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  1. Gonzalo Nunez is shooting both my wedding and doing a Trash the Dress. http://www.gonzalonunez.com/ I felt like he has great rates! My TTD is going to be $600, which it is normally $1300 for him. He may have given me a good deal because we booked him for the wedding too but he just offered up the discount and I didn't really need to haggle at all. I'll take it! We are getting 2 hours at the Cenote and 1 hour at the beach for that. We do need to pay the cenote entrance fee ourselves though so that will be a separate charge. I think it would be worth at least emailing him and letting him know what you would like to spend. He has been very quick with responses and easy to work with. Good luck!
  2. So a little update - I am only a month out now and things have been much better. At 45 days out they have to get a ton a paperwork and payments from you. When I hit that point I was finally able to get the response time I had been hoping for and get things settled. I am less than 30 days and I still haven't had contact with my on-site coordinator. That was supposed to happen a little while ago but I'm kind of over sweating the details and just hoping for the best
  3. @@TheBHolders I am less than a month out to my wedding at the Moon Palace so I'm working out some of the same details you are! Also, I have been there twice and have a pretty good handle on the layout and different locations. This might not be ideal but I did want to mention that they have a nightclub at the Moon Palace - Club Noir over in Sunrise. Last year when I was there a TON of guests from a wedding came over after they were done. It gave some of the younger people who weren't done celebrating and dancing a change to keep the party going and they had a blast! It opens Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You could always encourage everyone to after party over there! Also, I am aiming for a 4pm wedding. In the winter months the latest they will do the weddings is 4pm. I haven't worked out the details of getting ready for the day yet but I feel like 4pm will give me enough time to get ready and get some pictures in before. I have never been to Mexico in the summer though so I can't really say how bad the heat might be
  4. If you haven't signed the contract with DreamArt yet you should really look into Gonzalo who I mentioned! As long as it isn't February 18th because he is taken He has been great communicating with me and always responsive. His rates are reasonable and even with the $800 vendor fee the resort charges he was still more affordable than DreamArt! If you reserve at a restaurant I think you would still have a great time, that sounds lovely! They really do have some great restaurants - some of them can get a little loud. When I was at the Brazilian one it was too loud to try to talk to a group (great food though, you need to go - but just not for a reception).
  5. Horrible Communicators

    Pros: Lots of onsite entertainment for guests, large resort, great restaurants
    Cons: Price, hard to use outside vendors, communication
    I'm am still in the planning stages with the Moon Palace and have 2 months to go until my big day!     I have been to the Moon Palace on 2 different occasions which is why I decided to have my wedding here.  Vacationing as a guest and not having to worry about anything other than trying not to eat too much and not getting burned it was a great experience.  I entirely regret not looking into other options or reading reviews so here is my experience to help you brides to be out there:    My fi
  6. This is a review of:

    Gonzalo Nunez Photography

    Great Experience!

    Pros: Communication, Experienced in Wedding Photography, Friendly and Patient
    I got married at the Moon Palace in February and have been telling people ever since that hiring Gonzalo was the best decision we made in the process!     After a frustrating experience in communicating with the on-site photographers, I did a frantic search for other photographers in the Cancun area.  He got back to me immediately (if you are planning a destination wedding I'm guessing that is something you now really value also)!  Right away I appreciated that he was very upfront with his pri
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