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Moon Palace 8.2016 Hindu/American Wedding
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By dmt846, · 1,484 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: venue was amazing, food and alcohol were great, nice people, great price for what you're getting, Sasha Gluck, Mike Cantrall, Saku with Latin Asia, Vineet Unadkat for travel
Cons: first wedding coordinator (Angie), La Cabana, and DJ Alpesh

This is a difficult review to write, since I had such different experiences with the various wedding planners.  We got married at Moon Palace 8/2016.  It was overall an incredible experience and if I could write 2 different reviews, they would get a 3 prior with the first wedding coordinator and a 5 with the second.  It started with our pre-wedding planner, Angeles Osorio, if you get her, just switch right away.  Our second coordinator, Leidi Laura Guzmán, was a miracle.  Seriously.  She was incredible.  She make everything run smoothly despite the many little things that go wrong, she always made thing work some how.  She always knew what was going on, was honest, answered all of our millions of questions, was so kind and compassionate to EVERYONE there and truly made us feel special on one of the biggest days of our lives.  I can't say enough amazing things about Laura.  If you get her don't let her go.


Moon Palace - amazing hotel, food was good, alcohol was good, ambience was great, so many fun things to do, the pool is amazing, beach is average - lots of seaweed and not clear water as you would expect from a carribean beach, but the pool is so nice it wouldn't matter.  The people that work there are all so thoughtful, flexible, and kind.  Great experience!   


Other vendors:

Photo and Video - Sasha Gluck through Cancun photos and Mike Cantrall films - both also amazing artists and people and a great price. I know a lot of people say don't do the video and to save money on it. Don't listen to them.  You can't go back and eat the food or cake again and you can only see the flowers and decor in pictures... this video I watched every day and still watch it regularly.  The best money we spent.  Get cheaper rings, cheaper food, skip the photo booth, whatever you have to do, don't skip the video. 

Decor and Flowers - Latin Asia - a little pricy, but you will be thanking me when you realize how easy Saku makes your life.  She is so organized, responsive, has great vision and you don't even have to think about how amazing it will look the day of. Everything is taken care of. Even though we changed everything last minute because we were supposed to have a beach wedding in the rain and a Barat (Indian wedding) where the horse was in the rain! Yes, she does incredible Indian weddings (Hindu) and knew more about the customs and culture than my husband and I did! Another win.  

Music and DJ- Disco Movil was great! A little pricy, but worth it.  DJ Alpesh -separate company from US, don't even waste your time googling him... the worst.

Travel planner and helped A LOT as an additional wedding planner - Vineet Unadkat - saved us from Angie (mentioned earlier), based out of OC California, helped manage all of the travel with our family and even came to the wedding to help us the weekend of the wedding!  Only amazing things to say about him and his wife, who helped a lot too!!!

Make-up - Styling Trio - they were nice and did have air brush, stayed calm despite the power going out in the middle of doing my hair! Overall, not totally impressed especially for the price, but it worked, the day of my hair mostly stayed up but make-up looked below average both at the practice and real deal.  I would go with MVP if I could do it again. 

Green screen (photobooth) - we used La Cabana - a disaster, but they did offer a full refund for the mess they caused in the end. 

Entertainment - we did the fire show and water drums through one of the moon palace vendors - both incredible and totally worth the money.  Also did the smoke during the reception, which was very cool and fun. 



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