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Rated #8 of 79 Cancun on BDW
Located on Cancun’s tranquil south shore, this spectacular resort offers 2,457 Superior Deluxe accommodations with a double Jacuzzi, 24 hr. room service and balconies, many with cozy hammocks. Some rooms offer views of the Caribbean Sea while lavish Golf Suites overlook the resort’s Jack Nicklaus Signature course. Fifteen exceptional restaurants let you savor a different cuisine every day while your thirst for margaritas is quickly quenched at any of the twelve bars, including one at Andromeda disco. The action and excitement begins with two large lagoon-style pools with Jacuzzis, swim-up bars and children’s areas. A fully equipped water sports marina lets you practice kayak or windsurf. Six tennis courts, two basketball & volleyball courts, miniature golf, a kid’s club, two fitness centers, and unlimited select tours will keep anyone busy. The state-of-the-art Spa located at the golf course offers 30 spa rooms including a private Golden Couple Suite. Here, the bride and groom will experience an unforgettable wedding when choosing our complimentary package or any of our Precious Wedding Collection™ packages styled after the color of gem stones including Emerald, Amber and our Diamond Collection. Complimentary and optional honeymoon packages are also available.

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By BrittanyFlanagan, · 0 Comments

Pros: Hair, makeup
Cons: Coordinators, Dj, Photographer, Accommodations, Prices, EVERYTHING!
I'm normally not one to write reviews about places, but I recently had my wedding at Moon Palace in Cancun, and it was a complete disaster. I gave myself plenty of time in planning (17 months) and nothing was done correctly. The wedding coordinators are so unorganized and it takes them weeks to get back to you. The day of my wedding it rained, so we moved everything inside, however not all of our decor could fit in the room. You would think that since your PAID decor doesn't fit inside, they would do something else to accommodate you right? No, and they wouldn't even refund us the money for the decor that didn't fit. I was so disappointed with the way everything looked that I was actually crying. The DJ was horrible and so was the photographer. She sent me back all of my pictures (Which were terrible) and they weren't even edited. My makeup looked orange and she didn't even edit my sunburn. These are supposed to be professional pictures that we paid a lot of money for. I would NEVER recommend booking a wedding here. I'm a very laid back bride and they had me in tears multiple times because they make this whole process unbearable. Although the property is gorgeous, I would go somewhere else for you wedding!

By dmt846, · 0 Comments

Pros: venue was amazing, food and alcohol were great, nice people, great price for what you're getting, Sasha Gluck, Mike Cantrall, Saku with Latin Asia, Vineet Unadkat for travel
Cons: first wedding coordinator (Angie), La Cabana, and DJ Alpesh
This is a difficult review to write, since I had such different experiences with the various wedding planners.  We got married at Moon Palace 8/2016.  It was overall an incredible experience and if I could write 2 different reviews, they would get a 3 prior with the first wedding coordinator and a 5 with the second.  It started with our pre-wedding planner, Angeles Osorio, if you get her, just switch right away.  Our second coordinator, Leidi Laura Guzmán, was a miracle.  Seriously.  She was incredible.  She make everything run smoothly despite the many little things that go wrong, she always made thing work some how.  She always knew what was going on, was honest, answered all of our millions of questions, was so kind and compassionate to EVERYONE there and truly made us feel special on one of the biggest days of our lives.  I can't say enough amazing things about Laura.  If you get her don't let her go.   Moon Palace - amazing hotel, food was good, alcohol was good, ambience was great, so many fun things to do, the pool is amazing, beach is average - lots of seaweed and not clear water as you would expect from a carribean beach, but the pool is so nice it wouldn't matter.  The people that work there are all so thoughtful, flexible, and kind.  Great experience!      Other vendors: Photo and Video - Sasha Gluck through Cancun photos and Mike Cantrall films - both also amazing artists and people and a great price. I know a lot of people say don't do the video and to save money on it. Don't listen to them.  You can't go back and eat the food or cake again and you can only see the flowers and decor in pictures... this video I watched every day and still watch it regularly.  The best money we spent.  Get cheaper rings, cheaper food, skip the photo booth, whatever you have to do, don't skip the video.  Decor and Flowers - Latin Asia - a little pricy, but you will be thanking me when you realize how easy Saku makes your life.  She is so organized, responsive, has great vision and you don't even have to think about how amazing it will look the day of. Everything is taken care of. Even though we changed everything last minute because we were supposed to have a beach wedding in the rain and a Barat (Indian wedding) where the horse was in the rain! Yes, she does incredible Indian weddings (Hindu) and knew more about the customs and culture than my husband and I did! Another win.   Music and DJ- Disco Movil was great! A little pricy, but worth it.  DJ Alpesh -separate company from US, don't even waste your time googling him... the worst. Travel planner and helped A LOT as an additional wedding planner - Vineet Unadkat - saved us from Angie (mentioned earlier), based out of OC California, helped manage all of the travel with our family and even came to the wedding to help us the weekend of the wedding!  Only amazing things to say about him and his wife, who helped a lot too!!! Make-up - Styling Trio - they were nice and did have air brush, stayed calm despite the power going out in the middle of doing my hair! Overall, not totally impressed especially for the price, but it worked, the day of my hair mostly stayed up but make-up looked below average both at the practice and real deal.  I would go with MVP if I could do it again.  Green screen (photobooth) - we used La Cabana - a disaster, but they did offer a full refund for the mess they caused in the end.  Entertainment - we did the fire show and water drums through one of the moon palace vendors - both incredible and totally worth the money.  Also did the smoke during the reception, which was very cool and fun.   

By MSP, · 2 Comments

Pros: beautiful resort
Cons: poor communication internally, poor execution, wedding team is not detail oriented, no respect for religious beliefs, no respect for previously discussed timelines, charge for every single detail, "ballroom" is a blank conference room with a nic
DO NOT BOOK A WEDDING AT MOON PALACE CANCUN.   If you would like to have your wedding at a 5 star resort with a 1 star experience then Moon Palace should be your top pick. A wedding is something every girl has spent her entire life dreaming of and mine was nothing short of a nightmare.   Our wedding memories consist of having our vegetarian family violating their lifelong religious beliefs by eating meat which was hidden in the food and labeled vegetarian, another person had to go home because of a food allergy due to mixing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food which we specified on multiple occasions as a violation of our religion. My matron of honor (My OWN sister) missing all the pictures prior to the wedding because the resort did not properly book her hair and make up appointment. She was sent on a wild goose chase looking for her hair and make up appointment and each employee at moon palace was incredibly rude to her. We booked our event venues 7 months prior but we were given less than 24 hours notice that we needed to inform all of our 200 guests that they needed to come back to the main lobby, wait in line, and ask for a special pass to access one of the events. Yes, they left it as the bride and groom’s responsibility to inform our 200 guests. Once the guests arrived to pick up their passes the front desk had no idea what event they were referencing. Consequently, leading to texts and calls for myself (the bride) from half the guests Our list can go on for another five paragraphs. If you book your wedding at moon palace here is what you can count on… Not being detail oriented, not caring about what was promised to you, ignoring religious and dietary restrictions, and overall providing an embarrassing experience for you as a host. This is AFTER discussing all important details many times verbally AND in writing. This is how they treated a party that had over 200 guests in their resort and more than 300 room nights booked. On top of the embarrassment and stress the Moon Palace staff clearly showed that they don’t care. They charge for every single detail yet when it comes down to delivering on your purchases you will hear excuse after excuse and it has been several weeks after the wedding and my family and I have yet to hear a single compassionate word from Moon Palace.     Brides, regardless of who's paying for your wedding I think you should all think about how hard it is to save for that big day we've all been dreaming of. Before handing over your hard earned money to Moon Palace I highly recommend you take my experience into consideration. I have many many more circumstances I can share including the guest experience. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  

By TarynZ, · 1 Comment

Pros: Beautiful resort, hardworking & dedicated staff, endless activities, wedding office is well-oiled machine, convenient location to airport
Cons: none
We had our wedding at Moon Palace on 11/13/16.  Our experience with the venue and staff was amazing throughout our process from initial planning to our wedding day!  I relied a lot on reviews for my wedding planning so I will try to be as informative as possible.   I will start off by saying that I was probably a unique bride in that I wasn’t too excited about planning a wedding.  I wanted to keep it as simple and easy for my future groom and I as possible.  I bring this up because we both had a laid back approach to the planning process so perhaps that is why we didn’t experience the same stress others did.  Our planners were very quick to respond and provide the answers to our questions (more detail on that below.)   We also utilized a travel agency to assist with the resort selection and guest travel.  For any bride planning a destination wedding, this is a MUST!  It takes a lot off your plate and saves you from answering questions from all of your guests regarding coordination and avoids awkward conversations regarding payments.   Off-site Coordinator:  Once we signed a contract with Moon Palace, we were assigned an off-site coordinator.  This is someone located state side (I believe Miami) that handles your wedding coordinating up until about 2-4 weeks before the trip.  We worked with Susana and she was wonderful!  We received an email with outlining some information needed and a request to set up a meeting.  The phone call was very brief and she answered a few of our questions regarding what was needed from us at the time.  We were provided several pamphlets for the services and packages available.  All of the resort policies are clearly outlined in the contract and the important ones are reiterated several times via email throughout the planning process.  Pay attention to these and you will avoid any of the frustrating situations other brides have run into.  Susana was so helpful and most of the time responded to our emails in the same business day.  If she had to outreach to others for answers, the most we waited was 1-2 business days.  It was amazing!  To keep communication easy, you are provided a subject line that identifies your specific wedding.  We always utilized that and bulleted out our questions.  Susana would respond in the same organized format which made finding answers throughout the coordinating super convenient.  About 3 weeks before we left for Mexico, Susana introduced via email to our on-site coordinator who handled the finalizing of our plans.   On-site Coordinator:  Monica was our coordinator located at the resort.  She was just as amazing as Susana.  She was well informed of our plans and confirmed some things via email.  The coordinators utilize an event order that outlines all the services/charges associated with your wedding.  Thoroughly review it each time it is updated and you will be required to sign-off upon payment.  We had one meeting with Monica the day after we arrived at Moon Palace.  It was a brief 40 minute meeting.  She and I met in a private room so she could ask questions about my dress before it was bagged and sent off for pressing and delivery on our wedding day.  The rest of the time was spent doing one final review of the event order.  So easy!!  We also left the welcome bags for our guests with Monica so she could coordinate the delivery to their rooms.  We can’t say enough great things about Monica, she was so sweet, attentive and really on top of things.  I had no stress the day of our wedding because we knew we were in good hands.   Resort:  We stayed at the Nizuc resort in an ocean front room.  Nizuc is located in the middle of the other two resorts which is convenient.  You can walk to Sunrise or Grand but they also offer shuttles for the times you prefer a ride.  The pool at Nizuc was fantastic, so much to do we hardly spent any time on the beach.  The entertainment staff keeps you busy with games, exercise and friendly competitions.  Once our guests arrived, we were going non-stop all day swimming and partaking in all the fun.  As an all-inclusive resort, tipping is not expected.  However, the waitstaff at the pools work their tails off!  Our group would tip them periodically throughout the day and it was much appreciated.  We had several amazing servers and Luis Correa at the Nizuc pool was one of the best.  We saw him several times throughout our stay and he took great care of our friends.  Everyone is still talking about how fun and great he is! Ceremony: We had our ceremony on the beach and stuck with the basic (included) package.  The décor in our opinion was beautiful enough and we also had the added bonus of the beachfront backdrop!    Cocktail Hour/Reception:  These took place on the Tucan terrace/garden.  We selected this location after stumbling upon a YouTube video that gave a tour of all the location options.  The garden and terrace overlook the beach and are right above where the ceremony was held.  We opted for the buffet dinner as we were advised keeping plated dinners warm at a beach front location is a challenge.  This was a great choice as our guests loved being able to eat all of the available options.  Guadalupe was our bartender and he was phenomenal!  Our guests were never without a drink or shot and he was laughing and enjoying our celebration with us all.   Photographer:  We opted to utilize an external vendor (MTM-Moments that Matter) for our photography/videography services.  We were well aware of the $800 external vendor fee and it was well worth it.  Please note, the contract also states that if you have a guest staying at the resort who takes professional pictures there is an external vendor fee of $400.  If you plan on bringing a photographer with you, you will still have to pay a fee.   DJ: Initially we were only provided one DJ option through the resort (JSAV.)  Those package prices were very high in our opinion so I asked Susana if any other options were available.  She provided us with a package and pricelist from PSAV.  This option was much more affordable and they turned out to be great!  We filled out a questionnaire that outlined specific song choices.  We also provided  a list of songs we wanted to hear during cocktail hour, dinner and dancing…it worked out perfectly!  Our guests even took over the microphone for a while and did some karaoke.   Flowers:  With the wedding package, I received a free bridal bouquet.  However, I had a bouquet made with Real Touch flowers and brooches from an Etsy shop so I would have a permanent keepsake.  I was able to substitute the bridal bouquet for 4 smaller bouquets for my bridesmaids.    Gamma: We used Gamma for a few upgrades to our cocktail hour and reception.  We didn’t do anything extravagant but the added touches made a big difference.  Gamma did a fantastic job getting everything set up.  We selected lounge furniture for cocktail hour.  For the dinner, we upgraded the chairs, had color coordinated table overlays/napkins and string globe lanterns.  The photographer loved the extra lighting, he said it would make for amazing photographs.   Centerpieces:  We designed our own centerpieces at home and packed them up in carry-on luggage.  Some family members quickly put out the décor prior to the ceremony and everything was stunning.  Much more affordable and tailored to our taste!   Overall, we can’t say enough good things about Moon Palace.  All of our guests had the time of their lives…and can’t stop talking about it and the desire to go back again.  The resort is beautiful, offers endless activities and food options.  This is truly an all-inclusive resort that does not limit to house brand alcohol or hours in which room service is available.  Everyone we interacted with from start to finish was kind and dedicated to ensuring everyone’s stay exceeded their expectations.  Our wedding is full of our most cherished memories and we can’t thank Moon Palace enough for making it a success.   For any brides considering Moon Palace, feel free to outreach with any questions!   A few tips: -Bring small bills to tip, as I mentioned we offered the waitstaff/bartenders $5-$20 now and again.  Especially on the days we had our large group at the pool. -Restaurants don't take reservations.  However, the hibachi restaurant will take a reservation if you walk over when they open at 4:45 and put your name in.  Unfortunately, we found this secret out at the end of trip and were never able to coordinate the group eating there together. -Upon check-in, you will go through a whirlwind of information at the reception area.  They will try to book you for "tour" of the facility but this is really a timeshare sales pitch. -For airport transfers, specify that you are going to Moon Palace and identify the specific lobby (Sunrise, Grand or Nizuc.)  

By DreamArtPhotography, · 0 Comments

This hotel is still amazing with the most helpful and friendly staff. You always feel anything is possible here and your vacation options are  limitless  [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:18207]  
Pros: Beautiful facility
Cons: Terrible customer service, wedding coordinators, hidden fees, nothing was as promised
I am writing to review my recent stay at moon palace for my wedding.  I did extensive research before deciding on Moon Palace, as I wanted both my guests stay and my wedding day to be as magical as possible.  I read many positive reviews and the wedding options available looked like a perfect fit- I was so excited!       OFF-SITE PLANNING I was engaged for over a year prior to the scheduled wedding day on Feb. 6 2016, so I had plenty of time to plan.  After reading reviews the one negative thing I had read consistently was that response times are slow leading up to the wedding (when corresponding with the off-site coordinator).  I however never had that experience - I always heard back in a timely manor and the initial planning experience was very painless!  My first off-site coordinator was Elizabeth Yanez Alvarez, and mid-way through the planning process I was switched to Yanet Zavala.     Everything was very smooth until 2 weeks before the wedding.  I had confirmed my locations multiple times with both Elizabeth and Yanet- the Tucan beach for the ceremony, garden for the cocktail hour, and terrace for the reception.  I emailed Yanet to be sure these locations were secured, and she responded that my locations were confirmed.  She then sent over my purchase order.     After careful examination, I noticed a different location was listed from what was agreed upon.  I assumed it was a typo as we had only just confirmed the request, so I emailed her.  When Yanet responded, she stated that “for internal reasons the Toucan areas are not available, that’s why you’re booked at Bugambilias”.  She had never told me about the change, didn’t offer any explanation as to why, and simply sent me the PO to sign!  Honestly I felt as if she was trying to trick me to sign a document with the wrong information.   I wanted to be married on the beach and she switched my ceremony to a gazebo and the terrace she wanted my reception to be at did not have a good view of the beach as my original location did.  At the end of her email informing me that I would not be getting my agreed upon locations, she stated that all decorations were extra and I would have to pay if I wanted them.  I was not interested in the decorations, but I couldn’t believe that she was offering no reasoning behind why they were not available and no compensation for the less desirable locations.  I had to get my travel agent involved, who went up the chain of command.  After that I immediately received an email that my original locations were available and i would be getting them as requested.       CHECKING IN We arrived to the resort on February 2, 2016.  I was very excited and was expecting to be placed in a group block (11 rooms total) in my requested section Sunrise.  I had requested this location because my fiancé and I have a 3 year old son who was excited to use the crocodile slide in the kids pool in Sunrise!  He couldn’t stop talking about it!  I was a bit taken aback when my shuttle dropped me off in the Nizuc section, but I figured there could have been an error.  Upon checking in, I learned that our room was in Nizuc.  I requested to be moved to the section I was originally supposed to be in, and the receptionist was not accomodating.  She told me there were no rooms in sunrise and I may have to stay in Nizuc until the following day, which was not ideal considering we had 6 bags of welcome items I had to assemble and other wedding supplies as well.  I would not be able to get everything set-up if I was in the wrong room, and my guests were arriving the following day.  As unhappy as I was about the situation, I agreed to stay in Nizuc for the night.     An attendant walked me, my fiancé and my son to our room.  We walked a very long distance to our room - my son was very tired and kept throwing himself on the floor and crying.  After the long trek, I noticed that the only other guests that had arrived for our wedding were taken to there room in a golf cart and they had no children.  Why wouldn’t the bride, groom, and a small child get that service?  We went up 3 flights of stairs only to find that our room had ONE bed.  I had requested 2 beds as my fiancé and I obviously preferred not to sleep with our 3 year old leading up to our wedding.  The attendant offered to bring a crib for our son, but he does not sleep in a crib.  He is much too old, very active, and would be able to climb out!  I requested that he take us back to the lobby as our room was not only in the wrong section but  we had the wrong number of beds.  Upon calling the lobby, we were told that a sunrise room was available.  We were so relieved!  Our room was lacking the Chi products that were promised to us (which was important to me considering I was relying on them for manageable hair for my wedding!) and we did not get the upgrade we qualified for, but I tried to let this go as I was just happy to be in Sunrise.   The unfortunate thing that we were never informed of was that our entire group block was already scheduled to be in Nizuc.  When we inquired about where our guests would be placed (before we were moved to Sunrise), reception told us that they would not be assigned a room until they arrived- so we figured that they would be moved to sunrise as well and everything would be just fine.  Unfortunately, this was incorrect.  Every guest that arrived was placed in Nizuc which is a very long walk to our room.  The bridal party, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom amongst others!  Due to the distance between sections they might as well have been in  a different resort.     Their request to move to Sunrise was NOT handled with a smile- the front desk acted as if this was a huge inconvenience and many of our guests wasted a day in a different section before they were able to be switched over.  Actually, many informed me that Nizuc said it was not possible to move and it wasn’t until they talked to Sunrise directly that their request was taken seriously.  Nizuc claimed Sunrise was full, but Sunrise said there were plenty of rooms.  Why couldn’t both lobby’s work together and give correct information?  Check-in was very stressful and our group felt as if the front desk did not care to make their stay at moon palace pleasant.  Finally when all of our guests were moved to Sunrise, we could relax and were hoping everything would start moving smoothly.     ON-SITE PLANNING: FIRST MEETING  A few days before my trip to Cancun, I was assigned to on-site coordinator Melissa Zamora Baron.  I did not receive anything from her until the night I arrived, when she emailed me that a meeting would be scheduled the next morning at 10:00am.  I had read lots of reviews from past brides and knew that I should bring a suitcase with decorations to our meeting.  From what I had read, wedding coordinators typically offer to to set-up and take-down decorations and I had brought $150 to tip her once the wedding was over.  Our first meeting went fine- she asked me a series of questions and I told her about my vision and left the suitcase with her.  She stated that I would need to clean up all of my decorations after the wedding- something that I had never read about brides having to do but I understood and agreed to this.       WEDDING WELCOME DINNER Later that night, I remembered that our off-site coordinator Yanet had stated that since we were paying for our own private reception, that we would be able to use the included wedding restaurant dinner as a welcome dinner the day before the wedding.  She told us that we could not make the dinner reservation ahead of time, but we could once we arrived at the resort.  After asking the vacation planners about this however, we were told it is not possible and we needed to ask our wedding coordinator.     After approaching Melissa, she told us that we could not make the reservation and acted suspicious when I told her that our off-site coordinator told us differently.  She gave us an attitude and sad “AT THIS TIME you cannot make a reservation at any restaurant for your welcome dinner”.  She demanded proof that this was promised to me.  This was the first moment when I felt that she was working against me - why could she not contact Yanet and ask her if she had promised this to me?  I felt defeated because I had already told all of our guests that on Friday evening we would all have have a welcome dinner together - they were expecting it and excited.  I did not want to have to tell them that I was not being allowed to schedule this event.     I went back to my room and spent 3 hours looking through past emails to try to find proof that this was promised to me.  I finally did, and forwarded it to Melissa.  At this point, she scheduled the dinner for us.  Still, I had waisted an entire afternoon on this issue.       WEDDING COORDINATOR REQUEST During the wedding welcome dinner, my finance’s dad told us that he had ridden the shuttle between resort sections when he had ran into a guest at another wedding.  He was told that they had arranged a bus for all of the wedding guests to be shuttled to the wedding location together, and was asking us if we might be able to arrange the same thing.   Because my fiancé had been texting Melissa all day with quick responses, he decided to ask her if that was possible to arrange.  It was only after this question that she completely stopped responding.  She never arranged the bus or got back to us that it was or wasn’t possible, essentially ignoring our question.     WEDDING DAY: PREP I spent the morning of the wedding at the golf course spa for a massage, and the Nizuc spa for my hair.  I have to say that I was nervous about using my report credits for my wedding day hair as I did not know who I would be assigned to but I ended up being VERY pleased.  I had a trial a few days before and the wedding hair was very beautiful and stayed put all night!  I had a braided up-do that I loved very much.  I did do my make-up myself as I am very picky in that regard and I was happy with my decision after seeing some of my guest’s make-up.  As for flowers, there was some prep involved as I used Floreria Riveria to purchase 100 wholesale roses.  They were beautiful and my grandma arranged them for me.   Another set-back we had was that my fiancé had developed a terrible heat rash just prior to the wedding.  He developed painful blisters and I advised him to call the on-site doctor.  The doctor came up to his room to look at it and told him that he would be calling down some prescriptions, and he would need to pick them up at the front desk.  My fiancé was told that after he got the prescriptions, he should call the doctor back up to his room and he would administer the medications.  After getting the medications, my fiancé was a little nervous as there was a huge syringe in there!  He called the doctor, and the doctor exclaimed that he never said he would come back to the room and that my fiancé would have to walk all the way back down to the lobby.  This was a 20 minute walk and the wedding was within the hour!  After walking all the way down, the doctor was gone on another call.  This delayed our wedding and was very inconvenient to say the least.     WEDDING DAY: CEREMONY I will forever have a tainted memory of my wedding day - my wedding coordinator Melissa ruined my night.  I had my ceremony at the Tucan Beach, and she forgot to gather the rings from my mother, put them in the box that I supplied, and have my son walk down the aisle with them.  My son who was the ring bearer never carried the rings!  He just walked down the aisle and took a seat.  When it came time to exchange the rings, they were no-where to be found until my mom realized that the rings were never collected from her!  They were both in their original boxes and had to be removed and brought up to us in front of all of our guests.     WEDDING DAY: COCKTAIL/RECEPTION Shortly after our ceremony it began to rain, and so our venue was moved from the garden/terrace to the gazebo.  All of our guests pitched in to move everything which was very kind of them.  PSAV was awesome throughout the whole thing.  We had purchased a 3 hour DJ package.  Our guests loved the music that he played and he was very accommodating!  I highly recommend PSAV.  All of the waitstaff was great as well, my only issue was with Melissa.  She seemed to have an attitude the entire night.  My husband’s parents are photographers and one of their friends took some pictures with what she considered “professional equipment” so she approached us to tell us that we would be charged an extra $400.  She specifically said $400 not $800, as we did not hire an outside vendor.  I was annoyed about this but glad that she told us.  Worse though, she would continuously approach me to “double check” that I would be cleaning up all of my decorations after this event.  She did this multiple times throughout the night, interrupting me and and my guests.  I had read that other coordinators offered to help with clean-up, but unfortunately I did not get that lucky.  Even so I had no issues with cleaning up, my mother-in-law had already offered to do this for me.  After her 3rd time approaching me on the matter, I finally told her to go away - my reception was only 3 hours and I wanted to enjoy it!   AFTER WEDDING After the wedding, one of our guests was not feeling well.  He could barely walk and 2 of my guests were carrying him.  Our wedding was across the resort from where his room was, and 3 people were standing in Nizuc Lobby chatting with each other.  When we approached about getting a golf-cart back to his room since he couldn’t walk, we were denied and told to take the bus.  This was not the first time people were standing around refusing to help, but this time we really needed it!  We argued with them for quite some time before one of our guests offered to tip them $20 to take him to his room.  Really, it would have been impossible to carry him that far!  What a surprise - at that point they made themselves available.     CHECK OUT After the wedding, we had arranged to move to Sun Palace for our honeymoon (which was amazing as far as service and a world apart from Moon Palace).  We made our way down to check out, and even though Melissa had told us to expect a $400 not $800 fee it was indeed $800!  I refused to sign the document as the amount was unfounded, but when Melissa was called she lied and said that we should be charged $800 not $400!  Needless to say, they refused to remove the charge.  At one point I tried to write on the invoice the amount that it should have been, and it was refused.  We tried to leave the resort at that point (after paying the amount actually due without the extra $400 Melissa tacked on), and were told we were not allowed to leave.  We were literally being held hostage! When I called my bank about the matter, I was told that if I signed the document I could not dispute it and that they recommended I call the authorities.  As an American I am not familiar with Mexican police and this is certainly not something I wanted to deal with at the end of my wedding/beginning of my honeymoon!  I was in tears.  A man named Juan Carlos tried to seem nice while making me sign - he promised he would call us the next day after Melissa came in and they spoke to sort it out - but we never received any calls.     We also had to go to the PR counter at Sunrise to speak with someone about a refund that was due - we had booked 11 rooms in the hotel and our contract stated that 1 room should be free.  The woman we spoke too - Danee - told us that Moon Palace does not do refunds initially.  We were at the counter for multiple hours until she finally admitted that she lied and they do give refunds if they are warranted (obviously).  She also promised that she would have Melissa call us the next day about the refund, but we never received a call.   Overall, I felt that my entire stay at Moon Palace was far more stressful then it needed to be.  I had been planning the vacation/wedding for over a year and both myself and all of my guests were vary disappointed at the poor service we received.  When I transferred to Sun Palace, my stay was immensely different.  I finally felt like the staff cared about me!  We were given thorough introductions regarding resort credits (this was skipped over at Moon), and the staff really tried to accommodate us.  The sad thing is that I would really love to return to Moon or Sun Palace ever 5 years to celebrate our anniversary, but unfortunately due to the way we were treated at Moon Palace I can’t justify giving any palace resort my business or my recommendation.  

By Haylinds, · 3 Comments

Pros: Lots of onsite entertainment for guests, large resort, great restaurants
Cons: Price, hard to use outside vendors, communication
I'm am still in the planning stages with the Moon Palace and have 2 months to go until my big day!     I have been to the Moon Palace on 2 different occasions which is why I decided to have my wedding here.  Vacationing as a guest and not having to worry about anything other than trying not to eat too much and not getting burned it was a great experience.  I entirely regret not looking into other options or reading reviews so here is my experience to help you brides to be out there:    My fiance and I were engaged in Jan. 2015 and decided pretty early on that we wanted to do a beach wedding.  His parents have a timeshare at the Moon Palace and we had a trip planned for March anyway so we thought it would be great to go ahead and get the ball rolling on reserving the Moon Palace for our wedding and then doing some on-sight planning while there.    First steps are to coordinate with our initial contact who was fairly communicative.  They definitely push you to sign the contracts ASAP and get money down.  He was very responsive to us, there were slight language barrier issues but all in all that was a good experience.   From there we were bumped to our Off-site Wedding Coordinator.  This was and continues to be a horrible experience - I have read some people have had good experiences with theirs.  I don't want to name names on a public forum but if you are serious about looking into this and want to know who not to use - send me a message.  When we send an email there is a big lag time when we get a response and once we finally do it doesn't even answer half of what we need.  For example, I am still waiting on a confirmation of my location, how much it will cost per chair during the reception, how many people the tables seat, and what exactly we can use our "points" towards.  But don't worry, she was quick to introduce me to someone to decorate and spend more money at the resort.  I was already somewhat turned off from my experience but had paid my down payment and felt like I couldn't back out.  Since we were making a trip there anyway we wanted to meet with someone on-site to plan some things like menu and cake, etc.  So we booked this through the off-site Coordinator to have cake tasting (we even specified the flavors).  Once we got there they did have our appointment booked but had no information on cake tasting.  We had to wait probably around an hour for them to get that together.  I will say, the person who we met with on site was fantastic!  Meeting with them in person calmed my nerves and made me feel better about everything.  We also met with the on site photographers they have (DreamArt Photography), they showed us beautiful pictures and told us we could even sacrifice an hour of our photography package to do a cenote shoot after - awesome!    Once I got back home the same old problems continued - lack of communication but I still had almost a year to plan so I just pushed my frustrations to the side and decided to deal with them closer to the date.     When my guests have tried to book their hotel rooms there are a few catches - the payment has to be paid in full at the time the reservation is made and they can only do it on 1 credit card.  Was a little bit of a problem for my single friends sharing rooms so be sure to give guest the heads up on that!  Outside of that, this part was pretty seamless - the website isn't the easiest to navigate for some people but nothing major.    So rooms are now all booked and I'm trying to finalize details.  I followed up with DreamArt and they said that they can't do the cenote shoot that we had talked about in person - only a beach trash the dress.  What what?  Why the change from in person?  Who knows - they are pretty eager to tell you what they want to hear to close a sale but not follow through.  I was really looking forward to this so I was really disappointed.  There wasn't much of a reason or explanation or apology - just a please sign this contract with the agreed times and rates.  I still had questions and wanted to see examples of the beach shoot.  He told me he would send them so I waited 2 weeks before finally following up.  He provided them immediately once I followed up but that has been my experience with everyone - I get a lot of promises but then no communication.  I noticed that he had the locations wrong that I had reserved on the invoice so I had to contact my Off Site Coordinator to verify I am even getting married where I thought I was getting married and 5 days later still waiting to hear back from her...   Long story short, the photography prices and communication made me look into other options before signing something - I am going to just suck it up and pay the vendor fee to be able to use someone.  I founds someone who has been great so far, I am still getting a better deal (he is offering me 15% off to help with the vendor fee)  AND I'm getting the Cenote shoot for less than what I would pay using DreamArt.  He has been extremely helpful and communicative - Gonzalo Nunez - I highly recommend him!  I also had a good experience with Melissa Mercado, she just couldn't do my day - amazing work on her website though and she was super responsive.  She is from California so if you are planning from the states and don't speak Spanish it makes it a little easier to communicate.    In summary:  I would never recommend the Moon Palace for a wedding.  They try to nickle and dime you on everything - they charge extra even per chair for every guest you have over 30 ppl.  Come on, these guest are pumping thousands of extra $ into the resort for being there for our wedding and we can't just provide extra chairs???  They make it nearly impossible to use offsite vendors (but trust me ladies, it is worth it to go offsite for these things - there are options, don't feel like you have to use everyone they recommend)!  I'm hopeful once I actually get down there it will have a turn for the better but I am absolutely kicking myself for not doing more research first and looking into other options.  I am also kicking myself for going with such an expensive resort that made it hard for a lot of my guests I wanted to be there to go - personal choices, I know, but regrets I want to pass along regardless.         

By milldani, · 2 Comments

Pros: Large resort, great of all ages, beautiful resort, lot of meal options, great service, great wedding cordinator
Cons: horrible wedding planner communication, beach can smell bad because of the seaweed, rooms spread out
I used this website a lot when I was planning so I wanted to return the favor! I am so very happy with our wedding! I turned out perfect. Best advice and alway look at anything they send you and make sure you take responsibility for what you want.   We had 65 guests ranging from 10 months to 86 years old. We stayed in the Sunrise section.   List of vendors and reviews Latin Asia- was great! Very easy to work with and the flowers turned out amazing. (flowers, vases, lights over reception)   Gamma- only concern was they changed who I was working with multiple times. Make sure you always review your PO to make sure it matches what you want.  - (gold chairs, square tables and candles)   J&S- did an amaing job. Was very impressed by our DJ. I did however give him a huge list of songs to choose from. The light up dance floor was a huge hit! (DJ for 3 hours during reception and light up dance floor) gave $40 tip after wedding   La Cabina Photobooth Basic Package- they did a good job. I do however recommend bringing our own book to put the pictures in since they charge a crazy amount to give you one. They also give you a zip drive with a copy of all the picture.  (Photobooth for 2 hours at reception)   Styling Trio- very very expensive however did amazing! I only had them do my hair and showed her a picture and she did it just like it. I wouldn't recommend trials since you likely don't need them if you know what you want. ($250 hair  + 40 tip)  they come to your room which is nice. You can not use your resort credits on them. I had my sister do my make up but keep in mind the wind and heat.   I used Claudia Rodrigues Photography- which was not part of the approved venders however I think she was well worth the extra fees and ended up being cheeper than the dream art which I know had mixed reviews. (5 hours only photography) below is a link to her facebook https://www.facebook.com/claudiarodriguezphoto?fref=ts   We didn't do a rehearsal dinner it seemed to be to much work.   Offsite Wedding planner- angeles-if you get her ask to change right away! At one point dealing with her I almost called it off. She got everything wrong, was manipulative, lied and would change things all the time. She even changed our wedding location without telling us 1 month before.  We send an email to her boss and the CEO of the company because of her.   Onsite Wedding planner- Leidi Laura Guman- she was amazing! I felt so much better after meeting and talking to her. I gave her a card with 100 in it at our meeting before the wedding however I think she still would have done an amazing job without it. To the meeting with her I brough a binder with a list of our PO, a list of the music, a list of names of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and how the walk in and with what music. This helped to make her life easier and me feel like we all had the same information. I also had a friend go with the meeting with me so she would help answer any questions during the wedding instead of coming up to me. I recommend this! I didn't get bothered at all.   We brought our own bose sound system for the cocktail hour and used my iphone. We didn't use their officate bc my best friend did our wedding. We payed for the extra hour and I am really glad we did. After wedding we all went out on the resort and it was so much fun! I brought- table numbers, instagram signs, photobooth sign, pictures of us, a large welcome sign for the wedding, glow sticks for the dance floor (a big hit and so cheap!).   Wedding- 5 - Playa Caribeño Beach Cocktail Hour 5:30 - Venado Garden Reception 6:30-9:30 - Venado Terrace   All and all the stress was worth a week with 65 of our closest friends and family! The wedding was exactly what we wanted.

By deepdeepblue, · 1 Comment

This review is long overdue, as we had our wedding at Moon Palace in April 2013. We were looking at our wedding photos recently and they brought back a lot of great memories of the week we spent at Moon Palace.   Our wedding coordinators were Daniela Ocampo Morales and Zaray Casillas Lopez - both were fabulous to work with in the months leading up to the wedding. They were responsive in our email communications - no small task, as we saw how busy they were once we arrived at Moon Palace! They handle several weddings on a daily basis, and they want to ensure that the experience is perfect for each and every one.   We met with Zaray a few days before the wedding day and finalized the details for the ceremony and reception. We also finalized the coordination details with our outside vendors (photographers, cinematographers, and DJ), ensuring that they wouldn't have any problems getting on the site.   We were fortunate to have both Zaray and Daniela be with us on the day of our wedding, and they worked tirelessly to make sure that everything ran smoothly, from the time we were getting ready to the end of the reception. They helped create a lot of magical moments not just for us, but also for all of our guests.   Thank you, Zaray and Daniela!

By KatyM81, · 2 Comments

Pros: Lots to do, good food, wonderful staff, great wedding
Cons: Beach isn't the best
Our wedding at the Moon Palace truly exceeded my expectations. Our entire trip was wonderful and my husband and I were commenting the whole time about how we wouldn’t have changed a thing. For anyone considering booking their wedding at MP I would suggest it 100%! I’ll go through each section and if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me!   Offsite wedding coordinator - I was first assigned Renee, who I worked with the majority of the time. As has been noted in other reviews, the response time was generally slow. However, I knew to expect this so I didn’t freak out about it too much. I would generally give her about a week to respond before sending a follow-up email. We were in communication so early that I never felt a big rush. I was able to get all of the information on the vendors from her without issues, and she sent me lots of pictures of the locations and I was able to book the ones I wanted. Toward the end of our working together I was switched over to Mayla (not sure why), but the communication regarding this change came quickly and there were no bumps. Mayla was great to work with, she responded very quickly and with the couple of hiccups we had (some of the numbers on the documents were incorrect) she was super easy to work with to correct it.   Arriving at the hotel - We had transfers booked through our package and so it was super easy to exit the plane and know right where to go. MP is in a great location, not a long drive from the airport which is great! Our flight landed at 9pm so we didn’t have any of the issues that others seem to have had with arriving early and not having a room ready. Some of our other guests did get in before the check-in time, but the hotel held their bags, let them change into their suits, and gave them their wristbands so they could eat and go to the pool as though they were all checked in. I don’t think anyone had issues with this. I know a couple of guests had confusion with which section they were staying in (or rather, the drivers for their transfers did) and they went back and forth between Sunrise and Nizuc before arriving at the right location. Check-in was easy, no issues at all! Our group was all located in the same building in Sunrise, with the exception of a few people who were in Nizuc (and a few others who didn’t use our travel agent were in Grand). Nobody seemed to have big issues with this though.   Room - We had an ocean view room in the Sunrise section and it was perfect! We were close to the pool and lobby but it wasn’t super loud or anything. Considering the resort was full the whole time we were there it never felt that crowded! The room is a good size, same with the bathroom. We didn’t have any issues with the room at all, it’s where my bridesmaids and I got ready and it was plenty big enough!   Activities - Our guests definitely took advantage of the resort credit and played golf, went to the spa, did the swim with dolphins, etc. I don’t think anyone did the couples dinner, and we didn’t use the romantic dinner for two that was a part of our package, mostly because I had read it wasn’t worth it. The spa was lovely, we used the one at the golf course for massages and then the Nizuc one for hair the day of the wedding. I was able to book everything in advance as well, which was great to not have to worry about once we were there!   Food - Food was great everywhere! Breakfast and dinners were the best, we tried a bunch of places and I really can’t remember all the names. We did the Asian restaurant in Sunrise which was delicious, and the Italian and Mexican in Sunrise for dinners as well which were both good. I had high hopes for the Italian one at the golf course but that was probably our worst meal there. Not sure if it was just an off night or what… But still it was fine. Lunch was usually around the pool and we would grab a burger or grilled chicken and fruit, nothing crazy but always fresh and tasty! We loved the little cafe in the sunrise lobby that had popsicles and salads you could grab, that was a nice alternative! We did the breakfast via room service (putting in order the night before) a few times and that was all good - hot, lots of food. I used the room service once for lunch and it was also good, although it was slow late at night.   Onsite coordinator - I was assigned Leidi Laura and if you are lucky enough to get her just know you will be in GREAT hands! From the first meeting (we met the morning after we arrived, to fill out paperwork with our bridal party, then to go over everything we had booked) I knew everything would be okay. Following the advice of another bride who was married here, at the end of our meeting I gave her a gratuity card to show how appreciative we were of everything she had already done. I am sure that even if we had not done this should would have been great, but I really was so impressed by that first meeting that I was happy to give her a little something extra. She was at all of our events and on the day of the wedding she was working with her team to ensure everything ran smoothly. We gave her another gratuity card and one of our out of town bags at our last meeting because again, we were just so impressed with everything she had done. I never felt stressed at all!!   Decor - We used Grupo Gama, the approved vendor through the hotel and I couldn’t have been happier. Communication was great, and they were even at the hotel during my meeting with Laura to make a coupe of last minute changes. We actually ended up having a credit because our numbers had changed and we needed one less table, and they made this adjustment with a smile on their face, not trying to get me to buy more or anything! The decor at the wedding was all exactly as I had imagined as well! Their prices are a little high but since we weren’t spending much money on extras I was okay with giving them a little more. We used the complimentary package and then added in a couple things at the ceremony and I worked with them to create the look I wanted at the reception. Super easy!   Events - We had a little bachelorette cocktail hour at the Tucan Terrace that I invited all the ladies in our group to. It was a nice gathering to have just the women in one place and get to talk to those people I hadn’t really seen yet. The food was delicious and the bartenders made sure we didn't have an empty drink for a single second! We also had a welcome dinner the night before the wedding (we had several guests arrive the day before), which was at the Grand Terrace and was also a wonderful event. We did the international hors d’orves for the bachelorette and the BBQ for the welcome dinner. I recommend both locations for events as well! The grand terrace was pretty large but we were over in a corner and it felt more private and intimate than I was expecting. There was a nice big bar there too!   Photographer - We found a photographer from home who we brought with us. Such a good decision! She took pictures at all of the events and we had her for the full wedding day. She had an assistant as well, and the two of them became additional fun guests during the day as well! I can’t wait to see the pictures!    Wedding day - I went with my mother in law, sister in law and cousin to the Nizuc spa to get our hair done at 12 (wedding was at 5). They did a great job, I had a general idea of what I wanted but no specific picture. She took my descriptions and gave me exactly what I was thinking of! And very quickly too, we were all done in less than an hour (except for my cousin, who has very long hair and wanted a more complex style). The hair stayed the whole night, even though lots of wind and dancing! At 2 my bridesmaids came to my room to start getting ready, which is where the photographer started taking all of her getting ready pictures. My best friend is a makeup artist so she did my makeup, which was a lot of fun as well. We ordered champagne and snacks to the room and had a little party! My now-husband got ready in my sisters room with his groomsmen, and I think we both felt like we had plenty of space (I had considered doing the bridal room for the day but for the $500 or whatever they were asking for it decided against it, which I feel like was a good decision). Laura called up to the room around 4:30 saying to get ready, that they would be sending someone for me shortly. My sisters (who were walking me down the aisle) and I were picked up in a golf cart by another member of the wedding staff, who was also great. Once we got to the Caribbean Beach (in the Grand section, I highly recommend this location!!!) Laura met us and organized the bridal party for their walk. The walk down to the beach is a bit long but I liked this since it means it’s more private. The set up looked great and our judge was awesome! We wrote our own vows and then he added in some extra stuff - we signed our papers and then that was it! It lasted about 20 minutes which was just right. We took some pictures while everyone went up to the Tucan Garden for cocktail hour, then joined everyone in the Tucan terrace for the reception. We did Mexican hors d’orves and buffet, and it was delicious! Well, we didn’t get to the cocktail hour in time but everyone else said it was great. The location was so pretty, right on the water and the perfect size for our group of 47. It was a bit windy, so just keep that in mind in terms of decor (I had table numbers on rather flimsy holders that just blew over, would have gotten something else if I had realized how windy it was going to be!) The reception was so fun, we ate and then pretty much danced the rest of the time! We hired Disco Movil and I’m so glad we did. His communication was great and the night went off perfectly. So worth the outside vendor fee, especially since his prices are so low that he’s still cheaper than JSAV (who has quite a few negative reviews). We ended the night with sparklers, which was fun although it was so windy I was a little worried something was going to catch on fire! But I can’t wait to see those pictures :)     Well I think that’s all of the big stuff - if anyone has any questions please feel free to let me know!!! I know how helpful these reviews were for me when I was planning so I’m happy to help where I can! Our trip and wedding were absolutely perfect, we would not have changed a thing!!

By DorisEacott, · 2 Comments

We got married at Moon Palace on January 28,2015. We couldn't of asked for a better week.  Claudia from the wedding department was the best!!!! She was organized and was there every step of the way.  If you want to see pictures, please go to my profile on facebook under albums.

By ctlind7, · 2 Comments

Pros: Attention to detail, friendly staff, clean rooms and facility, great food
Booking/Reservations - 4 stars. I went through a travel agent for my groups booking (46 people, various traveling dates) We were able to secure my preferred date of 12/13/14 with the last ceremony time of 12pm (noon) about 11 months out.  Process was smooth and the contract was sent immediately.     Offsite Coordinator -5 stars. My offsite was Yazmin and she was phenomenal! She responded so quickly to all emails, and even called twice before the switch over to the onsite coordinator.  Any questions I had, she had answers to within 24 hours (even faster at times) Very nice and polite and gave her opinion when asked, which was helpful since I did not do a site visit.    Onsite Coordinator - 5 stars. My onsite was Joselin and she was fabulous as well! We met 2 days before the wedding to go over all the details of the big day since we didn't have a rehearsal/run-through.  We ended up added extra lighting and petals to through after the ceremony and she took care of that immediately.  I had forgotten vases for the sand ceremony, and she was quick to supply those. I had dropped off my frame we used for sand ceremony, iPod with ceremony music, and cake cutters/topper to her before the wedding and she had everything set up and looking great! She was there for the ceremony and directed the comings/goings and was there to even help me lace up my dress in my room! I couldn't believe that she was there til the very end of my reception too and made sure everything went perfectly (it did!)    Welcome BBQ - Tucan Gazebo (moved there from the terrace since it started to rain (sprinkle for an hour) Food was BBQ and the shrimp kabobs were amazing! They also left decor up from an Indian wedding before so we had some fun color in the gazebo   Ceremony - 5 stars. 12pm Tucan Gazebo. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! We did the comp package with the white chairs and I added 2 vases of calla lilies at the front of the altar (highly suggest that!) It gave it a little extra and looked great with the ocean background. The gazebo worked great to deter from people squinting due to sunlight and helped with the lighting on pics, too! The glass walls go halfway up so they did help deter a little bit of the wind (it was windy but not terrible)    Justice of the Peace - 4 stars. gave a great message and the entire ceremony took about 20 mins. Very nice and polite, my MIL thought he could have dressed a little better (white beach attire) but I thought it was fine esp being on the beach.    Floral - 5 stars. did the comp package so I chose white roses and upgraded to include pink lilies and greenery for only $35 (totally worth it) For the bridesmaids, we did single calla lilies ($10 each). For the Groomsman and parents we made those out of silks before we left from silks and ribbon from Hobby Lobby and they turned out great! Traveled with them in my carry on and they made it perfectly. Added the calla lilly vases (2) and loved them.    Cocktails - 5 stars. 5pm Venado Garden - did the worldwide menu and a lot of compliments on the food! They also had a signature drink for everyone ( it was red and contained the word Love in it's name, but it was potent, but GOOD!)    Reception - 5 stars. 6pm-9pm Venado Terrace - had extra lighting (4 strands) from Zuninga, DJ from JSAV, Italian buffet (YUM) and Strawberry Cake (I only ate the bite that my hubby fed me, but it was good) DJ had everyone dancing all night! I don't think I sat down once but our groups are HUGE dancers. They even let one of our guests sing Sweet Caroline so that was fun. We had a lot of bystanders dancing and watching so I bet we were quite the show! ha. Golf carts were there to take guests back to the main lobby to continue the party at the Pub!    Photographers - 5 Stars. We brought ours with us! They are fabulous, so can't wait to get them back to show everyone!    Awe-Spa - Bridal Makeup 5 stars! Went to Sunrise salon and Mayra did my make up. I brought some MAC products with me since that's what I use and knew they used that as well. She was very glad. Told her I wanted natural but emphasis on the eyes and it came out perfect. Went with more gold tones and the make up stayed put all day and night! I would highly suggest her for bridal make up (NOTE: it was not airbrush - I tend to get too oily when airbrushed)  Massage - 4 stars - I went to the Golf Course for my massage. It was a great massage, but it being my first time there, it was confusing on what to do first, where to go (hydrotherapy, sauna, steam, shower, etc) I kind of just followed another lady in there! But the massage portion was great! I was so relaxed after!    Room - Ocean Front King - 5 stars. Loved that it stayed cool and the A/C worked! Stayed places before were it didn't seem to cool. Housekeeping was always there to clean and stock up mini bar. Also utilized room service a lot for snacks and late night binges (ha)    Overall, I am so glad that I chose Moon Palace. We brought 46 people with us, so I was worried about pleasing everyone. Everyone was AMAZED. Many stayed by the pool/swim up bar and we had a blast. We did venture to Beach palace to see the clear blue water and it was worth it, just more crowded than Moon. We also parasailed and that was a blast too! I would highly suggest this resort again and I do plan on traveling back for future anniversaries! I have a few candid pics from guests, so if anyone would like photos of different areas of resorts or floral, let me know I would be happy to share! 

By jackielemman, · 2 Comments

If you are worried about the size, location, or communication issues of Moon Palace... let me assure you that it is all worth it!!!   Let me start with the cons since its short! Upon arrival to the resort I found about 15 of my guests in the Nizuc lobby relaxing and drinking. I found out that some had been waiting hours for a room assignment. I checked in at the VIP lounge upstairs and was able to talk with Carlos who was very helpful and even upgraded many of my guests to better rooms for the inconvenience. He gave all my guests options of upgraded King rooms or rollaway beds. (these are actually very comfortable). Solutions were found for every problem and they were very understanding of my frustrations. There was a convention leaving the day after we arrived and the hotel was unfortunately sold out of double bed rooms until they checked out. Everyone was happy in the end.   Second issue was with rooms. I had a couple guests not be given their concierge room upon arrival and didn't tell me until 1 day before we left. Moon refunded their concierge charge... wish I would have known earlier because I could have had that issue fixed.    Third annoyance-- Upon returning to the states many of my guests including myself had large holds on their credit cards from Moon Palace from room charges. We paid cash upon checking out but still had over $1000 worth of holds on our account. Called Moon and they were extremely helpful and removed the holds immediately with the credit card companies. Please let your guests know about this. It was a little surprising!   OKay done with the complaining because its really petty stuff compared to the fabulous week we had!   Resort Credits: The resort credits are great for spa and trips but I found that its cheaper and a lot more fun to hire a private taxi for 10 people to go to ruins, cenotes, and shopping areas-- you have to ask concierge about this. Plus its a whole lot more fun to be with your small group rather than spend 6 hours on a hot bus with 60 people. I highly recommend the Coba trip!!   Activities: It took us all a couple of days to figure out that you can get a daily schedule of activities from the Public Relations concierge in the main lobby! What a help that was! We missed a couple of shows and fun things because we found out afterwards. There are free paddle boards, snorkling, kayaks, and sailing on property! Had no idea until half way thru the trip and it was sooo much fun!! Ask lots of questions to other guests and keep your eyes open while you're walking around the resort for all of the wonderful free activities. There were a few large display boards around pools that had all of the pool activities with times and activities. Heard the romantic dinner was incredible from many of my guests. They had a wonderful 6 course meal and a saxophone player serenaded them all night. Every night while we were there they released baby sea turtles into the ocean. We went twice-- each time the sea turtles were less than a half hour old. Incredible experience!! So much to do for all guests!   Restaurants: Soo much incredible food!!! Best restaurants Gondola, Momo, Bungabilla buffet, and the Mexican restaurant in the Nizuc lobby-- cant remember the name. The Mayan Coffee experience is a must do! Ask for it at the Mexican, Brazilian steakhouse or mayan restaurants!!  Room service breakfast and late night service was incredible. Great menu selections! If you're staying on the concierge level you have a second room service menu that has options from all of the top restaurants-- use it!    Spa Services: My FI and I the day after we arrived had a body scrub and hot stone massage together at the Golf Resort Spa. What a way to start the vacation!! So relaxing and the service was very professional. Other services done by my guests include: reflexology massage, holistic massage, seaweed wrap, chocolate wrap, citrus massage, facials, aroma therapy massage, deep tissue massages... I think there were more services but every one of my guests from young to elderly said it was the best they've ever had! The complimentary pedicure, manicure and back massages for being members and on the concierge level were wonderful. I thought they would be quick and lame but they took their time and make you feel special the entire visit. Daniel my pedicurist/manicurist was precious and wonderful!! My bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law and myself all had their hair and makeup done at the salon at the golf club salon. Alfredo did a trial hair run a few days prior to my wedding. He looked at my picture ideas and then worked his magic! He was incredible at hair.. his makeup was not as good as some of the ladies but was definitely better than I could do myself! They all us MAC products and were willing to use my bridesmaids eye shadows that they had brought. Most of the ladies and Alfredo had been working at the salon for many many years! I highly recommend saving your money and just using their salon services on property!! Side note: They only offer airbrushing makeup and sunrise and the Nizuc salons... my makeup stayed on the entire night and I chose not to do the airbrushing! :)   OKAY lets jump into the Wedding greatness!!!   Wedding Date: Sunday, October 12th Ceremony Time: 4:00 pm Ceremony Location: Tucan Beach Package: Complimentary symbolic ceremony Coordinator: Abril- off site, Joseline-- onsite Reception and Cocktail Hour: Tucan Garden/terrace Cocktail Time: 5:00 pm Reception Time: 6-10 pm (paid extra for 2 more hours-- worth the money) Complimentary Packages: Unlimited events for booking over 75 nights and a free 1 week honeymoon stay    Decoration Rentals: Gama Grupo We rented the Disco design with the light up columns and strung lit lanterns for the reception. Stunning... More beautiful than I could imagine. We also rented their gold tiffany chairs, coral table cloths and napkins, gold chargers, gold napkin rings, white and coral fabric for huppa at ceremony. They were very patient during the 1000 times I had to change the number of guests and add/subtract items from my list. They set up early in the morning and were there to pickup right at 10 pm!    Music: We bought and brought with us the BOSE Sound dock 10. OMG ladies!! This was genius! We used it at every event and never had it at max volume. Saved us sooo much money and we get to keep it! :) My FI who is not very tech savy went to a guitar center store and purchased an inline amplifier and microphone. Mind you he wheeled the BOSE system in there with him and they were able to get him all hooked up to have a microphone! We made a Spotify playlist for each event ahead of time and had no problems using bluetooth to play the music!  Make sure if you are doing this that you have the playlists downloaded-- there is no wireless outside!    Officiant:  Dont judge a book by its cover!!He was awesome! First impression was not so good... his hair was all over the place and looked like a 70's hippie!! His ceremony was personalized and very special. We did traditional vows, exchanged short personal messages, and had a groomsman do a prayer. After the ceremony you sign a certificate. Funny story--- soooo embarrassing! I was signing the certificate and was clearly over joyed with happiness because I couldn't spell Twelfth or October, our best man signed where the officiant was supposed to sign and our officiant signed where our witness was supposed to sign! I slipped a curse word.. luckily only my bridal party heard me!! MEMORIES!!!! The officiant gave us another certificate at our final meeting with Joseline and we all died from laughter!!   Onsite Coordinator: Joseline was incredible. So wonderful to work with and really made us feel like we were her only couple during the week! She must have had 10 weddings the week we were there. Here is my recommendation... if you read anything please read this!!! Every email and conversation I had with her, I expressed my sincere gratitude and appreciation for what she does. They work really really hard... too hard and I can only image how much money they bring to the resort and see pennies of it. During our first meeting we gave her a very good gratuity card. This set the tone for the week with her. I am sure that she would have been lovely to work with but we wanted to make sure that she understood how much we appreciate her services. During our first meeting she went thru every private event we had scheduled and a backup plan for weather issues and how the ceremony will work. There was no actual rehearsal with the bridal party but theres no need to practice. Everything went very smoothly. She was at almost all of our private events! I swear she never sleeps.  On the wedding day I saw her with another wedding party. Once she was finished with them she came right over and found our groomsmen who were setting up small decorations that we had brought with us. She led the entire group to the beach and got people in their seats and the ceremony to start right on time. She was literally the director behind the scenes!! Amazing job. You should try organizing 40 crazy loud Italians from New York!!She stayed the entire reception and even helped us pack some of our decorations we had brought. we saw her throughout the week and had our final meeting the day before we left. There were no additional charges on our bill and we gave her the rest of her gratuity to thank her once more.    Horse and Carriage: Must do. Thats all I can say. It was the best 15 minutes that my mom and I had together. They take you around the resort and drop you off right at the beach. Its an incredible entrance and absolutely beautiful.   Flowers: Used Maya Floral and was in contact with Marvin the entire time. We ordered bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and center pieces. They ere beyond beautiful and arrived right on time. My FI and groomsmen picked them up in the lobby and tipped a bell hop to take them to the reception area. I highly recommend their services! I used the free bouquet from the resort for my bouquet toss!! It was beautiful but not even comparable to the product we got from Marvin at Maya Floral.   Photography-- Naiara Altuna from Naal Photography http://naalweddingphotography.com/   I considered her a guest at our wedding and purchased day passes for her and the assistant. Worked just find and no one but the front desk questioned it. Her prices are reasonable and her work is incredible! She was on property from 2:00 until 9 pm. I highly recommend her!! Go look her up!   Mariachi Band-- We purchased a 6 person mariachi band for our entrance and cocktail hour entertainment. WORTH THE MONEY!!!! 8 showed up and marched us into the cocktail hour. My guests were absolutely shocked and loved the entertainment. They played for 45 minutes and took pictures with us. I still get chills thinking about their voices!!   Banquet Catering/Cocktail Hours: The service was incredible-- many of the staff we saw at all of the events, it was nice to get to know them! we tried every banquet menu except the Japanese option. By far our favorite was the Mayan option that we had at our wedding. Everyone raved about it! The Italian was no so bad but no as good as the Italian restaurants on property. The International and Mexican cocktail hour menus were the BEST!!!!! Those are a must for your cocktail hours. We have some picky eaters and they were devouring the food. The bar setup for private events is awesome. If they don't have something they'll go hunt it down for you.   Locations of Private Events: Wednesday night Cocktail hour-- Caribbean terrace-- There was a set up fee per person but worth the money again!! What a way to welcome everyone to paradise! Its a beautiful terrace with sofas and a beautiful bar. Thursday Breakfast- Arrefices Terrace-- It was a bit warm at 9 am but stunningly beautiful.  Friday Cocktail hour: 5:00 pm on Tucan Terrace-- Beautiful view of the ocean Saturday Dinner-- Bungambillo terrace-- beautiful area with a large gazebo near by. Perfect location Sunday-- wedding event day all at Tucan Terrace and Garden-- Beautiful area! Between Nizuc Lobby but closer to Moon Grand Lobby. Monday Breakfast-- Aqua Ballroom (Across from Nizuc gift shop)-- Has one wall of windows but is pretty plain inside.  Tuesday Dinner- Aqua Ballroom due to weather-- It was nice to be inside for some of the events because of the humidity but the ballrooms just dont have much of an atmosphere.   It was really nice being able to have the whole group together for at least an hour everyday but by the end of the week I was really tired of wrangling everyone. if I could go back i would have not scheduled any events after the wedding. I love my family and friends but I always felt like I was planning something or had to be some where. It would have been nice to relax the last couple of days. Keep this in mind brides! :)   Private Tequila Tasting: We added a private tequila tasting to our rehearsal dinner evening and this was sooooo much fun! They had 22 different tequilas for people to try and the staff knew everything about each bottle. They suggested different kinds according to your preferences. I don't even drink tequila and I found at least 5 I enjoyed. Who knew there were dessert tequilas?! This was a little pricey but worth the money!!    As you can see we added a few extra things to our wedding week but we really tried hard to spend our money wisely. Forget about all the small details like gift bags, presents, decorations etc. People would much rather have entertainment and experiences during their vacation! OOT bags are a great idea but its a lot to carry down and they get expensive fast. I did purchase mosquito bands for everyone-- they were a savior! We are bit up like crazy!! Bring some after bite spray or ointment... multiple tubes!!!!!!!! We spent less than $10,000 on the wedding and have been told it was the best vacation that our guests have ever taken.   I hope this helps some of you! If I have forgotten anything please ask! I hope your wedding is as wonderful and memorable as mine!     
Pros: Beauty Salon Services, Cake
Cons: Everything else
Our experience with Moon Palace was a disaster from beginning to end. It would be easier for me to name what went right with our wedding than to list all the disasters. If you want a smooth and pleasing experience i suggest you stay away from this resort.   From the beginning the communication was sub par. I really wish i would have followed my instincts and cancelled our wedding here while i had the chance but since i was constantly being reassured that once we got to the resort that everything would be perfect and taken care of i gave them the benefit of the doubt.   The planning process was very stressful for me and I am typically an extremely laid back person who is not picky or fussy. There was never a straight answer for ANYTHING. It was like pulling teeth just to get information on the vendors and their pricing. They changed some of their approved vendors after they sent us the vendor brochures and never informed us. We had been in talks with a photographer who was on their approved vendors list and when i informed my offsite coordinator that we would be using him she responded that this was not an approved vendor and that we would have to pay the vendor fee for using him. As you can imagine i was totally confused. The planning process went on with many headaches like this one. We weren't not sent our final PO and onsite coordinator until about a week before we left for Mexico.   By the way the final PO is no guarantee that you will get anything that is listed on there. At our onsite meeting we were told that a different location was reserved for our cocktail hour and reception and that the location we had reserved was taken by another event. We then had to fight to get the location that was listed on our final purchase order.     No one spoke to us before the wedding to let us know there was a possibility for rain and ask if we wanted to move our party inside. They asked us the day before for our welcome party but not on the most important day which i found was totally ridiculous. It started raining as we walked out of the chapel after the ceremony (which started late because according to all of our guests the chapel was being set up and the air conditioning was off while everyone had already arrived at the time the coordinator asked). After the ceremony when it had already started raining was when we were asked if things should be moved inside and we said yes after talking it out with my mother and maid of honor. All the while the person who asked us if we should move was saying it would not continue raining, that we should stay outside, and that our guests were already arriving at the cocktail hour.    They started saying a lot of ifs and buts after this. Like, "if you move inside you will lose two hours of your party but we will not refund you the money you paid for these two extra hours". At that point we felt totally ripped off. They were not coordinating anything and were not accommodating at all. You would think for a resort that does so many weddings they would have their rain contingency plans down to a T but they seemed like amateurs who were doing this for the first time. It is a total shock to me that someone like Miriam (on site coordinator) is a wedding coordinator at all. She was no where to be found for most of our wedding day. She did no coordinating what so ever! The only person that attended to us on our wedding day was Isis (she seemed to be an assistant) and it seemed that her capabilities and knowledge on what could and could not be done were limited.   We did not receive the majority of the items we had rented and paid for in advance from Gamma. They actually wanted to charge us more money and we refused to pay it.  The staff was totally unprofessional, the few guests that walked over to the outdoor cocktail hour location mentioned to us how they were wiping off the plates with the same rags that they were wiping off the chairs with.   As far as the $800 vendor fee i mentioned it to the offsite coordinator before our final PO and the onsite coordinator before the wedding that we would have our flowers come in from an outside vendor and no one mentioned charging us the vendor fee for this until 15 minutes before our ceremony when i was waiting to be taken to the chapel which was the first i had heard of Miriam all day the day of the wedding! Great timing to come talk to the bride about billing.    There were so many other issues but at this point i feel like a broken record. It is a shame that instead of trying to make up for all the issues that we had and do right by their customer, they continue to refuse to take any responsibility for ruining this very special day for not just us but for all 70 something of our guests as well.   When looking for a location for your destination wedding i suggest you skip Palace Resorts and go with a resort who actually cares about their customers.   By the way if you were wondering what went right, it was the cake. Vanilla flavor. Highly recommend it. As well as the bridal services at the Salon in Nizuc.   If you have any specific questions feel free to send me a message.

By Kaylen, · 1 Comment

Pros: Wedding Coordinator, Food, Decor, Location, Service, Photography, Hair, Make Up
After doing extensive research I picked Moon Palace because not only did it have something for everyone, but the luxury that came with it. My wedding coordinator (Brenda and Joseline) made the whole experience a breeze by helping me plan every detail. After only seeing pictures of all the details, I was a bit nervous how it would all come together. The nerves were not needed as everything EXCEEDED my expectations. It was perfect. My guests, who came in from around the world all said it was the best wedding they have been to (destination or not). Every detail was amazing. Hair and make up were done on site and were perfect. Photos turned out absolutely lovely. Our judge was just wonderful. Flowers were stunning!!! Thank you for making this the wedding of our dreams.

By AMQuinn, · 1 Comment

Pros: The entire resort was Amazing
Cons: None
My husband an I had an amazing experience at our wedding.the entire staff made us as well as our daughter and many guests feel very comfortable. The entire resort is full of amazing employees who went way beyond ourexpectations. Our wedding planning and our entire wedding day was made amazing by everyone t the resort.we plan on going back next year and we would recommend this resort to everyone!

By davidscott91225, · 1 Comment

Well....how can we describe our wedding day? From the minute we contacted Palace resorts to have it at Moon Palace, the wedding staff were on top of every detail. Moon Palace is a great place for a destination wedding, whether its a large wedding party or just the two of you, which is what we did. It was a very romantic, intimate setting and what better way to say your vows then your toes in the sand and the ocean as the back drop! The wedding planner made it a point to make sure all of what we wanted was fulfilled, from flowers to music. Highlight of the day(other than the obvious) was the long horse driven carriage ride throughout the resort, with other resort guests clapping and wishing us well. Very nice touch. End of the ceremony we were greeted with rose petal thrown into the air as we sipped champagne. We wont ever forget it and highly recommend any of the Palace resorts for your destination wedding...or just a vacation, as all the Palace resorts are run first class, from the dining, to your room, entertainment, great staff and all the other amenities included. They are second to none!! #destinationwedding #palaceresorts

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I’m going to focus on the wedding portion of our stay because all of the lovely reviews that you’ve read on TripAdvisor about the resort are all true. It’s truly beautiful, the food is delicious, and the staff are wonderful. This review will be split into three: the good, the bad, and Emy (the terrible). I’m going to start with the worst and go to the best, so please read it all if you do. I write this 6 months after so any animosity and frustration that we once had are gone, but I would hate other brides to go through any of the same things because I didn’t write a review.   LOCATIONS: Rehearsal Dinner: Originally Tucan area outside, COMPLETELY CANCELED BY STAFF (read in section about Emy) Ceremony: Originally Tucan Gazebo, moved to Chapel due to rain. Reception: Nizuc Ballroom   TIPS THAT WE WERE NOT TOLD UPON BOOKING: -Know that your transfer (cab) from/to the airport is not included in the price for you or your guests. Our planner gave us information for Trafictours (www.trafictours.com) and they were fantastic. -If you are planning to upgrade your room with the group package so that you end up with the Conceirge room, know that it does not include the couple’s massage that the Concierge room comes with. No one ever expressed that to us even though that was the only difference in rooms.   THE TERRIBLE: Emy (our Wedding Coordinator at the resort): AWFUL. If they assign you her, PLEASE request someone else. Before even arriving at the resort, I had to BEG her for an appointment to meet and give her decorations/ etc. Here is what happened with our rehearsal dinner and wedding day due to her: The morning of the rehearsal dinner, I got a call from Emy telling me that she wanted to move the event inside because of the possibility of rain that night. My husband and I decided that we still wanted to give it a shot outside, and she told us that in making that decision the private event would be cancelled if it did rain (which we completely understood). Thirty minutes before the rehearsal was supposed to start, I received a call from Emy's assistant saying that they were canceling the event because it “looked like it was going to rain.” I understood and asked her to please make a reservation at any restaurant in the Nizuc section as a substitute, something I know has been done for other weddings. She refused, because "they can only make reservations for up to 30 people." We had 36 people. She said that there was nothing that she could do and that we were on our own. No one in the entire wedding department made ANY effort to help us in any way and my husband and I were left scrambling the night before our wedding. It was also strange that Emy had assured us that she would attend our rehearsal, yet she was nowhere to be found (and hadn’t even bothered to call us herself to let us know the rehearsal had been canceled). The ONLY reason she ended up stopping by was because our officiant, who is the head of security with The Four Seasons resorts, got on the phone with her and told her that it was absolutely unacceptable that she was leaving a bride and groom without any help the day before their wedding. For the record, it never rained that night.   The day of the wedding, I never heard anything from Emy or from her assistant leading up to our ceremony. I am still baffled by this. Due to the weather conditions, our ceremony was switched from the Tucan Gazebo to the Catholic chapel. Emy never bothered to tell me. The only reason I found out is that our photographers (one was with the guests/groom and one with me) had walkie-talkies and communicated the change of location to me. Emy never reached out to me about it. I didn’t even see her assistant until literally MINUTES before walking down the aisle. I didn't see Emy until after the ceremony. (Our room by the way was about 50 yards from the chapel. It would have taken the most MINIMAL amount of effort to communicate these things to me in any way).   At the reception, Emy left within minutes of us arriving. Then, we were told they ran out of food- surprising since they knew exactly how many people you were providing food for. My mother had to beg them to bring more. Somehow between the time we had given Emy our cake toppers and our reception, they were destroyed. They looked fine shoved all the way into the cake and then the staff tried to throw them away afterward, as well as my bouquet, both of which I told Emy I wanted returned to me the following day. I still can’t figure out why she wasn’t there to take care of any problems that arose, isn’t that the entire point of a coordinator?   The day after the wedding, the things that Emy said she would bring to us (our suitcase, my bouquet, our iPods, our cake toppers, and a cork from the champagne) were nowhere to be seen and we could not reach her. The day after that, we called a few times and finally in the late afternoon were able to get in touch with her. When I asked when our belongings would be brought back to our room,  she told me that she had more important weddings going on (literally) and that she wouldn't bring them. I reminded her that she was already a day late on returning everything and was ultimately able to convince her to have her assistant leave our belongings at the front desk in Nizuc where we were staying. We received a plastic bag containing a soaking wet bouquet, “a” champagne cork and our ipods with chargers. The bouquet was smashed and brown and our iPods were destroyed from all the water they were left soaking in.   Needless to say, our experience with the weddings department from the moment we arrived was absolutely horrible. I couldn't have been more disappointed. We could not believe the lack of professionalism and the lack of interest/ care about our wedding day from Emy. So, again, if you get her, please request someone else. I had read so many great reviews about how the coordinators go above and beyond that I was absolutely shocked with her.   THE BAD: 1) The DJ service provided by JSAV. We paid for a “DJ”, a dance floor, uplighting around the room, music setup for our ipod, a microphone, and two light trees. The light trees were never present. We were told that we should hire the DJ as someone to make introductions and keep everything running smoothly so we paid extra for him. Veronica from JSAV was not at our appointment with our Coordinator on site so we had to set up a separate appointment. We assumed that our DJ would be in attendance but he was not. She assured us that the form that we filled out would be followed exactly by him. We brought an ipod and the form said the names of each person for entrances and what song should be played. Everything was listed VERY clearly both on the form (which we typed just for clarity) as well listed exactly the same as on the ipod. We also brought a backup ipod and CD with all of the music just in case he had any issues. Right from the beginning, he got the songs wrong for the entrances and my maid of honor had to run up and fix it (thus entering twice) so that my husband and I would at least enter to the correct song. He introduced us not as “Mr & Mrs. Collins” but simply said “Now, Collins” with literally the least amount of enthusiam one could muster. All of our music was then listed on the ipod for Cocktail hour/ Dinner/ Father Daughter Dance/ Dancing and somehow he managed to not get any of it right or in the correct order that we had so carefully planned and listed for him. He ended up playing three songs multiple times and you could hear the ipod ‘clicking’ through the songs. My husband spent almost the entire night up there telling him what to do. The worst part of all of this, though, was that we had paid for the service of having him there and the entire time he was leaning back in his chair with his feet up ON THE TABLE. We contacted JSAV about the issue and didn’t hear back until we also contacted Moon Palace. JSAV never gave us a solution, but Moon Palace graciously took care of it for us. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. 2) My hair and makeup. First, know that if you’re not staying at Sunrise, I was told that they only have hair and makeup people there. It was a bit frustrating to have to travel back and forth and make appointments so early just to make sure we had enough time. She did my hair first and while it didn’t turn out anything like the photo, it was very pretty. My makeup, however, was disastrous. She did it turned away from the mirror and said at one point, “your eyes are red” and I thought ‘how strange’ until she turned me around and I saw that she had done the base of my eyeshadow in red and the top in yellow. I’m extremely fair skinned with blonde hair so those colors could not have looked any worse on a person, and I had brought several example photos to show her. I had also brought fake eyelashes with me and she literally glued my real top lashes to my bottom ones. She had to pick them apart with a tiny wooden stick. Watching my bridesmaids go through the same thing, I said it was time to go so that we could at least get back to the room and salvage what we could. So, we all ended up doing our own hair/ makeup the day of.   THE GOOD (FINALLY!): 1) Abril (booking coordinator with Moon Palace): She was responsive, sweet, and great to work with.  & Brenda (before the resort coordinator): Absolutely fantastic. I wish she had been on site because she was the best person that we worked with at the resort. 2) USE CARLOS GALLARDO FOR YOUR VIDEOGRAPHY! He is not only one of the best wedding videographers that I’ve seen (and I’m in the business), he is also a wonderful human being and his pricing is fantastic. http://gallardofilms.com/blog/. We paid the day guest fee to get him and his second videographer  into the resort. 3) Our photographer, Natalie from Reminisce Photography. She’s a destination wedding photographer based out of NYC and her work is absolutely STUNNING. Even though our day poured rain, all of our photos truly capture our relationship and how much fun everyone had. http://reminisce-photos.com/. We got her a room so we did not have to pay the day fee. 4) Marvin with Maya Floral. He was very quick to respond and was right on time to deliver our flowers. He even helped me when we switched our entire color scheme to choose new flowers and combined two of his examples into one for our bridesmaid’s bouquets. They were absolutely beautiful. http://www.mayafloral.com/ 5) The confetti canon. We didn’t tell any of our guests about it and it was an amazing entrance! We only needed one and one shot to get the effect and great pictures!   A WRAP UP: Moon Palace is a beautiful resort, and all of our guests had a wonderful time. Though we had to fight for several months for it, Moon Palace did in the end come back and help to compensate us for all of our frustrations. That won’t ever fix the fact that our wedding day was pretty disastrous, but there is nothing that we can do to change that. I would highly recommend using Moon Palace as your venue for a destination wedding, but hiring outside vendors for everything else that you need. I am so glad that we spent the extra money on photos and video so that I have something to cherish and can remember the good moments from the day instead of the bad that stick in your brain when you’ve gone through what we went through. And, if you’ve already booked vendors inside of Moon Palace, my best advice is to take a deep breath and let everything go. Even with the pouring rain and all of the disasters, we got an entire week with our families to adventure with, reminisce, and celebrate our union as man and wife. I hope that this helps just one of you out there and I wish you all beautiful and wonderful wedding days of your own!  

By laurapellicano, · 4 Comments

Its a shame, I had a great time celebrating at the Moon Palace, however one of thier vendors Zuniga ruined my wedding dress and now -  NO ONE from the Moon Palace will respond. I have made multiple attempts to reach anyone. After you spend thousands of dollars on your gown and on the resort, you would hope they would have som decency to respond with compensation, or condolences.
Pros: Great for all ages!
Cons: N/A
We spent 5 awesome days at Moon Palace Resort & Spa in November 2013. It is a beautiful resort located just south of the Cancun Hotel zone. Close enough to take advantage of Cancun’s shopping and night life yet far enough away to offer a true resort style vacation. Moon Palace Resort and Spa offers something for everyone, 27-hole Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, a state of the art full service spa, 7 swimming pools, 6 swim up bars, 6 Jacuzzis and 2 great kids pools including a kids splash zone water park and the Flowrider offers fun for all ages. There were so many restaurant choices we didn’t have time to visit them all. A few of my favorites were Los Caporales located in the Nizuc section and La Gondola located in the Sunrise section. You can try something different every night and choose from Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Seafood specialties, the awesome Brazilian Steakhouse and more. During our stay we had an awesome suite complete with double Jacuzzi, 24 hour room service, turn down service, large bathroom complete with double shower, Chi® hair products, blow dryer and flat iron. Depending on the length of stay guests receive a $500 - $2500 resort credit which can be used for golf, spa services, excursions and more. One of the highlights of our trip was swimming with the Dolphins and I highly recommend this excursion for everyone in the family. Best of all this excursion is one of several that can be purchased using your resort credit. You can also enjoy exchange privileges with other Palace properties in Cancun, Cozumel and Riviera Maya.
TA Wendy

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Pros: Easy in / out from the airport, big enough that there is something for everyone
Cons: The size at first can be intimidating..
Moon Palace really does have something for every member of the family and every interest! If you have golfers in the group, Moon Palace has a most wonderful golf course, club with spa and pool and even golf villas. The resort has many wonderful wedding venues including a beautiful chapel. Sites for possible reception/ or cocktail party are numerous and beautiful. They can do everything from a small and intimate wedding to a full arrival by horse and carriage with fire dancers entertaining at the reception... So much to choose from! Although at first look the resort is huge, even when full, you do not wait for seating in the restaurants, there is always plenty to choose from in food options, and the service is quick and friendly. There is always a jitney available to take you from one part of the resort to another quickly, and the resort never feels over crowded. The rooms are generous in size, and well appointed, with nice amenities. Because of the size of the property, the entertainment is wonderful here, with acts such as Shakira, Usher, and Enrique Eglasius in concert, and at various times of the year Cirque Dreams performs in the summer and at holiday season. This could be the perfect place for your destination wedding!
TA Babs

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Pros: Lots of activities, restaurant varieties, nightlife
Cons: Really huge, can be overwhelming
Moon Palace is more like a small town than a resort. It is really 3 resorts in one: Grand, Nizuc and Sunrise. Guests can use the facilities at all 3 buildings which is awesome because they are all so different (there is a shuttle that runs between buildings all day). Grand is the most luxurious of the 3 buildings. It is much more quiet and seems targeted for adults. Nizuc has a modern feel and is great for both adults and families. Sunrise is the main hub of the resort. All of the ballrooms are here as well as the adults only Sky Bar and the night club, Noir. This is also the building that is the most family friendly. This area has a huge water playground, a huge kids club and lots of kid activites.

The resort has tons of activies like the Flow Rider (super fun but you will be sore!), swimming with the dolphins (extra fee and totally worth it), waterslide, tennis, basketball, golf, miniature golf, a video arcade and much more! And when you need to relax, there are plenty of pools and a very long strip of beach to do that. My favorite was the pool at the Grand as it was very calm and had great poolside food.

The rooms are spacious and have a jacuzzi tub and balcony or patio. Most rooms also come with a hammock. Toiletries are CHI, wi-fi is good, beds are comfy and TV has lots of stations. If you are in a busy hallway, you will hear a lot of the hallway noise.

Overall, food is good and there are so many options! Each building has tons of options so make sure to check out what each offers. Los Caporales has excellent Mexican food. There is also an Argentinean steakhouse that is not to be missed. The buffets are great for a quick and easy meal and I loved the cafe which served sandwiches, pastries, ice cream and coffee. With so many options, it is almost impossible to not find something to everyone's liking.

Spa is very nice and relaxing despite being so huge. The ride to the spa is a treat in itself! Definitely recommend using some credits to book a massage (or 2).

Nightlife here is excellent. The lobby bars always have a lot of people hanging out. Sky Bar was my favorite. Comfy couches, TVs to watch football, and great martinis. Noir is fun for a late night of dancing (and people watching!).

Another bonus to staying here is you have exchange privileges at any of the other Palace resorts. You can do a day trip to Playa del Carmen and check out Playacar Palace or take the ferry to Cozumel and hang out at Cozumel Palace. All are so different and unique and included in your stay! Moon Palace caters to all types and is unlike any other resort!

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Pros: Beautiful Property, Several wedding locations, Spacious rooms
Cons: None!
Moon Palace Resort is a very large beautiful resort that is located in south Cancun. The resort is only 10 miles from the exciting downtown Cancun area where you can shop or hit the night clubs. There is never a dull moment at Moon Palace and there is something for everyone. You can take a dip in one of the many lavish pools on the property. Swim up to the bar to enjoy your favorite cocktail. Try your hand at surfing on the exciting flow rider or check out many of the other non-motorized water sports. Relax and refresh your body in the spa and treat yourself to being pampered by one of their amazing massage therapists. Or have a round of golf on the Jack Nicklaus Signature course. There is a different show happening each night and of course Noir night club is a must. And for the little ones the splash zone waterpark and kids club. The food was amazing and there are 15 different restaurants for you to choose from so there is something available for every palate as well as 24 hour room service is available for the late night munchies or breakfast in bed. The room accommodations are just as fabulous as the rest of the resort, you can leave your clunky straightener and hair dryer at home since Chi hair products and tools come standard in every room. Each room offers a 2 person Jacuzzi tub so you can have that romantic bubble bath with your special someone. This resort is fabulous from start to finish and I very much enjoyed my stay here and definitely plan to return.
Julie Mara

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Pros: Beautiful weather, amazing service, incredible amenities
Cons: ... lack of control, if there is a con at all
INTRO:   Our wedding was absolutely beautiful.  We were married April 20, 2013 at Moon Palace on the Tucan Terrace at 5pm.  We had 80 guests who ALL had an absolute blast. Our coordinator, Joseline, spoke perfect English and was very helpful.  Our meeting upon arrival allowed us to go over details and get on the same page for the events we had.   Since we had so many guests, we were able to have unlimited private functions.  If you have these available, by ALL MEANS do it! Our events were absolutely beautiful and honestly, the setup without any extras was so beautiful it would have been satisfactory for a simple wedding.   PRIVATE FUNCTIONS:   The events we threw were a welcome party(Venado Terrace) a rehearsal dinner and a brunch, all outside on various terraces.  Every location was gorgeous and scenic.  We were lucky and had no rain at all.  The buffets were pretty good and definitely didn't disappoint.  I think we chose the International and Caribbean options, and we were never anything but happy with our choices.  They also set you up a full-blown, anything you want bar for these events.  We had 3-5 people tending to each party and our wedding coordinator made an appearance at each.  I was impressed with the service from the minute we got to the resort (and we and all of our friends are from a food service background).  We fell in love with one of the lobby bartenders, Guadalupe, and were able to request him for all of our events which gave it a more personal feel.  He felt like family by the end!   Once concern I'd had was music at these events.  I took music from my iphone and bought a Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $300 and played our own music at all private events.  The speaker's an awesome investment, is loud and has great clarity, and the resort was going to charge $300/event just for speakers and an ipod setup.  Definitely not necessary, our music was loud enough for 60-80 people.   Also, decor for these events was white or brown linen cloths and shell/sand centerpieces.  PERFECT.  Didn't need another thing (see pics).   WEDDING CEREMONY:   We opted to be legally married in Mexico, mainly because I didn't want to feel like it wasn't "real", that being said I think a symbolic ceremony would've been easy and just legally getting married in the states would've avoided some headaches.  My husband FREAKED that he had to get blood taken, though that process was one of those funny experiences you never forget.  Our appt was the same time as about 5 other couples getting married, and all were freaking about the blood sample.  It was painless and only a legal formality!    I opted to pay the $175 for the horse and carriage and I SWEAR if you do nothing else, do this!! IT was beautiful, allowed me to spend time with my Dad and ride around the resort a bit, and surprised all our guests, definitely a tear jerker.  I was impressed, too, it was a beautiful white horse and carriage!   The actual ceremony was very beautiful -- the man who wed us was a hippie looking guy, much to our excitement!, and was so well-spoken and soothing.  We really made it feel about us, and writing our own vows made everyone break down.  We also opted to "tie a knot" instead of a sand ceremony and he seamlessly worked the knot ceremony and a reading into his own standard vows.   For the wedding specifically, we were married at 5pm on the "tucan" beach.  I brought some simple decor-- fans for programs, some sashes for the chairs (which were dirt cheap on weddinglinensdirect.com and well worth their effect) and we chose the free package.  We did get stuck paying $8 / extra chair above and beyond the 35 that were included (which irked me a little) but the place was set up beautifully.   Cocktail hour was Tucan Garden (all were a quick walk apart, which was great).  We took pics most of the time, but the decor was beautiful and our DJ package covered the music for this portion so I didn't have to stress the speaker.   Our reception was located on the Tucan Terrace.  We sprung for the in-house DJ and some Zuniga decor, and our photographer was also the on-site Ocean Photography.  I did not regret going through the resort IN THE LEAST.  We added minimal touches (details in the vendor breakdown that follows) that made a HUGE difference and made our wedding feel like a wedding.  It sincerely couldn't have made me happier than it did.   DJ SERVICES: We purchased the deluxe DJ pro package that included lighting.  At our initial meeting, they asked if we wanted the lighting on the palms that outlined the terrace, and whether we wanted colored or white lights.  Typically I go simpe and go for white, but we opted for COLOR ON THE PALMS and I'm so glad! It gave such a cool ambiance.  I absolutely loved the lighting.  The DJ nailed our entrace songs (do yourselves a favor and make a CD ahead of time, I was scrambling to get it together.)  The wifi on site is really good so if you need a song last minute (as we did) they downloaded it for us no problem.  The DJ also nailed our first dance songs and father/daughter, mother/son dance.  I was relieved!    During dinner, they played a really nice mix of jazzy, classic rock instrumental versions.  Everyone complimented me on the dinner music and I didn't even pick it!   As soon as time came to dance, they played a bunch of music, all recent and classic dance songs from rap to hiphop to soul that we requested as we went.  There were no songs we requested they didn't have or couldn't get, which was again a relief!   DECOR:  We opted for the overhead paper lantern structure ($750, not cheap but well worth the added lighting), the lighted spheres (2 sets at $60/3 spheres lining the entrance to reception), the large white dance floor, and small bowls of shells and 3 candles/table, $35/table.  So worth not having to lug centerpieces from home.  I thought the lighting made the biggest difference.   PHOTOGRAPHY: I have to admit, with a bridal party of over 20 people, I was shocked they only sent 1 photographer.  We got one of the deluxe packages that included live streaming of the ceremony for grandparents at home (which was AWESOME, they loved tuning in live, could watch it for 30 days, and we were able to say hello after the ceremony).  Choosing a larger, 3 hr package, I thought they'd give the poor guy some help! This was the only time the language barrier was frustrating, and let's face it pictures are annoying anyway.  I felt irritated and unsure of our photographer's direction.  THAT BEING SAID, the pics came out absolutely gorgeous!!!! We had them w/in a month, they made us 2 beautiful high quality photobooks, printed us 5 8x10 shots, and sent the disc with every single pic.  I was impressed and very happy with the pictures.  I think the cost was 1800 and included all of the above (which really is comparable to any wedding photography and never includes access to all images.  Figure too that we paid extra for the live stream, there was a $1400 package that didn't include the livestream.)   POST-WEDDING:  The best part of throwing a party is... keeping the party going, right? We were so psyched that there is a club on-site and we are more the bar type of crowd.  However the full blown on-site nightclub is amazing... no cost, still all inclusive, buses from every lobby every 15 minutes and an absolute dance party blast.  We went when our reception ended, filled a bus to the club (which is 2 minutes from Nizuc lobby in Sunrise) and we danced even longer.  Was such a good time!!     SUMMARY: You can't plan for all the variables that travel, especially international travel can provide, but you can't plan for anything in life, right?!  I wouldn't do my wedding any other way.  My husband is more of a planner than I am and he was blown away by the service, amenities, vendors and coordination that was provided us through this process. TRUST THE PROCESS! It is so worth it.  I still had a few stressful moments, and looking back even those were foolish (just feeling pressure to provide guests a detailed gameplan, which you CAN'T do because you only confirm your events at your meeting) -- everyone was fine and so impressed.  This experience was amazing, and our whole group wants to plan a reunion trip ... I haven't heard a bit of negative feedback from any of our guests.  ABSOLUTE ABOVE AND BEYOND THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE SO FAR.  Enjoy the ride and do yourself a favor... get married at Moon Palace!

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Pros: Beautiful & big resort, delicious food, friendly and accomodating staff, gorgeous pools, and wonderful wedding!
Cons: I have no complaints!
Wedding Date: May 31st, 2013 Travel Dates: May 28th through June 5th (switched resorts on June 2nd and went to Sun Palace for a few nights as a “mini-moon”!) Number of guests: 44 (36 stayed at Moon and 8 stayed at another resort in Riviera Maya and bought day passes for the wedding) Offsite Coordinator: Renee Garcia Onsite Coordinator: Zaray Casillas Room Block: Sunrise- Piñata building Wedding Package: Complimentary   I honestly have nothing bad to say about anything!! We had one minor hiccup at our wedding (I will post below) and besides that we had an amazing vacation and a gorgeous wedding!! We couldn’t be happier with our decision of picking Moon Palace!!       I will start from the beginning…   TRAVEL AGENT My hubby and I knew before we were even engaged that we wanted a destination wedding. So once he popped the question I immediately started my research for which resort to pick! I found BDW immediately and spent days reading reviews of all different places! Moon Palace seemed like it had a great wedding package and I liked the fact that it was big and had plenty of things for everyone to do! Once we made our decision we then contacted a family friend of ours who is a travel agent to see if she wanted to work with us and our group. I truly believe that this whole experience would NOT have gone so smoothly if I hadn’t worked with a travel agent!! She actually booked my wedding for me and she was the one who dealt with the resort directly for a while before I started talking with my coordinators. I sent out her information on our Save the Dates a year before our wedding and she answered any and all questions that guests had so that I wouldn’t have to deal with anything! Such a relief!   OFFSITE COORDINATOR: Renee Garcia I had heard so many mixed reviews about the contact with Renee but I did not have ANY bad experiences with her! She replied back to all of my emails with 24-48 hours MAX (which I think is pretty good considering all the other brides she has to work with!) She was able to answer all of my questions and she took my entire payment for the wedding (including my vendors- DJ, Photo/Video, Décor) a month BEFORE we arrived at the resort. I liked this best so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it when we got there! We ended up with about 70 room nights so we received 4 complimentary nights which she was able to just take off the bill. (Unlike other brides who had to wait until months after their wedding to receive a refund!) So know that this IS an option and don’t let them tell you it isn’t!! Once we paid, Renee then sent me over to my onsite coordinator J   ONSITE COORDINATOR: Zaray Casillas Zaray was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! If anyone receives her as a coordinator please do not worry about a THING because she will handle it all!!! I started talking to Zaray about a month before the wedding and she was able to handle all of my last minute requests and answered all my questions. I was actually surprised at how quickly she responded to emails as I know she is crazy with weddings every day!!   FLIGHT Let me just say that traveling with a wedding dress is NOT easy or fun!! My poor hubby had to carry it through the airport since I am too short to hold it up the whole time! Also, please take note that JetBlue does NOT have closets on their planes so you will need to store your dress in an overhead compartment. I recommend trying to be one of the first ones on the plane to snag a good spot for it!!   Waiting to board the plane with my dress!   RESORT As everyone has said, the resort is HUGE! Most of my guests and I stayed in the Sunrise section (Piñata building) and we LOVED it. The pools are absolutely beautiful!! The resort was only at about 30% occupancy so we had no issue finding a section for all of us to lay out and drink at all day every day!   Piñata Building   Laying out in the water!   Pool areas are huge!   Our hang out every day   Another picture of our "hang out"   SIDE NOTE: to anyone who has handicap family/friends: My dad is handicap so my parents stayed in the Nizuc section as it’s a little more handicap accessible. It’s MUCH easier to get to the lobby from your room. My parents would just take the shuttle bus over to our Sunrise lobby if they needed to and then an employee with a golf cart would take my dad wherever he needed to go! I couldn’t thank the resort enough for taking such good care of my dad the whole time!!   ROOMS We ended up just getting the deluxe basic room and we were completely happy with it! We planned on using our resort credits for an upgrade but completely forgot to ask when we checked in! I think we were just SO excited to get to our room and see the resort!! I must admit, the hammock on each balcony was what made us stay in the Sunrise section and it was well worth it! It was so nice to lay on each morning and just relax! Also, the hot tubs in the rooms are awesome and they provide bubbles for you! They also have CHI hair straighteners and blow dryers in each room (which I didn’t use but heard from other guests that they work great!) However, I did use the CHI shampoo that they provide and fell in love! I will definitely be heading to the beauty supply store to buy my own bottle!!   Our room!     Hammocks!   View of the ocean from our rooms   RESTAURANTS Momonohana – Asian Cuisine located right off the Sunrise lobby. This was by far my favorite restaurant!! They bring over a bunch of appetizers as soon as you sit down and they have something for everyone! I do NOT like fish so I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken fingers and beef skewers for apps along with the veggie sushi and noodles for my meal!! Palapa Barracuda- Steakhouse located out by the Sunrise pool. They have great steak and wonderful service! Arrecifes- Brazilian Steakhouse located in the Nizuc lobby. This is where we had our welcome dinner! My parents actually tested it out for us before the night of the welcome dinner and they loved it so I couldn’t wait to eat here! They have a huge salad bar that has all sorts of things OTHER than salad so you fill up quickly before they even bring the meat around! I am not the biggest fan of having someone come around with meat on a stick, however this was REALLY good. We all enjoyed every meat selection they brought us!! Desserts were great too- especially the cheesecake J   Buffet- We ate at both of the Nizuc and Sunrise lobby buffets for BREAKFAST each day and they pretty much have the same foods at each buffet! The omelets are DELICIOUS! I’m not sure what cheese they use for them but it was addicting!! Haha   For LUNCH each day we ate by the pool area at Sunrise! They have a bunch of different options to choose from! They have brick oven pizza which was amazing and then they have another area where they make burgers and chicken. Burger was VERY good!   Disco- THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I cannot say it enough, how much fun my guests and I had at the disco!! We all went after the wedding to continue the party and it was a blast! They play a lot of good music that everyone knows (old & new!) so it kept us all dancing ALL night!   Some of the girls at the Disco (The sunglasses were in the welcome bags! HUGE hit!)   Hubby and I at the disco after the wedding   Swing Bar- We went to the swing bar almost every day! This was a great place to hang out day & night!           Sky Bar- We are from Boston so we are clearly HUGE sports fans!!! The Sky Bar was a great place to go and watch the Bruins game!! Loved the atmosphere and the drinks!   A couple of us girls at the Skybar before the game!   MEETING WITH COORDINATOR This went smoothly! I met with Zaray the morning after we arrived (two days before our wedding) When I showed up she had all of my wedding information all ready to go. She went over our wedding from beginning to end and asked a lot of questions along the way! She took note of EVERYTHING. This is also when she took our card box, favors, sea shells, maracas, table numbers, and seating chart to be set up at the reception. I felt so comfortable after our meeting and knew that she had everything under control! (NOTE: They did not charge us to set this stuff up!)   WELCOME DINNER- Arrecifes Restaurant Like I said above, we loved the food here! They set us up on the outside deck which overlooked the Nizuc pool area. The wait staff was fabulous and never let you go thirsty!! This was also a great time to give a little speech and thank all of our guests for coming.   View from the Welcome Dinner area   Me and the girls at the Welcome Dinner   My family and I at the Welcome Dinner   Bridal Party at the Welcome Dinner   My hubby and I at the Welcome Dinner   Tables set up outside on the patio for the Welcome Dinner     And now on to the good stuff! … The WEDDING DAY!!   BRIDE ATTIRE I purchased my dress at a local bridal store called Bella Sera. This was actually where most of my female wedding party got their outfits! My dress is Casablanca #2046. I fell in love with it the second I put it on! It was very simple and light! (And it was a really great price! Haha)     NOTE TO BRIDES: I cannot even explain what the humidity does to your hair in Mexico!! I started out with a nice curled side pony and it immediately went flat within the first hour of being outside! I would honestly recommend just putting your hair all up!! After all of our pictures were taken, the bridesmaids and I plus my mom and my hair dresser (who is also a close friend) went up to a relative’s room and she was able to throw my hair all up for me while the girls bustled my dress!   This was how my hair looked originally!   A picture of the girls fixing my hair & bustle!   BRIDESMAIDS We also got the bridesmaids dresses at Bella Sera. The line we got them from was Bill Levkoff and the color is Horizon. (Can’t remember the style number or anything) Got all of their jewelry from Kohls! I had 2 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridesmaid in strapless dresses and my MOH (my sister!) wore one strap!       GROOM & GROOMSMEN ATTIRE We ordered all of the men’s pants at Studiosuits.com. We got the Tropical Light Beige Linen pants with no lining and unhemmed. The waist sizes were all true to size! The guys just needed to get them hemmed before the wedding. About a month before the wedding all the guys went to Express For Men and got their shirts since they were “buy 1 get 1 50% off”. The groomsmen all wore blue and the groom wore white. My hubby wanted a very casual look so they kept them untucked and all wore brown sandals.   My hubby and one of his groomsmen   My brother walking my Grandmother down the aisle   CEREMONY- 4pm @ Bugambillias Gazebo This gazebo was everything I’ve ever wanted when we decided to go with a Destination Wedding! I rode the horse drawn carriage with my dad and we met my mom at the beginning of the aisle and all walked down together. There was seriously not a dry eye in the house! Even the wedding coordinator was crying! NOTE: If I can make ONE recommendation for your wedding day it’s to DEFINITELY do the horse drawn carriage!!   My dad & I on the horse and carriage   My dad & I getting ready to head to the ceremony!     We picked this gazebo because it’s a shorter aisle. My dad can’t walk that far without a cane (he didn’t want the cane in wedding pictures!) so I figured this would be easier! We had the symbolic ceremony and the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes! We secretly got married before we came to Mexico (only immediate family knew about this) so I liked that they still made us sign a marriage certificate.. it made it look real and official! We were originally going to do the harpist for the ceremony but I couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $500 for a 10 min ceremony! We opted for the stereo system that the resort provides and we brought a CD with music that we had picked. My parents and I walked down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. I literally tear up every time I hear this song!!!   Hubby walking his parents down the aisle   My parents walking me down the aisle   I had plans to make programs for the ceremony but just didn’t get around to it. Instead, I ordered fans from Oriental Trading with our names and wedding date on them!     COCKTAIL HOUR- 5pm @ Bugambillias Garden We ordered the superior hors d’oeuvres for this and from what I’ve been told they were really good! My hubby and I took pictures on the beach with the bridal party during this hour. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures from this yet!!     RECEPTION- 6pm-10pm @ Bugambillias Terrace Besides our DJ being an hour later for this, everything else was PERFECT!!! (I will review the DJ down below!) I tried to keep the reception as simple as possible as I really felt that you don’t need a lot of decorations since the scenery is beautiful enough!! This terrace is actually situated in between a couple of buildings in the Nizuc area but you still had a view of the ocean and a great ocean breeze! I think the buildings also helped us out with it not being buggy what so ever! (Which is good because I completely forgot to pack bug spray!) It was nice to have all of our wedding activities really close to one another so that people did not have to go far!   After our first dance!   Our toasting glasses that were a gift from our bridesmaids!   Time for SHOTS!   Everybody getting low!   The bartenders memorized everyone’s drink order and as soon as your drink was almost gone they already had a new one for you!   Me and the bartenders making drinks!   HIGHLY recommend the “tres leche” flavored cake! They do not put it as an option but if you ask for it, they will do it! For the few people that tried the cake, they loved it! We had so many little desserts with our menu option that I think people were just full by the time the cake came out! So I’m glad I stuck with just the simple cake that is provided with the package. They let you pick what color flowers you would like on it as well!     We had 5 round tables set up along with a sweet heart table- all with white linen J We had the Italian Buffet and I can’t possibly rave enough about this menu!! We had zero substitutions and everything was delicious!! I am a VERY picky eater and I tried & liked everything on the menu! (Only thing I didn’t have was the fish… not a fan of fish!)     FAVORS We ordered maracas from Amols.com as favors! They were easy to work with and the maracas came so fast! I attached a note to them which explained on one side when to shake them, and on the other side I added a Thank You note to our guests.         ZUNIGA a.k.a DECO CANCUN The only décor that I brought from home were the card box, seating chart, table numbers, and guest book! (This all fit in my carry-on luggage along with the maracas!) Everything else was ordered from Zuniga. This was the very first vendor that I contacted in the whole wedding process and they were SO easy to work with from day one! I had changed my invoice around a bunch of times and they were very cooperative with all my changes! They even made some great recommendations! Here is the cost breakdown:   Centerpieces (Gerber daisy’s with cut up limes in square case): $79 x 5 = $395 Bridesmaid Bouquets plus boutonnieres (Tulips): $179 x 4 = $716 Lounge setup for 10 people: $155 Blue pillows for lounge area: $4 x 5 = $20 String of lanterns: $100 x 4 = 400   Prices were definitely high but the product was worth it! Lily was who I worked with and I would recommend her and the company to anyone!   Our centerpieces   Picture of the lanterns   Picture of the lounge area (which turned into the "smoking area" lol)   PSAV We knew from the beginning of the planning process that we definitely wanted a DJ. I contacted PSAV a few months before the wedding and they quoted us about $1000 for their services. This honestly didn’t seem too bad to me for 4 hours of a DJ. Im not good with Itunes so I knew that making a playlist would have been a nightmare!! They sent me a form and asked me to fill out what songs we wanted for things like first dance, mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, cake cutting, entrances, etc. I worked with Miroslava and she was great! Very quick to respond and made things very easy for us! So the downfall was… The DJ showed up an hour late!!! I had a feeling that something was wrong when my photographers decided they wanted to keep taking pictures of us even when the reception was already supposed to begin. I found out later that my wedding coordinator had asked them to do this to give the DJ time to get there. He had called and said he would be “20 minutes late”… 20 minutes turned into an hour! We obviously couldn’t wait that long so we started the reception without him. This in turn meant that we had no music for any of our introductions and we had to wait until later in the night to do our first dance songs and cake cutting. We instead decided to open the buffet until he got there! WITH ALL THAT SAID… PSAV did an amazing job once he got there!!! I was really impressed with the music selections and he played everyone’s songs that were requested! So granted he was late, I would still recommend him to other brides as he did a fantastic job and really got everyone up and dancing! **Side Note: Yes, we are getting a refund… they have been very kind to us and totally understand why we were upset and wanted to be compensated!   OCEAN PHOTO STUDIO LOVED THEM!! They were another company that, from day one, were great to work with! They quoted me $2200 for the deluxe photo and video package. (I’m glad I received this quote early on in my planning process as I believe the price went up almost $500 for this package!) I worked with Adriana and she set up a meeting with me for 2 days before the wedding. She went over timing for everything and we discussed the specific pictures that I wanted taken. On the day of the wedding the photographer had the list of pictures that I wanted taken with him and made sure to get them all done! Both the photographer and videographer were so much fun to work with! Between the two of them they came up with some great ideas for pictures!! I HIGHLY recommend using Ocean Photo Studio as they have an office right in the resort and they know the areas of the resort very well!   TOURS Unfortunately we wasted a lot of credits and didn’t do a lot of the tours we wanted to. We did take advantage of the SPA though! My hubby went and got a massage one day by himself and then another day we got a couples massage which we loved!   SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS If you get a chance, definitely do this!!! It was an experience of a lifetime!! This is something that you can use your resort credits for but if you pay extra you get a longer experience AND you get to do a second part where the dolphin actually lifts you up by your feet!! The pictures at the end are very expensive so I only got one!   Heading out to meet the dolphins!     COCO BONGO I had heard SO many good things about Coco Bongo so I was really excited to go!! Please make sure to ask WHICH Coco Bongo you are being taken to. We just assumed there was only one so we didn’t ask. The one they took us to was in Playa Del Carmen and from what I heard it is MUCH smaller than the one in downtown Cancun. The place was PACKED and there is no room to dance at all. The show they put on was AWESOME, however, be prepared to stand in one spot for 5 hours!!! Unfortunately I did not pick the best shoes for this so my feet were killing me the next 2 days!! We were each charged $80 for this (it gets added onto your final bill) and that includes your ride there and back, plus all your drinks for the night. Not too bad! It is a LATE night though. They pick you up at the resort at 9pm (its about a 45 min ride) and then they pick you back up at CoCo Bongo at 3am!     So many people!     WEATHER All of the days leading up to the wedding were GORGEOUS, as was our wedding day! HOWEVER, the day after the wedding and the rest of our trip it POURED!!! To the point where our hallways and rooms flooded!! They said it was the most rain they have seen in about 15 years!! The hotel was very good about moving some of our family around to other dry rooms. We actually left the next morning to go to Sun Palace so we didn’t bother switching rooms. The staff did bring down some squeegees so my hubby and his friends squeegeed a bunch of rooms and the hallway. I mentioned this to the front desk at check out the next day and they refunded us some of our money for our troubles!   My hubby cleaning up the hallway   All in all, we had the wedding of our dreams!!! I wouldn’t change a thing! Like every other bride has said on here, have faith in your wedding coordinator!! They may be slow to respond before you get to the resort but that’s because they are working so hard on the weddings that are happening that day! So once it’s YOUR turn and it’s your wedding day, they will focus on YOU and take very good care of you!!!   I hope this review helped! Please note that I have not received my professional pictures. These pictures were all taken by family and friends! J   Of course I needed to toss in a picture of my little man with his new sombrero that we bought him!!