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  1. @@veryvalentine I can't tell you how happy I am that you got it all resolved, and you didn't wait another minute stressing about this! Can you imagine if you had waited another week to find all this out - that would have been so much unnecessary stress! and now you have one more week to get everything straightened out I just know that you will look beautiful on your wedding day.
  2. Thanks @@acw271011 I am SO happy that I am not the only one who doesn't know info on my dress LOL- I had no idea it is not uncommon!
  3. Thanks @@Wafflesmom!! I loved that about it, also you can't tell much from the lighting but it has beautiful floral lace that peaks up in the neckline, I love how unique it is. Actually this is VERY embarrassing but... I have no idea what the brand is or anything lol. I tried it on, loved it, bought it, and when I got home I was like wow I have no idea what my dress is even called ????????! So if anyone that sees this knows, feel free to educate me lol
  4. Hi ladies!!! Here are some photos from when I first found my dress, I bought it a few months ago so just waiting for it to be made
  5. Awww @@veryvalentine I really hope this works out, but please don't stress! Weddings are stressful already and something can always be done about the dress. Plus you do still have some time to get it figured out! If I were you I would probably go in ASAP, I think just knowing what your options are might make you feel better? I wouldn't have any alterations done just yet, but maybe just see what they say?
  6. @@veryvalentine I just read through your whole thread and I have to say I think you have GREAT taste! I love that you are doing a cd for your guests- so thoughtful. I can't wait for more updates lol
  7. @@IzzyDeee I actually told them in the beginning that my finance's dad might be shooting our photos (he has a photography business), and I was told that they would still charge us $400 regardless, even though he is staying for 5 nights! Absolutely ridiculous. They tried to play it off like it is a "deal" since otherwise it would be $800. Yeah, right! Are you staying at a palace resort (Sorry, I am not familiar with resorts in Jamaica lol)? @@Wafflesmom thank you for the heads up on stylingtrio- I plan on giving them another week but I have emailed them twice already. I just wish they wouldn't claim that there is a 24 hour turn-around time if they need more time to respond lol. THANK YOU for letting me know MVP is also approved! I will check with my coordinator as well. I hate how she doesn't give me all of the info- at first she told me that JSAV is the only DJ as well until I inquired about PSAV specifically My coordinator has been great at response times at least, which after reading these threads I did not expect. I'm so jealous of all of you Canadians that get package deals and free flights! I will be purchasing flights separately, and we need to buy flights for 2 groomsmen, 2 bridesmaids, and ourselves. Flights will likely be our biggest expense
  8. Yes, I was told that if one of my guests acts as my photographer that I would be charged $400, even if they are booked for multiple nights! Ridiculous. Its hard for me to believe they police wedding guests and charge brides for other people taking pictures- I feel like they would get a lot of bad reviews from upset brides that way. Also, for those of you that have used styling trio, how long did it take for them to respond to your emails? I have sent them two emails about a week ago and haven't heard anything back! Their website says that their response time is 24 hours so I don't understand why they aren't responding. At this point I am reconsidering using them, but I don't have many choices due to the outrageous vendor fees. If a vendor doesn't respond I wonder what the hotel's policy in letting you use someone else?
  9. Have a GREAT time and do let us know how it goes! It looks like you have most everything figured out That is a great idea, to decorate the boxes! I may just have to do that
  10. That is a good idea, I actually keep forgetting about that bouquet lol. Here is the link for the bulk flowers: http://www.floresrivieramaya.com/eng/wholesales.php They will deliver the flowers to your hotel, they have good reviews, and they also have inexpensive bouquets and I have heard that they will custom make one for you if you would like. I really like how all of their prices are listed on the website- as someone who is trying to do flowers on a budget I like not having to ask for a quote for everything lol
  11. Thank you! I am planning on getting flowers just for the bouquets and getting bluum boxes to put them in for the reception, so they can do double duty! My guess is we will have the same amount of tables as bouquets so it should work out perfectly However I do also plan on getting some additional bouquets for the ceremony/guest book table. At that price I do feel like I could have as many flowers as I want What are you planning to do for your centerpieces? Does anyone know how large the tables are for the reception?
  12. Yes I did a lot of reading on older threads (took forever but so worth it- I learned so much lol) which was what lead me to choose the locations that I did! Good to hear that I made a good choice! In regards to decorations I am wanting to stay within budget and this is the main area I am trying to cut costs in, we are buying a house this year so I have to make cuts somewhere lol! I will be doing all the diy's that I can that don't take up a lot of room I like coral and grey- that will look so pretty at the ocean. Our colors are tiffany blue, white and silver. My photographer is Ivan Luckie- I am a huge fan of his style and his prices are very reasonable. I also LOVE his underwater TTD shots so we will be doing that as well. In regards to hair, my mom just told me today that she wants to pay for me and my 3 bridesmaids to get our hair done in our room, what I nice surprise! I emailed styling trio yesterday morning but still haven't heard back :/ I hate waiting! lol. I also looked into flowers a little more and discovered that you can buy bulk flowers from Flores Riviera Maya. The selection is limited but the prices can't be beat and I don't think it would take me long at all to make some bouquets. I might use them as I can get SO MANY flowers inexpensively Did you hear back about your wedding contract? I hope so! They responded to my TA fairly quickly, I hope this gets sorted out for your sanity I agree about traveling with decorations- it is going to majorly suck! I really want to give guests a bubba cup in an OOT bag too which is going to take up SO much room OOOOh your wedding is SOON! I bet you can't wait. I want to see a planning board! I haven't seen too many photos of the garden/grassy area by the gazebo- I will have to look into that! Why do you think the area by the terrace is better then the one across the walkway? how much is it to add an extra tier to the cake? I might want to do that as well! You have so many diy things- I can't wait to see them!
  13. Thank you!! I will be getting married on tucan beach, cocktail/reception at tucan garden and terrace also! I am debating about the styling trio... I have heard good things but it is hard to justify the cost since I prefer to do my own makeup and i am not sure it is worth it for just hair! I will probably have around 30 also, I think that is such a good number! We are planning on making a playlist and renting a system instead of a dj. Is Latinasia a preferred vendor for flowers? I can't quite remember but I was planning on contacting Marvin at maya floral. We are going for a white, Tiffany blue and silver theme. I just went with the comp package and will be adding touches of blue and silver. What are you doing? I do want to let you guys know that my wedding coordinator said that they recently had a meeting and it is possible to swap elements from one package to another now. That makes sense because they probably lost so much $$ when they wouldn't let brides do that! Some of the diys I plan on doing are mr and mrs signs, Tiffany blue chair ties, cake topper, table numbers/seating, welcome bags (probably just a bubba cup, key card holder, activity and phone number list), and a diy photo booth/guestbook set-up with a Polaroid camera. I also plan on bringing my own paper lantern and making diy throwies to put inside and light them up- I found a tutorial somewhere lol. Probably others too but I can't remember off the top of my head! :D
  14. Feb. 2016 moon palace bride!!! Let's get this thread going- how far are you on in planning? I have reserved my locations, photographer, and bought my dress so far
  15. Feb. 6 2916 bride here!! I will be getting married at moon palace. I sent out save the dates in Jan and have my room block, wedding/cocktail/reception locations secured as well as my photographer deposit paid and wedding dress bought! I am so thankful for you ladies- without this resource I would be so much more stressed! My next steps are to pick flowers and make a diy schedule... I plan to try to slowly knock them out so things aren't stressful at the end. I am so excited! I am using Ivan luckie. He is local and very reasonable for prices- I am getting a full wedding day and underwater TTD for less then other photographers were charging for just a short wedding shoot! I love his documentary style as well- you should check him out
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