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  1. Hi Jessicaallie, TA Wendy here! You have chosen a great resort! I love love love this resort! It is in such a great location, and has a happy fun feel to the whole property.. Plus I love their gazebo, I think it is the prettiest location in the entire area! If you need some help with securing your group block on the rooms, and/or you just have any questions about the process in general, we are here to help and have worked with this property many times! Happy booking! TA Wendy
  2. Welcome, Jania! How exciting! With Palace, are you being married at Playacar Palace, in Playa Del Carmen? RE advice, have you blocked your rooms yet with a group block and are you working with a Travel Agent who specializes in Destination Weddings? If not yet, those should be top on your to do list! If you would like to chat or have one of our expert TAs contact you to assist, just click the Contact Me button at the top of the page. We at Wright Travel Agency are very experienced and are here to help!! TA Wendy
  3. Hi Brittney, and Welcome! You have come to a great place here! You will find a lot of help and information here. We at Wright Travel Agency are Destination Wedding Specialists and would be happy to offer assistance to you for any of the locations you are considering! If you click the Contact Me button above one of our agents will respond quickly and can help you to get all the information and direction you may be looking for! Best wishes and happy planning! TA Wendy
  4. Hi there! You will find lots of good information and recommendations here! You can get further, and more personalized information by clicking on the link above and one of our Wright Travel Agents will quickly be in touch to assist! Good luck and congratulations on your marriage! TA Wendy
  5. TA Wendy

    Anothedr Newbie

    Hi Pamib, You are on the right track! RIU Montego Bay is quite a good choice! Please let us at Wright Travel know if we can be of assistance to you! We are experts in all things Jamaica! Just click the Contact Me link above and one of our agents will be right back with you to assist with all you need! Congratulations to you!! TA Wendy
  6. Hi Jenn, TA Wendy here! I second what TA Patty has stated. The Royalton is a great property. In a great location, with easy arrival and departure transfers to the airport included with your group package. The property has an Adults only section for those who wish to be apart from the family friendly side of the resort. They have some great wedding locations and their wedding department has proven to be helpful and willing to work with couples to make the wedding day magical! The restaurants are excellent and the buffet is like no other in size and variety of goodies! To answer your question about the rooms/ vs the wedding day itself, often couples choose to book their actual wedding, and work with an on site wedding coordinator at the resort pertaining to the details of the wedding... flowers, colors, linens, etc. We CAN also assist in getting your wedding date booked for you if you are in need of a bit of help. As TAs who specialize in Destination Weddings, we at Wright Travel would be of the biggest help to you with blocking your rooms, speaking with your guests, taking everyone's payments, arranging transfers, (and air if needed), and delivering your documents. We also can offer some nice group incentives for you as bride and groom, and we are happy to explain the process. Just click above and fill out a "Contact Me" form and one of our Wright Travel Agents will be right back in touch with you!! All the best for your engagement and planning! TA Wendy
  7. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you and your guests! Im so happy that all went well with your wedding and trip! Congratulations!
  8. Hi Megan, TA Wendy Here. Both Now Jade and Now Sapphire are great choices, and we at Wright Travel have worked with and advised on both. They are both part of the AM Resorts group of resorts, and so will offer you the very same in the way of amenities and benefits for booking your wedding group. They are nearby each other. Some of the main differences are decor... Now Jade is a bit more modern and has very Jewel tone colors and decor, and Now Sapphire has a bit more of a traditional "Mexican" feel to the architecture and decor. Both have some great wedding venue locations, and price wise they will be similar. In recent months we have seen a bit of a rise in popularity of Now Sapphire among couples, but honestly I think it is purely a matter of which look and feel appeals to you more. We would be glad to get you prices and a list of amenities that would be available to you for your wedding, and can also check the wedding date for you and see what dates and times might work for you if you like. We at Wright Travel also have some additional amenities we can offer couples that qualify such as a "Bride and Groom fly free" program and we would love to tell you more about the details. I also have both the full wedding guides and would be happy to forward to you so you can have a better look at the venues, rooms and restaurants. Please if you would like to have some help with getting quotes, and other information just click on the "contact an agent" button above and we will be glad to assist!! Best regards and wishes to you! TA Wendy
  9. These personal reviews were very helpful I am sure to many brides, and I believe were very accurate. We at Wright Travel Agency know and have visited them all ourselves. We are always glad to answer questions and help when a couple is trying to decide between several resorts, and/or we are happy to make suggestions. Please let us know how we can be of help to you throughout the entire process of selecting a resort, and getting all of your guests booked! TA Wendy
  10. Hi Emily, Le Blanc would be a wonderful place for a vow renewal. They have a beautiful gazebo, and their service, location, food and rooms can not be better. We at Wright Travel would love to help you to have a most wonderful 5th year anniversary celebration. Just let us know and we can get pricing and put you in touch with the wedding department on site that can arrange the vow renewal for you. TA Wendy
  11. Hi Rocio, Congratulations! You have selected a wonderful destination for your wedding! We at Wright Travel have personal experience with the resorts you are considering. TA Babs makes some great points about the resorts. I would add that you might want to consider what activities and excursions you have in mind for yourself and your guests. Moon Palace is very near to so many of the great attractions in Jamaica.. Dunns River Falls is just across the bay, and Rafting on the Martha Brae river, Tubing, all are nearby and convenient to get to. From the Hyatt, you are near to and convenient to the airport and to Rose Hall area which has a very cool plantation to visit as well as beautiful golf course just across the street. At Azul, up in Negril Beach area you have the fun Ricks Cafe nearby for a great excursion ... a place to sip a Red Stripe and jump from the cliffs into the ocean below! We at Wright Travel are happy to discuss and help you to find your perfect resort. Info@wrighttravelagency.com. TA Wendy
  12. TA Wendy


    Hi there! You have come to the right place! My name is Wendy and I am one of the TAs of Wright Travel. We are specialists in Destination Weddings, and you will be able to get your every question answered here. Please tell us a little more about yourself and the wedding you are considering and let us help to bring your vision to life! Best wishes! TA Wendy
  13. Hi all, TA Wendy Here... Please allow me to share my thoughts on the recent reports you may be hearing. Mexico is a very safe place, and the resorts are very safe. Over the years I personally have sent literally thousands of guests to resorts in Mexico without incident. The Cancun/Riviera Maya area receives millions of guests per year, with the VAST majority having a great experience. I myself typically go there alone or with friends/spouse/groups about 4 times per year without incident of any sort. Unfortunately, whether you are at home or abroad, you can never guarantee safety 100%. In my personal experience, I have observed that it frequently happens that people arrive at an all inclusive resort, hang in the pool all day in the hot sun, drinking at the swim up bar, much more than they normally would, and maybe forgetting to hydrate properly, and they can and do have ill effects from consuming too much alcohol. I recall one gentleman at a wedding I helped arrange and attended, who went out on the wedding day, and spent the day golfing, drinking the entire time, and he wound up passing out in his room and missing his best friend's wedding from a combination of heat stroke/too much alcohol. In the case of the two siblings that has received so much press, it is tragic and sad, but also it must be noted that these two teens each consumed at least 5 shots of tequila in a fairly short time. This would certainly knock me out. I would never try to push anyone to go somewhere they dont feel safe, but please just keep in mind when you read stories like these, that the whole of the Cancun /Riviera Maya economy is based on tourism. Almost everyone you meet earns their living in one way or another from tourism. It would be extremely short sighted for resorts to allow a tainted product of any sorts to be on their menu that could result in a huge drop in bookings, and potentially collapse their entire economy. When /wherever you travel, domestically or internationally, some common sense rules apply pertaining to watching your drink, not leaving it unattended, not drinking to excess etc. This is just the world we live in. Sorry to be preachy, but I do know that the VAST majority of travelers to Mexico have a safe and wonderful time there, and I hate to think that a couple of sensational stories could be cast as normal when they certainly are NOT the norm.
  14. Hi There, Kee, Well you have made the first decision in choosing Jamaica and Montego Bay!! A couple of things to ask yourself are: Will there be children there, or only adults? What is your budget for the resort? Do you envision your wedding on the beach, in a gazebo, on a terrace or in a ballroom, or in a chapel? Are you envisioning an intimate resort, or one with lots going on, many restaurants to select from and lots of entertainment options? Those sort of questions will help you to make your selection! Resorts that are right in Montego Bay and have a lot to offer with great wedding packages include, (but not limited to) Secrets Wild Orchid or Secrets St James - (both adults only) Hyatt Ziva/ Zilara - (both an adults and a family friendly side) Iberostar - large property with a number of resorts all on the same complex RIU Palace - on the lower end of the price point, easy to reach location. If you would like to speak to one of us from Wright Travel Agency please click the contact me button and we will be glad to answer all your questions and help you to come to a decision on the perfect resort for you! Best wishes! TA Wendy Wright Travel Agency
  15. Hi There, TA Wendy here. I read your post and just wanted to suggest that if you have not yet considered Merida you might want to put on the list.. It is a charming colonial town with much history, beauty and great venues from Haciendas, to boutique hotels to regular resort venues. Let me know if we at Wright Travel Agency can provide any info for you! Best to you, TA Wendy
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