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Wonderful experience for June EDR wedding
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Maya Floral

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By jhercule, · 731 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Pricing, responsiveness, flexibility, ability to understand your vision
Cons: Might have to email him twice every now and then to prompt a reply - but it's rare
Marvin was PHENOMENAL. My husband and I got married at El Dorado Royale in June 2016. During our planning process with the off-site resort staff, I was astonished at what they were quoting for florals - plus their inability to suggest lower cost alternatives. We weren't looking for anything crazy either. So we decided to risk it by looking for an outside supplier and am SO HAPPY we made that decision. Marvin was quick to reply and would provide alternatives to help me lower costs while achieving the same look. Plus he picked up the bottles we rented from Katy HK/Love & Lace Decor, arranged the bottles and packages everything up nicely. PLUS he even helped us work around EDR's outside vendor rules so that he would just drop everything off to my (then) fiancé the morning of the wedding - not actually set up. He even included a BEAUTIFUL bouquet to honor my mom when I had to cancel her corsage order after she passed away unexpectedly. I received so many compliments on all of the bouquets. I will try to post pictures on a review I'll write on the EDR thread in the next few weeks. I would definitely recommend working with Maya Floral and, even if he isn't one of your "approved vendors," reach out to him and I'm sure he'll work with you on how and when to deliver so you stay within the outside vendor rules.

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Thank you for your post it's really helpful!


What kind of prices was Karisma charging? I haven't gotten a quote yet but I would like to know what to expect.


We're getting married at Generations March 2017. Any advice is helpful!




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