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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By MSP, · 1,661 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: beautiful resort
Cons: poor communication internally, poor execution, wedding team is not detail oriented, no respect for religious beliefs, no respect for previously discussed timelines, charge for every single detail, "ballroom" is a blank conference room with a nic



If you would like to have your wedding at a 5 star resort with a 1 star experience then Moon Palace should be your top pick. A wedding is something every girl has spent her entire life dreaming of and mine was nothing short of a nightmare.


Our wedding memories consist of having our vegetarian family violating their lifelong religious beliefs by eating meat which was hidden in the food and labeled vegetarian, another person had to go home because of a food allergy due to mixing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food which we specified on multiple occasions as a violation of our religion. My matron of honor (My OWN sister) missing all the pictures prior to the wedding because the resort did not properly book her hair and make up appointment. She was sent on a wild goose chase looking for her hair and make up appointment and each employee at moon palace was incredibly rude to her. We booked our event venues 7 months prior but we were given less than 24 hours notice that we needed to inform all of our 200 guests that they needed to come back to the main lobby, wait in line, and ask for a special pass to access one of the events. Yes, they left it as the bride and groom’s responsibility to inform our 200 guests. Once the guests arrived to pick up their passes the front desk had no idea what event they were referencing. Consequently, leading to texts and calls for myself (the bride) from half the guests Our list can go on for another five paragraphs. If you book your wedding at moon palace here is what you can count on… Not being detail oriented, not caring about what was promised to you, ignoring religious and dietary restrictions, and overall providing an embarrassing experience for you as a host. This is AFTER discussing all important details many times verbally AND in writing. This is how they treated a party that had over 200 guests in their resort and more than 300 room nights booked. On top of the embarrassment and stress the Moon Palace staff clearly showed that they don’t care. They charge for every single detail yet when it comes down to delivering on your purchases you will hear excuse after excuse and it has been several weeks after the wedding and my family and I have yet to hear a single compassionate word from Moon Palace.



Brides, regardless of who's paying for your wedding I think you should all think about how hard it is to save for that big day we've all been dreaming of. Before handing over your hard earned money to Moon Palace I highly recommend you take my experience into consideration. I have many many more circumstances I can share including the guest experience. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.



I am so sorry to hear bout your bad experience.


Did you use a travel agent that specializes in weddings (also indian weddings). We do many weddings at Moon Palace and indian weddings so we understand the extra care needed to coordinate a wedding of this size with the specific requirements that are needed since Indian weddings are more complex than traditional weddings.

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Yes, we used a Travel agent that had previous experience specifically in Indian destination weddings. He was very helpful

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