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  1. I only have it on blue ray otherwise I would post! We were married at Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico, and HDC flew in to do our wedding.
  2. We did and it is absolutely worth it! Our video is perfect and they captured every aspect of the day! I have watched it 5 times already and my wedding was the end of April. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. My WC placed the rose petals on the beach along the "aisle" since we didn't have a flower girl. Just make sure they are real and biodegradable, that is the only type they allow on the beach.
  4. My WC said this is fine, but you would have to put her name on it and I believe there was a recommended time frame of shipping (I just cant recall what it was). I however decided not to ship due to customs. If there is 1 item they do not like, the entire box is getting returned to you. I did not like the idea of how long it takes and the possibility of it not arriving or arriving but damaged. The WC will not check the package when it arrives, you must be there. We instead paid the exorborant luggage fees but also borrowed old luggage from our parents that we left there so we did not have to pay for them going home.
  5. You look gorgeous!! And thats good to hear that the dress came back looking good, mine is still at the cleaners! Congratulations and Best of luck to you and your hubby
  6. Here I am in my Reese, the most perfect dress! xoxo
  7. Here I am in my Maggie Sottero Reese! I love this dress so much!
  8. Yes, I paid in full before arrival. when i met with the coordinator, we went over the costs again, and any differences were settled at final check out.
  9. We had ours until 11pm but not without a little push. We were told no later than 10pm (at the bugambilia terrace). But we saw a wedding in the grand section going strong way past 11pm a few nights before ours. we complained and they accomodated us with an extra hour (@$60 per table).
  10. My coordinator did not charge us for the sweetheart table! Everyone seems to give different answers!
  11. I asked my travel agent and she said we will get a check back.
  12. I stayed 6 nights so I had $300 towards the spa/salon and the hair and makeup cost $170. Most of my guests stayed 4 nights and had $150 credit to the salon and just had to pay the difference.
  13. we had to pay an additional $60 per table for an additonal hour. We also had to fight to allow us to go past 10pm because they said that was the latest time allowed. However, we saw a wedding on the grand terrace still going strong way past 11pm and we complained to our coordinator. She said that was a mexican wedding (I assume for a local) and they have different rules. We did not think this was fair and she caved in and gave us to 11pm but no later. The cake was vanilla with chantilly cream and it was delicious!! i wish i had a whole slice! if you have any other questions please ask.
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