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Maya Floral

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By Nitasha, · 790 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Does not respond to emails. Rude. Stole my money

I had a horrible experience and I would be very careful prior to conducting bussiness with this company.  BRIDES BEWARE!!
After the passing of my father I was promised in writing that half of my 6,000 USD deposit would be returned. The wedding was cancelled more than 2 months in advance. I understand that there are additional fees and losses for canceling a wedding. However, not 6,000USD worth for primarly used decorations. The manger Marvin promised me half of my deposit back ( considering more than half of the items we were renting were reusable) he asked for serval months of extensions since is business wasn’t doing well and after about 4 or 5 months stopped responding. He told me he would honor his word in his last email and now it has been over a year. I have called and been hung up on and all of my emails have been ignored. This is very unprofessional. If you choose to use this service please be warned that I am not the only bride that this has happened  to. I had read many reviews stating that Marvin responds selectively. This is wrong on so many levels. He shouldn’t have “given his word”


once he collected my money the responsiveness has stopped unless it was to add on more so he could change me 

I waited this long to contact a lawyer or to write a review because I understand how it is when your bussiness struggles hoping he would eventually return half of my deposit but it has been over a year now 

please use another florist you can fully rely on as you can honestly never predict the future 




I'm really sorry, but you canceled the wedding with less than 60 days before the wedding day, after all the expenses my company did, the fabric we import from India, the special mandap structure, the vases, crystal chandeliers and all the related logistic services we've paid, you left my company with many expenses to cover after you suddenly cancelation, there's no possible refund, and it's stated on the contract you have from our company! You mentioned that will consider other date for this 2018, and I offer you to maintain all the prices & services as we previously agreed. This is all I have to comment regarding this painful business. Marvin Ku Kinil / Maya Floral

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