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  1. Finally, time for my review! Just posted, but thought I would include it here too! If anyone needs pics, I have tons! I won't have my professional pics back for a few weeks, but many candids of different areas of the resort! Pros: Attention to detail, friendly staff, clean rooms and facility, great food Cons: None Booking/Reservations - 4 stars. I went through a travel agent for my groups booking (46 people, various traveling dates) We were able to secure my preferred date of 12/13/14 with the last ceremony time of 12pm (noon) about 11 months out. Process was smooth and the contract w
  2. Glad you had a fantastic time! We leave in 24 days!
  3. I'm almost there! Taken me long enough!
  4. I got a wally bag for my dress and my FI's suit. I can fit about 3 more dresses or suits in it, so that will be my carry on. My FI will bring our usual carryon with change of clothes, swim suits, make up, etc. Then we will each have 1 checked bag. We actually have a friend that lives in Cancun so we are sending all of our extras to her
  5. We sent our's out a year in advance. Plenty of time to notify for vacation time and extra time to save $$!
  6. My BM is preggers and I flat out told her not to come. It's her first pregnancy and I know she wants to be there but the baby will possibly be weeks old. She was actually considering coming and I was like no, no way in hell because if something happened, getting back to the States and all. I didn't want to feel guilty about it.
  7. @@NJBride2014 I'll be looking for the items!!!!
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