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Maya Floral

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By mae1564, · 782 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Great communication, aims to please
Cons: Poor Delivery

Up until the day of the wedding I had nothing but good things to say, so I will start with all of the good and end with the one disappointment. Overall, Maya Floral was amazing to work with. You start by telling them what you are looking for, and then email back and forth until you narrow it down to the perfect bouqet. I would give them ideas and then they would send me different pictures until finally it's perfect! I loved being able to visually see the flowers and how it all looks together. In your contract, they put the picture of the final product that you agreed on which is so great because there is no misscommunication. The price was so affordable which was great because I did not like anything that the resort was offering me. Now for the one disappointment, happened on the day of the wedding. I had delegated two people to go to the lobby and pick up the flowers at 2pm, which was the agreement I had with Marvin. Well those two people happened to be walking by at 1:30 and saw my flowers just sitting on a table in the lobby. No one there watching them or anything, when they brought them to my room they were HOT! Anyone who knows flowers knows they need to stay cool or they will wilt and some of the flowers had started to wilt. So I was upset about that, that they were poorly delivered. Overall, would I do it again? Absolutely, because in the end everything was fine. You will learn that the little things aren't worth getting upset over and I had bigger fish to fry at that point.


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