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  1. we used maya flores design and the flowers turned out beautiful. it turned out exactly as the sample picture he emailed. marvin was wonderful to work with. the flowers were fresh and it lasted the whole night. the prices were not bad. it was $60 for the bridemaid flower. we meet him outside of the hotel to pick up the flowers. we paid half on paypal and half cash at delivery. i would recommend him in a heart beat. one of my gf will also be getting marry next year in playa and she put me in charge of the flowers and i will be using his flowers again. (excuse the typing without the capitalize. i am typing on the tablet and for unknown reason, it just wont capitalize when type on best destination wedding site).
  2. wow! you are so organized. great tips! how much did you pay your bm bouquets?
  3. as guests to a dw, i don't expect the bride and groom to pay for our trip even if our daughter is asked to be the flower girl so for some to say that the guests and the wedding party are getting a sweet vacation or a treat to go to the wedding is offensive. we go to the wedding because we want to be there to celebrate the special day with the bride and groom. we would rather go some place else for our vacation. the expenses are in the thousands for the guests and the wedding party to be there so don 't act like we are putting a burden on the bride and groom but rather be grateful that the guests and the wedding party think highly enough of the bride and groom to take time off and spend the money to be there on their special day. (excuse me for not capitalizing after the period. my tablet is acting weird and i cannot capitalize any letter.)
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    Beautiful flowers!

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    Maya Floral

    Beautiful flowers!

    i ordered the bridemaid flowers with marvin at maya floral and it was just beautiful!  the picture marvin sent me was exactly what we received.  he was easy to work with and he delivered the flower at our agreed time and place just as he said he would.