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  1. I forgot to mention in my last post about the buffet and restaurant situation. Before we went I had been complaining about how on the Air Canada website it was saying that we could only eat at our own buffet and a la cartes at Tulum. When we talked to the resort they knew nothing about this. When we got there this rule was basically non-existent. We ate at all 3 of the buffets and 2 of the a la cartes at Coba. Members of our group ate at various a la cartes including the "gourmet" ones at the other resorts. We were told that the rule would go into effect December 1st.....but that depende
  2. my sister just got married there last week and the wedding was fantastic. jazmin was amazing! we did have a bit of a wedding gown situation. basically it was sent to be steamed on tuesday morning and by wednesday early evening we had not received it back (wedding was on thursday). we asked the front desk and they called the laundry department who said that they did not have the gown...not what you want to hear the night before the wedding. finally after much discussion (and struggling through the language barrier) they said that they did have the gown. i being a very outspoken maid of ho
  3. My sister hasnt been able to get ahold of Jazmin either and her wedding is at the beginning of November too. She sent an email 3 weeks ago and never heard back...and sent another one about a week ago and still nothing. very frustrating when the wedding is getting closer.
  4. Well I am officially confused. We spoke with the resort and they said there is no new restaurant policy and that it is a rumor only. So I've emailed Air Canada to see what the deal is and get the policy explained to me in simple terms. I also asked them whether this is a hotel policy or if it just pertains to Air Canada guests. Will let you know what I find out. We are also a bit mad b/c we found out today that there is another wedding at our resort on the same day. When we booked, we were told that there was a 1 wedding a day policy at each resort. But strangely enough we found out abou
  5. Oh new policies are always so confusing. We're not so worried about all of this restaurant business...there is lots of food to go around! I do have a different question though. The groom has decided that he's going to do a guys day and either go golfing or fishing. So now the bride needs to come up with an idea for the ladies. Any suggestions for a fun afternoon or day outing or activity? Thanks!
  6. We are going through Air Canada vacations and this is what their website says about the new restaurant policy "Effective Nov 1/08, guests will only have access to the Buffet & Gourmet restaurants of their respective hotel excluding those within the complex. However, they will continue to enjoy access to all of the services and facilities of the Gran Bahia Principe Coba with the exception of the a la carte restaurants"
  7. i heard about this new policy too regarding the buffets and restaurants. i believe it goes into effect nov 1st. i've received mixed messages about it. the resort told us that we could not eat at the other gourmet restaurants (we're staying at tulum) but we could eat at the other buffets. whereas air canada seems to be saying that all of the other restaurants including buffets are off limits. so we're pretty confused but not overly worried about it b/c i'm sure there will be plenty of food on our side. but if anyone happens to know the real policy, i would love to hear about it. tha
  8. We think it would be so much fun to have special cookies for our guests for either the oot bags or as the favour....like cactus sugar cookies or something like that. Just wondering if anyone has attempted this in the past and how it turned out? I'm concerned not only about travelling with the cookies, but also whether they will hold up to the heat in Mexico.
  9. Hello everyone I have been working on a pre-travel brief brochure for my sister's wedding. It is not necessarily a traditional brochure, as I have used a lot of funny pics of the bride and groom and it is a tad on the wacky side...just trying to get everyone excited and have some fun! I have one little section left to do and I honestly cannot think of what else to put there. It will be on the very back page of the brochure. This is what I have so far. 1. Intro/welcome/thanks for coming 2. Travel Plans and Welcome Meeting 3. Important what to brings 4. Things to look
  10. Hello everyone I am just wondering how everyone managed to get all of their goodies to their destination. We would like to order travel mugs...but we're scratching our heads wondering how the heck we will pack 50 mugs with handles (no not stackable) and all of the other stuff too. Any packing or shipping suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!!
  11. My sister's reception dinner is at La Gran Tortuga restaurant. We're just wondering if anyone knows how many people the tables seat and whether there are any table decorations of any kind. I'm sure we could ask Jazmin but just wanted to check in with everyone here first. Thanks!!!
  12. Hi everyone Just wondering where other Canadian brides got their travel mugs from. Did you order them online or did you get them at a store? We've been doing some searching in the stores thinking we might get a great end of summer deal and so far we've been disappointed. Wondering if online is the way to go. Thanks for any input you might have
  13. My sister has decided to do a pre-wedding newsletter letting guests know pertinent information about the wedding...and to get people excited about the trip! Being the wacky member of the family I suggested we go to our favourite local Mexican restaurant and take a picture of her and her man wearing sombrero's and with all of the pinatas in the background. And her being slightly less wacky than me but willing said oh my gosh yes we must do that! So it will be on the front page of the newsletter. She would like to be holding some sort of sign with a witty saying or slogan on it...kin
  14. Hello everyone I would like to do a welcome newsletter to be sent out before the wedding to get the guests excited and give them more info. I noticed on some of the various newsletters that have been posted on the forum that people have included what excursions are available and the schedule of activities for the resort. Does anyone know where I can find this info? Should I just email the resort? Thanks for the advice!
  15. These books are too cute! I have what may be a silly question though. I think it is absolutely great to include the resort activities...what day and times they offer different things and the night entertainment schedule. Now my silly question is....where or how can I find out this info? Can I just email the resort for this info? Thanks!
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