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My Wedding was a DISASTER!!
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By BrittanyFlanagan, · 1,487 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Hair, makeup
Cons: Coordinators, Dj, Photographer, Accommodations, Prices, EVERYTHING!

I'm normally not one to write reviews about places, but I recently had my wedding at Moon Palace in Cancun, and it was a complete disaster. I gave myself plenty of time in planning (17 months) and nothing was done correctly. The wedding coordinators are so unorganized and it takes them weeks to get back to you. The day of my wedding it rained, so we moved everything inside, however not all of our decor could fit in the room. You would think that since your PAID decor doesn't fit inside, they would do something else to accommodate you right? No, and they wouldn't even refund us the money for the decor that didn't fit. I was so disappointed with the way everything looked that I was actually crying. The DJ was horrible and so was the photographer. She sent me back all of my pictures (Which were terrible) and they weren't even edited. My makeup looked orange and she didn't even edit my sunburn. These are supposed to be professional pictures that we paid a lot of money for. I would NEVER recommend booking a wedding here. I'm a very laid back bride and they had me in tears multiple times because they make this whole process unbearable. Although the property is gorgeous, I would go somewhere else for you wedding!


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