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  1. Vendors sorry that was for makeup - Sara Tamargo Latin Asia - Decor Photography - Has anyone heard of or used Ivan Luckie? I think his work is great. DJ - Does anyone have a DJ they plan to use? Thank you for sharing!
  2. Hi Ladies, have any past brides felt the need to hire an external wedding planner to assist the resort wedding coordinator or has the wedding coordinator been able to pull everything off despite not really communicating much until the wedding date gets closer? I was looking at external vendors for decorations, but I see they can also help with basically the whole planning, setting up and coordinating process. Not sure if this would be a waste since the resort offers a coordinator but the external planner seems more dedicated to my wedding. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi Ladies!!, I haven't been able to do much planning but I am going for a site visit 3/3/16 and hope to have most of my questions answered. If anyone has any questions or pic requests just let me know, more than happy to help. I can't decide on wedding locations and have been struggling on where to have our reception. A previous bride I was able to reach out to let me know she used MVP hair and makeup for her and her large bridal party. She loved them and they are also review on this site. www.cancunhairandmakeup.com Her wedding video is on vimeo, search Secrets playa Mujeres an
  4. Hi Tarah, Do you know how much the stringing fee is? Is this in addition to the fee charged for setting up home brought decorations? Does anyone know how much that fee is? Did any brides receive a planning guide or budget planner where you can select what you want after the wedding date was confirmed? I just confirmed my date but haven't received any planning guides just curious if anyone else received anything and if possible could you please share?
  5. Hi Brides! Has anyone seen this video? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8TYZRwtFn2g If you go to the end you'll see the Infinity pool reception. Do you think there is enough lighting? Do you think the bride had to pay for all the lighting or just the strung lantern lights?
  6. Would you be able to share the photos you have seen? Yes lighting is a concern of mine. I wonder if you can just bring your own string lights from home and have the resort set them up. Or if you'd have to bring extension cords as well
  7. Hi ladies! So it's a official I will be a Secrets Playa Mujeres Bride!!! I was finally able to book my date 11/5/16 I know a long time from now :-( does anyone know if Claudia still works there? I have only been in communication with Alejandra via email and the communication is pretty delayed. Takes about a week for a response. Yes I have made the plunge and am also going with the Gazebo. Thank you for your description. It's so exciting to find other brides. Have you made any decoration ideas? I'd also like to see what reception locations are available. I wonder if you can choose anywher
  8. Hello Brides! I am getting married at this fairly new resort next year and wanted to know if there are any other brides out there in the same boat. I figured we could help one another since there isn't much available on this resort.
  9. Did you have a specific DJ or was there a DJ and MC? Did they bring or offer any extras like special lighting or a lit up dance floor?
  10. Hi Megwade, congrats on being a Mrs. I am considering Secrets playa mujeres but I haven't found much information and the wedding coordinator has been slow to respond. I would love to hear more about your wedding experience there. Hi ladies, I am thinking of choosing the wedding Gazebo for the ceremony location but can't get more detail. Does anyone know if it's a private location? From the pictures it looks like everyone is on a rooftop is this correct? Hi ladies, I am thinking of choosing the wedding Gazebo for the ceremony location but can't get more detail. Does anyone know if it's
  11. Megan you are seriously the best!!! I love your invitations and I love the idea of having an app. I think its so cool and useful now. I think I am going to follow your path and send out invitations only. I was thinking of sending save the dates to give everyone a year notice and then follow up with an invite but I can just keep everyone updated through the website. I found a recent bride on tripadvisor and she recommend her photographer Jorge Allocco he's also on facebook. His website is www.puntacanaweddingphotographer.com and she got her flowers through a local vendor Jardin Constan
  12. Thank you again! I sent you a private message I truly love this site. So incredibly helpful. I'm looking to get married next year at Dreams La Romana 11/5/2016 just waiting to hear back from the WC on how to secure my date. I reached out to HDC for photography they have great prices. The also can do the Altos De Chavon wedding shoot so I'm excited about that. How/ when is everyone planning to send their save the dates and invitations? I'm still deciding if I should just do everything online and save some.money but I love the passport invitations. Maybe only send invites to confirmed gue
  13. Hi Ladies, does anyone know the pricing for the Buffet option at Dreams La Romana?
  14. Thank you so much for your answers! Huge huge help. Yes there are so many little things to think about. I really want to do Dreams La Romana so I can take photos at Altos De Chavon. I've googled it and it looks amazing but I'm not sure how the cost of an extra photography day will work. I would love a bonfire but I hear you on the budget part I'm only trying to include things I absolutely need. Thank you again for your help
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