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  1. is this really what deters people from where to get married? If yes, plan on spending big bills at yes, such places as Secrets Maroma. I'm a secrets capri, there is seaweed.... but since living in So cal, I have noticed that's what happens when you're by the ocean.... you see seaweed, seagulls, and sharks.
  2. MICHAELS!!!!!! That's where I bought ALL my flowers, and I'm so in love with them!!! Super cheap too when they're having a sale! 30-50% off!!!
  3. You should just pick a color you want your bridesmaids to wear "Shades of red, blue, yellow, etc" and let them pick their own dresses. I find this makes all maids happy, due to the fact they're buying or spending their money on something they will wear again, and they actually look good in. Speaking from experience, of having to wear one picked out dress that looks great on one body and horrible on someone else. :/
  4. Okay, 52 days till I'm in Mexico for my wedding. I have collected all the decorations that I need. Patron bottles, fake flowers, loteria cards, virgin mary candles, "mexican" restaurant candles, and xmas lights. I am really concerned on how I will get this glass over without it being broken, but I have a bit of a lot. 8 patron bottles, 8 mary candles, and 8 restaurant candle votives. At my work we get deliviries weekly, of plastic type balloon bag things to prevent anything breaking. Would it be useful to use these and check in my luggage or do carry on? I'm just worried that if I get a smaller suitcase, I will not be able to get all the stuff over. I'm also concerned that if I do carry on through customs, I will get hassled due to not having all my recipes for my purchases. If the products are open, will that make it easier? How can you sell open products? AAAAAAHHH! HELP
  5. that's WHAT'S UP!!! It's "your" dress, literally. I love this idea, and encourage other brides to do a little bit more exploring on the creative side! I got my vintage Jessica McClintock from the thrift store, $25. I got it customized for $150. I will be picking it up today, and posting pictures! It looks GREAT ON YOU!!!!
  6. I will sell this dress for $400!!!! COMMON, I know someone HAS TO LIKE THIS BEAUT!
  7. I'm all about simple. I just bought loteria cards, made paper flowers, using tequila bottles for vases, and getting a serape for the table. Though looking at pictures, I think it's pretty and all, but at the end of the day, no one cares. Really, no one cares. I can vaguely remember what any of my friends had as centerpieces for their weddings, but I sure do remember the good time had
  8. It is a bit of a bummer when people you would like to celebrate with you, can't make it due to other engagements, or they just can't afford it. Two of my best friends are not coming to my wedding, which was a total let down, but you know what, the people who want to be there will be there. Our list dwindled from 20 people, down to about 12-13 people, not including us. My soon to be husband has corrected me a handful of times, reminding me that the only people who attend that matter, is the two of us. I know it's stressful, but please keep in mind, that the reason that you are getting married, and the most important person to be there with you, is the man by your side.
  9. 17 months is really early. You will find something you love, and while looking at wedding sites and what not, end up stumbling across something else that you really like as well. I bought an Oleg Cassini for too much money, but loved it. Ended up going thrift store shopping one day, and HAPPENED to stumble upon a vintage Jessica McClintock vintage dress that i LOVED and bought it for $25. I ended up having it customized for $150. I spent $175 on a dress, which is soooo much less than what I payed for my Oleg Cassini. I highly recommend going to a thrift store and seeing what you can find. Yes they are usually vintage, dated BUT they are in mint condition and under $100. You can go to a great seamstress and have it customized to what you want for less than how much a designer dress cost to be altered to your shape. I sincerely believe wedding dress shopping is like car shopping, once you leave the store you are left with a really expensive dress, that will either A) end up being stored somewhere like a garage/basement or attic only to be looked at once every few years and bring up some great memories, that's why you're paying for that expensive photographer OR you want to sell it, and let's face it, there is NO LUCK in selling a used dress, because a majority of women want that "say yes to the dress moment" in some booshie boutique. Wedding dresses are great, I love them, wanted the Kleinfeld experience, but the real side is, there is a much more logical way to go about it. Seriously, thrift store, find something that you like the material, the cut, the color, take it to a seamstress let them know what you want, and voila, you got A ONE OF A KIND dress THAT NO OTHER CHICK WILL EVER WEAR!!!
  10. I will be getting married at Secrets Capri in 4 MONTHS!!!! I would love to see some pictures of your ceremony/dinner/reception! I am a bit anxious to see how this is going to work out for me! I will be bringing my own vases, table cloths, centerpieces, and a few extra things, maybe wedding signs, unsure right now. I do want to bring stuff to put on display, guest book and what not, just not sure if that table will be an extra fee? Thank you! and congrats!!
  11. I have one where the front is short as mid calf, and the back is slightly long I think my choice is excellent. I sweat a lot, and I want to be comfortable, I'm "keeping it real". Keep your eyes open, options open. There is something out there for everyone Good luck! My Jessica McClintock Vintage dress (not me in the pic) and yes, the sleeves are getting altered <3 IT'S SO COMFORTABLE think outside the box!!!!
  12. I had considered it.... but, there are several of the same dresses, for cheaper, due to them being for sale for months. I am going to go with consignment craigslist is so sketchy too. I've already got a scam email :/ Thanks!
  13. I'm making a PLETHORA of tissue paper flowers for my wedding. I am a bit hesitant of taking them with me carry on, or in my baggage, due to the fact that they take up space, due to their "fluffyness", and I really don't want them to be damaged :/ I am getting married at Secrets Capri, and am intending on using the centerpieces and bouquet that are included in our package, just for the ceremony. I'm in love with my paper flowers Has anyone shipped to Mexico, or planning to do so with some of their decoration? It's not as though paper flowers hold any value, so I figure it's not too much to worry about? Advice welcome!! These are what my flowers look like except red, orange and yellow!
  14. I'm really not "that" girl who does things that. My new dress is seriously, all I need. And if I were to wear my Oleg, it would cost me $450 to alter it to my body. It's a waste. The consignment store gets 50% of what I sell it for, so I'm just crossing my fingers that it will actually sell, so I can use the money towards the photographer or something else. This is a picture of my vintage, Jessica McClintock, that I purchased at the thrift store for $25... aka, my dress that I will be wearing for my wedding This isn't a picture of me. I actually feel that my body does the dress a bit more justice than the model. It fits tighter, and I'm a bit more curvier. I will be altering the sleeves, but leaving everything else alone. This picture also makes the silk at the bottom and on sleeves a bit of a cream color, but it's white. I'm so in LOVE with it!!!!
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