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  1. We got a tripod to put the camera on so that it was still, and I'm sure that someone you know (or is even coming) has a tripod you could borrow! Ours was only like $20. All tripods are universal and so all the person has to do is just watch the zoom and make sure its focused. As for the wind, when you start looking at cameras they will say "wind proof" or something to that effect. The guy at the store told us it is all about where the mic is on the camera, and that if the mic is right on top and in front, it will pick up the wind sound because its the first thing the wind hits. We bought one t
  2. Hi! So, I don't have any examples of what they offer, but when I was researching for a videographer I didn't hear great things about the one the resort offers. So what we did is, we bought a video camera for $700 and video editing software for $100, and asked my MOH's husband to video tape it for us. (he took his role VERY seriously!) I haven't finished it yet, but we've been able to add our wedding songs, break in still shots, and also we have the speeches from the reception. It may not be professional quality, but now for the same price we own the videocamera and will have it to use once we
  3. Ok, so due to some INSANE weather where I live we haven't been able to start week 6.... until tonight Last week we ended up re-running week 5 because we were falling behind in our schedule and then Tuesday this week we re-ran Week 5 Day 3, so now we will officially begin Week 6. Also, I have officially signed up for a 5k exactly one month from today! I'm super nervous to be commited to something, but super excited at the same time Wish me luck!
  4. I completely agree with this, there isn't much direction needed. The WC tells you what times everyone needs to be in their places, and she lines you up and tells you when to go! We didn't have a rehearsal, and we didn't really need one. My WC was really good at hiding me from everyones view until I walked down the aisle, which I really appreciated.
  5. Yes, Wickys is 4 blocks away. We didn't have anyone complain about it, not even my grandparents. We hired the mariachi band to walk with us which made it so much fun. If your grandparents need transportation, there are always tons of cabs parked outside the resort so you could just grab one of them. I'm sure it wouldn't cost much since it is only 4 blocks. You can actually walk to Wickys on the beach, so quite a few of our guests walked back to the resort that way. It made for a nice moonlit walk on the beach
  6. Thanks tlseege! Ok, time for my weekly update! I finish week 5 tomorrow, which means..... I have the 20min run tomorrow! Not at all looking forward to it, so I'm not going for time or distance just going for completion, lol! As long as I can finish it, I will be happy with that. I've been wanting to supplement the running with something else, so I started the shrinkingjeans.net Oh My Thighs! workout along with this. It is pretty simple, but I can definitely feel it. On top of all that, I've started to take weekly measurements. I figure that if I can't find motivation in losing wei
  7. I bought my dress from Dressilyme and loved them! My dress came exactly on time and the craftsmanship was amazing. I had to have a little tailoring done because I had lost weight, and when I told my seamstress she was floored. She said it was a better quality than most dresses that shes come from bridal shops, so that made me feel alot better about my decision to go with them. Hope that helps!
  8. Ok, so here is my update so far. I will finish week 4 today and man this is getting harder every day it seems. I say that it is getting harder, but I am quite obviously getting stonger. Every run for the last week I have bested myself, by coming out with my best pace and distance after every single run! It surprises me every time because I feel like I'm dying, but I must be doing something right! @Tlseege I can totally see why weeks 4 and 5 are the quitting weeks, I don't know that I would be able to continue without the support of my husband. He is very motivational, which is something
  9. Thanks! Luckily for me, my husband is doing this all with me, and quitting is NOT an option when he is around. Also, we already registered for our first 5k and paid for it, so theres really no quitting now! Thanks for all the kind words and support!
  10. I bought the active.com Couch to 5k it was 2.99 and worth every penny
  11. Okay, I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself here but I guess I will post an update anyways I started week 3 yesterday and I was pretty impressed at the amount of progress made in just 3 short weeks. The Couch to 5K program has me running at 3 minutes now, which turns out to be just over a 1/4 mile. I couldn't believe that I was running that far without stopping (albeit I felt like I was dying) but non the less, I was running without stopping. My left shin is throbbing today, and my back kind of hurts, but I'm still pretty proud of myself. If anyone else out there is kicking around t
  12. I had my Ceremony at The Royal, and did my Reception at Wickys. After our Ceremony, all of our guests went to one of the bars and ordered drinks for "cocktail hour" (why pay for a cocktail hour, when their drinks are free at the bar?) We had put together a book that kind of told our story, and we honored every single guest with their own page. We had pictures of us with all of our guests, and we wrote them each a thank you in the book. So like on my maid of honors page there were pictures of us from high school. This acted as our guest book, and that is what our guests did while we did our pic
  13. It all depends on what you choose to do, and what you want to serve. My husband insisted that we have ribeye, and we also had options for sides, and had different options for desert. Also, we had an open bar. All in all, for 15 people we spent like $1,200 but you can go cheaper easily with wickys.
  14. Hi! I held my reception at Wicky's which is about 4 blocks away. They were AMAZING! One of the other brides on here suggested it to me, and I will be forever thankful to her for the suggestion. Linda does all their arrangements and she is really great and easy to talk to (much easier than any of the Royals WC's lol) You can google them and find pictures of the inside. They have a private room which has it's own private patio for you to use and it has an amazing view of the beach. They will set up everything and do anything you ask. If you do go there, I highly HIGHLY recommend the Wicky's sala
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