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  1. We are just going to continue with the trip- my side of the family will be attending, while most of his wont. We plan to enjoy the first portion of the trip with family, then we are going to Cosumel for our honeymoon portion. We are planning a SMALL wedding at home now- our date is October 11th and it will be family only. We have already put deposits on everything, but the cancellation I like the idea! I do want a few shots in the dress before I go into the water. We are planning a small wedding at home, and bringing everyone out for dinner. We are keeping the dinner reserva
  2. As an update for my previous post- My new sister in law found out that her due date is incredibly close to our wedding in Mexico. Her parents told us last night that they, along with my FI's grandparents won’t be able to make it. As difficult of a decision to make, my FI didn't feel right about getting married without his mother and grandmother. We ended up needing to cancel our wedding reservations, but we are still planning on taking the vacation to Mexico. I still want to do something in Mexico for our wedding, and want to do a trash the dress session for a wedding photo al
  3. Yes, this will be the first grandchild of the family. The family is very close- they run a business together and grew up very close. Jason's brother is his twin, and his younger sister (the pregnant one) is close with them as well. I do worry about them bailing, but I also worry about feeling crappy that she probably won't be able to attend.
  4. Some of this may just be to vent, but I reallly really NEED to vent. My FI's family has had a lot of drama in the past year, they are planning to expand the business, which is forcing the business to search for land, and us to live in whatever house is on it (and PAY for it!) All of the children (theres three siblings) will end up paying for it. While I was upset that my dream of searching for a home to buy is out the window, I got over it- Now, we just found out that his sister is pregnant with her first child. The father is a dead beat, and already has a child that hes not around for
  5. So since the beginning of my wedding planning process, I have been trying to make sure that my FI gets his word in on stuff that he wants out of it. As we were making our selections on what form of music, he said that he would love a saxophone player, so I went along and sent the request to my coordinator. My FI hasn't had the time to pick which music he wants, and its time to put in our requests to make sure the player knows all of the songs. I've been listening to saxophone music on Pandora, but have NO CLUE what would be good for our wedding. It will be incredibly laid back,
  6. I haven't had to deal with this- but there are a few people I'm kindof worried about how they will choose to dress. It's not something I'm planning on confronting, because I don't want people to be uncomfortable- and the only thing that really matters is that they people I care about are there with me. Perhaps you could go to your "wedding party & family" and suggest colors and styles of dresses that would couple well with your wedding colors & attire? After reminding people how many pictures they would be in I have had a few request a change in attire (aka MOH)
  7. We never sent out save the dates- but we did give people an estimated time frame of when we were planning to get married and what location. We got in touch with people 12-13 months in advance to ensure that they would be able to set aside the time etc. We sent out the invitations with the resort info and activiites 8 months in advance- that way everyone could do their research and know how much they would need to go.
  8. If you want the "grass isn't greener" scenerio- I'm actually trying to gain weight. I've always been underweight, which doesnt help when coupled with my hate for taking the time to cook & eat meals. I weigh 109 right now (104 when I started 3 months ago) and I'm hoping to get up to 115 by the time my wedding comes in November.
  9. My FI is planning to buy them all cigars to have before the wedding (as my girls and I will be doing a spa morning). I'm pretty sure tequila will be in there somewhere also
  10. I think it depends on what your dress is like- is it fluffy at all? I'm packaging mine the same way that it was shipped to me- The resort says they can iorn/steam and prepare it for the big day, so this way I won't take up much room. I managed to be able to fit all of my "wedding necessities" in a carry on bag.
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