose to be at this year (my bridal shower in June and the Mexico wedding in December) where
  5. @@Laurahanby - No problem! Glad I could help!!! Congrats on the soon-to-be new addition too btw!!! Go back to the files I sent you and check out the "MY wedding details at IB T&Q" pdf. - Starting on page 6: Each restaurant actually has the menu listed As for restaurant set up, that info you will have to get from the wedding coordinator. I haven't planned that far yet. Standard decor is just white tablecloths, with your plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.
  6. @@toriw83 - Both are fabulous locations and resorts - You really cant go wrong at either! They actually look very similar (decor, restaurants, food, walkways, etc.) I chose the Quetzal/Tucan for my wedding, due to it's smaller size. The Paraiso, has 5 Iberostar resorts side-by-side (the Paraiso Grand / Paraiso Beach / Paraiso Lindo / Paraiso Del Mar / Paraiso Maya) and is a huge complex. They have their own shopping center with an AMAZING taco shop and a burger place that you have to check out, if you go! (all included in your stay), where the Quetzal only has the Tucan as it's mirror image (2
  7. @@Jlk1004 - what's your email addy? Let me send you the smaller packages (better when you have less people). I only have 20 guests, so it made sense to purchase the Gold Star Package, then add on the extras I wanted - still wayyyy less than the Dreams package and I get everything that is included in the Dream! Gold Star includes the flowers, the cake, a couples massage, a romantic dinner for the wedding couple, hair test and hair style for bride, cocktails and appetizers for an hour (cocktail hour on the beach) with live music and so much more. Definitely the way to go!!! BTW Ladies, her
  8. @@Jlk1004 - You can purchase the $2799 gold package (that package covers up to 20 people) and pay an extra $990 for a private dinner/reception from 6:30 - 10:30pm. Then you pay $25 per missing person, up to the 30 people that is required to rent the restaurant. 50 people is only for the beach. The gold package also includes the 1 hour cocktail party and 45 minutes of live music (we're using the mariachi band)
  9. @@Laurahanby - Hey Neighbour!! lol! Sure, I'll be happy to forward you the info hun! Hopefully it isn't what the sales team has sent you already. Let me know!
  10. I dont know what the heck is going on with you poor ladies!!! My Wedding is Dec 1, 2015 and I am already in contact with the wedding coordinator! I simply told Connie, I had enough of her, and was ready to be passed along! lol! Follow up/reforward multiple times with your emails! It pays off! Private dinner option - you can rent out a restaurant for $990 usd, even if you have less than 30 people. The catch is, you have to pay $25 per missing person (i.e. if you only have 20 guests, you have to pay $250 extra to make up the 10 missing people).
  11. I am SO beyond thrilled that had to share my excitement with other Brides who might be on the same search I have been on for a LONG time! Anyone currently shopping around for a destination photographer - Don't get stuck with the choices you think you only have! After MANY months of researching various destination photographers, getting their packages/prices, then narrowing it down to the ones who were the "best" of what I thought was available to me (but honestly still nothing special). Never did I think I would end up hiring someone from a different country (USA) of where I was from (Cana
  12. With all due respect ladies, I am kind of glad she wrote what she did... It has actually helped out and made me feel a lot better about my situation... I feel WAYYYY more badly, for the poor Bride who gets that MIL!... All of a sudden, financial reasons don't seem quite so bad anymore! lol Thanks for all your kind words xo
  13. Why haven't you added wedding photos to your gallery? I've been dying to see them!!! ;)

  14. @@Gemma987 Firstly, I'd like to say, there have been zero demands. That came across as very negative. You have gone a little too far comparing your own situation to mine, and in the process, your post is actually very bitter to read. I'm not exactly sure why there have been so many comparisons to your sons wedding (which sounds nothing like my own) so perhaps you might want to reread my original posts before casting your judgment on my "tone". Where have you gathered in my messages, that we have a wedding location with no meaning or sentiment? That couldn’t be anywhere further than wha
  15. Thank you everyone! I'm glad to get such great feedback Since I am having a rather small & intimate wedding, I am doing bigger OOT bags (guesstimating $50-$75 each) so I was just being a little hesitant, if I should make up a whole another bag for this new guest, or make one up, like I would have for the original couple. After thinking about all the positives there still will be, I will make her one of her own, to make her feel welcome and part of the group Thanks again Ladies!!!
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