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  1. Hello Ladies! It's been a while since I've posted anything on this forum. The wedding blues were definitely a factor. I recently discovered this cute little bridal boutique at Yonge and Bloor called the Bridal Path. They do a lot of customization products for weddings and other occasions. I just picked up an ornament that I designed for my sister as a thank you for all her help during the wedding. I know you can get these ornaments done at Shutterfly and Blacks.ca but the advantage i found here is that it is slightly cheaper and you can get a 1 day turn around if you are in a hur
  2. Hi @Streelbride thank you! Our guests loved the booklets as well. It was such a fun thing to put together. We used photoshop and Canva to design them and then had then printed at a print shop. We didn't use a template as we just kinda designed it on our own. I'll ask the hubby if there is a way to provide you with a template of it. maybe send you the file and you file in your own info? I'll ask and let you know! : )
  3. Hi ladies! I'm so sorry, I'm totally sick and going straight home after work. I would normally try to fight through it, but we fly out to Mexico on Monday and I don't want to be sick for the trip. Going to the walk in clinic boooo. So sorry, I was really looking forward to this.
  4. Hi ladies!! I will definitely be there! Can't wait. I'm excited to report that we are leaving for the Mayan Oct 5 th! We are going to spend our honeymoon or mini honeymoon at the Mayan -yay
  5. Hi @doonajo88 Congrats on your upcoming wedding! So happy to hear you are going to be getting married at the Princess. I was in the same boat as you. I wasn't sure if I was going to have a friend do may hair or have the resort salon do it. In the end I made an appointment when I arrived. I just walked over to the spa and made the appointment. My wedding was at 4pm and my hair app was for 10:30 and make up I had done around 1pm. I just realized that you are getting married on cinco de mayo! how fun!
  6. @@vancouverpetunia I definitely do!! I have to finish off my wedding review, you just made me remember!! ahh .... I think there are some pictures of the bms on my review link below. and i'll add a few here. Here you go!!!! Just a few that i could find.... I will work on my wedding review soon, gotta do it while it is relatively fresh!
  7. @@calgarybride2015 Omg i feel a little better after reading that you didn't get your dress dry cleaned yet. I havne't even opened my dress bag since arriving back from the wedding. I did jump in the pool with the dress on which actually got rid of a lot of the dirt at the bottom of the dress. It was for a photo session, not an alternative to cleaning it. haha I still haven't decided whether I should sell the dress, or hang on it...I'm not really ready to make a decision yet. My mother in law wants to save it for my "future daughter" to wear...so ya. lol who knows.
  8. @@TinkerSofi Isn't that funny!! I'm so glad you did the things you wanted to do. Groomzillo and I had those moments too. We actually found his dad being a little critical with us. He saw us putting together all our giveaways and was being a little judgmental about the amount of money we were spending. Once at the resort, and around his family and friends, he was finally like, wow, everyone loves these and we were both so happy we did it. He definitely ate his words. Sometimes people have a hard time seeing the big picture. The only thing I didn't do, and Groomzillo got in my way,
  9. @@calgarybride2015 edit: Canadian living in Playa Del Carmen. I bought my Sparklers through her. If you are in the Playa Del Carmen area she's a good option.
  10. Hi! Where in mexico are you looking? I know a vendor for sparklers in Playa del carmen. Apparently they sell sparklers around Christmas time, it's more the tradition and then they stop selling them after Christmas.
  11. Awww, the worst is when you don't even hear it directly from the persons mouth. Hang in there, it's unfortunate but very rarely, regardless of whether it is a destination wedding or hometown wedding, is anyone really immune to the disappointments. I do find that with local weddings, most of the people that you invite end up attending, so you don't have the disappointments there as much but it's still possible to be annoyed with your bridal party if they are not pulling their own weight. Hang tight, you are getting so close to the good part! When we got together last friday I was shari
  12. I am free! yay. We are planning for an October getaway, but I'm pretty sure early October works for me!
  13. How exciting! That's a good idea to get some weights. I think you can find some really unique and inexpensive ones on Etsy. They might arrive on time if you order, like now...haha. I did a last minute veil change and didn't have a second to even think about veil weights. I did a medium length cascade veil for the ceremony and pictures and birdcage veil for the reception. I was really happy with my choices.
  14. Wow, your decor is setting the tone for a magically romantic wedding. That is so great that your bridesmaid is able to attend. That right there is a testament to your friendship. It really shows how much she values your friendship and that they made the sacrifice for only one of them to go. I had a situation where a friend of mine was in a similar boat, she was supposed to be our officiant and we even offered to pay for her and she decided to back out. We were awfully hurt by it as she backed out 3 months before the wedding. Anyway, long story short, I think it's great to see your fri
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