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  1. We just got back from a fairly new resort in the Mayan, called the Valentin Imperial. It is a 5 star but we got a really good deal on it. Check it out. We loved it! It is the next resort down from the EDR (which is my absolute fav but a LOT more expensive!) and is right next door to the Mayan Palace. Great service and pretty good beach too! I have pics I can put up if you want?
  2. It all looked amazing! Totally loved the table settings .....those colours were awsome! Congrats!
  3. Figured it out! This is one of the flowers I bought for my bridesmaid. It looked relly life like.
  4. For those of you who are interested in silk flowers, there is a great website called flowerclip.com who have awesome ones. I got a couple of hair clips from there for my wedding and was very happy with them, anyway my point is that they e-mailed and said that they had an offer on that if you buy 3 or more flowers you grt free shipping the coupon code is FREESHIP. Check them out! If I could ever figure out how to post pics I would! LOL.
  5. I love Christmas, I dont have the tree up yet but my decorations are all red and gold. I have the multicoloured lights though. I actually was thinking about changing my colour scheme to blue and silver but the ornaments can be soooo expensive! Might just stick with what I have! LOL!
  6. OMG! He IS the cutest thing! You guys are wonderful for doing this, its such a great thing and a wonderful idea! Very inspiring........! I actually was going to do this a couple of months ago, but it took me ages to decide which child I should sponsor, then when I eventually picked a gorgeous little girl out in Africa, someone else had sponsored her by the time I got around to it! I am hopeless! LOL! I should try again though. I never thought to sponsor someone in the country we got married! Thanks for the idea!
  7. This is fun! Kinda like the facebook app......? Anyhoo, I just got home from work so while I am V.happy about that I think I have to go for sleepy! LOL! Thanks Tammy!
  8. Wow! She is soooo cute! Spaniels are so much fun too, lots of energy! LOL! Have fun with her! I'll keep my fingers crossed that she's a fast learner with the potty training!
  9. You both looked amazing! Great pics cant wait to see more! Congratulations! I loved your flowers too BTW.
  10. Awwwww, it sounds so romantic! Congratulations to both of you!
  11. Congratulations! That was a cute story, and your ring is gorgeous!
  12. Hi! This is a great idea...hope it helps! Name: Louisa Wedding date: March 24th 2007 Time: 2.00pm Location: Garden Gazebo Cocktail reception: Mexican, at the covered pool, (it was supposed to be held on the beach but it was simply too hot so we had to move into the shade) Dinner/Reception: El Cocotal Time: 6pm Number of guests:15 Extra note: we went to La Guacamayas bar after for dancing and drinks!
  13. Welcome! I am sure you will find lots of help on this site..it is invaluble! There are tons of amazing photographers on here too. We also were married at the EDR, and LOVED it! We took full advantage of the "free" wedding perks they have, and as we only had 15 guests we had their inclusive dinner/reception in El Cocotal restaurant. It was really good BUT was not private, though we were all seated together and they tried really hard for us! We also used the resort photographer, and while I love my pics (the surroundings make all pics look good) he was not wonderful and we only had one hour with him Including the ceremony! I hear that EDR also charges quite a bit to have an out side photographer come in! Our decisions were due to budget so I guess its up to you and what your limits are? I have seen some of the outdoor receptions that the other girls have had and they look amazing! Good luck and congrats!
  14. Gorgeous pics! Congratulations to you both, we also got married at the EDR and agree that while you have to be a little flexible it is a great location! So glad the rain stopped in time though! I would have been a mess if it had done that to me!! LOL!
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