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  1. we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary the day you tie the knot! are you sure the room rate is $313/per night for 2 people vs. $313/per person, per night? sounds like your room rate is still cheaper than the resort directly. do you have a contact at the resort? I'd reach out to your contact and ask for clarity on the pricing and make sure the web price is $313/per person per night and your rate of $230/per person per night is a way better deal! our travel agent told our guests that if they booked via a third party (discount travel site) they'd be at risk if the hotel sells out. if the hotel sells out, the first group of guests to get 'walked' are those that booked via the third party site because the hotel makes less money on the discount travelers. So if you know the resort sells out, this is a huge risk - resorts oversell rooms all the time, just like airlines, and then 'walk' the least profitable guests (those booked via third-party). Our resort sold out a few weeks before our wedding and we heard a couple get 'walked' while we were checking in - that couple got moved to a different resort, pretty far away and lower star.
  2. ok- wedding review is posted!! https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/r/5863-wedding-was-a-blast/ Our Photographer sent us a message earlier this week letting use know our wedding photos will be done around July 15th so I'll be sure to post a few photos and a review of our photographer - Moments That Matter! they were a really fun couple to shoot with, just can't wait to see the final results! The biggest piece of advice I can give for planning a wedding at Azul or any Karisma property - PATIENCE! planning a wedding via email and a few phone calls may be stressful, but these folks at Karisma are pros! Don't expect a response same day, most responses were 1-3 days, and if you go into the planning process knowing that, you'll be a little less stressed! Overall, the Karisma teams are experts and will execute your vision wonderfully - trust them!! Happy Planning!
  3. We use Kate’s Travel (katestravel.com) she was AMAZING! Our guests loved working with her and she got us some great rates. Here’s the website she created for us: http://tomandamandagetmarried.com/
  4. Yes, I need to get a review written! Overall - AMAZING resort, staff, wedding, experience! We had 1 small small hiccup with airport transfers, otherwise all was AWESOME! I’ll get something written in a few weeks, once we have our photos back! and yes! We did get our resort / wedding credits! We actually got them about 10 days after the wedding - pretty quick! Some of the discounts (wedding package, spa, dinner & cocktail) were applied before we paid the final balance. The airfare and room credits were credited back to my AMEX a few days after we checked out. We ended up getting about $7500 in credits/discounts: $950 discount on always and forever package $500 hair & makeup credit - gift from our TA $550 discount for cocktail hour $1100 discount for dinner $1000 for airfare promotion with our TA $3300 for #of rooms/nights our group of 60 had booked
  5. our guests loved these! they were most pleased with the first-aid kit, sunscreen, aloe and meds. the cups were cute and most guests did bring them down to the pools. I wish I had put in some battery-fans - the ceremony was so hot! we had hand-fans, but the battery ones would have been a nice upgrade. we gave the kids a pool squish ball, a beach ball and a squirt gun - some of the parents took these toys from their kids and brought them into the adults pool - turns out I should have given all the adults squirt guns!
  6. the seaweed at each beach will vary and there isn't a lot you can do about it... the of the 10 days we were in Cancun/Riviera Maya, we had seaweed 6 days, including our wedding day. If it rains/storms, it usually gets worse. Staff will work endlessly to clean up as much as they can, but it's nature. Despite the seaweed, we still had our beach on the wedding. There were no bugs or at least no one on in our group noticed any. If you have the reception on the beach at night, you may notice some bugs, but we only did our ceremony & cocktail hour on the beach, and then moved to an outdoor plaza to party. We were not at the Hard Rock, we were at Azul Sensatori - it was AMAZING wedding experience!
  7. Hi Brides! I have a Wally Bag - 66" available - $90 + shipping (US only) The wally bag typically sells for $120-$180. I used this gown bag once to transport my dress from MN to Mexico for our wedding - IT WAS PERFECT! I was actually able to pack 4 additional maxi dresses, and my husband's wedding attire, plus a few pairs of shoes and some jewelry. I packed the dress the night before we left, and just moments before we left, I zipped the bag and folded it - ready for travel. It comes up with a nice over-the-shoulder strap, making it really easy to carry through the airports. No issues on Delta with the bag as my carry-on - I chose to put in the overhead bin, but the flight attendant did offer to hang it in the closet for me. Once we got to the resort, about 10 hours after I first folded the bag, I unpacked the bag and my dress was perfect - no wrinkles! My dress was mostly lace and had a bit of a train, but it arrived perfectly! Honestly, this is the best way to travel with your dress!
  8. we ended up using Facebook messenger when we were in Mexico - the hotel had free wifi and at least 1 person from each family/couple had FB on their phone already - it was pretty easy to communicate among guests "hey, we're heading to the beach bbq for lunch." or "everyone is hanging at the small pool today". a plus was that some people tried to get a hold of me via FB on the day of the wedding and I was totally not checking my phone - they were asking if the wedding was outside given the rain forecast, thankful my mom, MOH and a few other friends were on the group and could respond for me :)
  9. another link that our guests found helpful - http://www.sat.gob.mx/bienvenidoaMexico/Paginas/mercancia_puedes_ingresar_eng.html
  10. the general rule is you can't bring more than $300 worth of 'gifts' into the country. https://www.cancunairport.com/customs.html we are leaving for Mexico in 2 days (EEK!) and we have 2 bags of wedding stuff - OOT gifts and decorations. we are each checking 1 bag and have the receipts for EVERYTHING in the wedding bags. we each have less than $300 (gifts & decor), but I wanted to split it up between FH and I - just in case. if he gets the red light and gets inspected - I'll just take my bag and meet him at the transfer later and if he gets the green light - "I'm with him!" I've heard from a lot of brides that as soon as you say "it's a for the wedding" most customs agents are pretty relaxed, unless you have like hundreds and hundreds of items and it looks like you might sell them. I plan on playing up the 'we're getting married' throughout the airport - including a BRIDE hat... I'll let you know how it goes when we get back in about 2 weeks. keep your fingers crossed for us it goes well!
  11. so we did a thing - we got married yesterday at the courthouse. just us and 2 very close friends. it was everything my FH could have ever wanted, it was lovely and simple - perfect. We leave on Monday for our Mexico wedding celebration set for Friday May 11. We have 60 amazing friends and family traveling to celebrate with us. I'm really glad we decided to get hitched stateside first, it takes a ton of pressure off the day in Mexico. bags are almost packed and the hubby and I are ready to spend 10 days on the beach, relaxing with friends and reconnecting before we come back to our crazy lives. Stay strong DW brides - it all comes together
  12. we had our travel agent handle all those details like arranging transportation. we thought about setting up a facebook group so our 60 guests could interact with each other, but most we have quite a few non-facebook users so it didn't seem worth it. we did send a few all guest email blast recently, especially since we're all flying out in the next day or so.
  13. 23 days. Where did the last 18 months go? I think we're ready - only a few things outstanding... Groom & BM attire - I changed my mind on the color of slacks - so FH is on the hunt. I'm letting him run with this because I can't think about it anymore and at the end of the day - whatever he wears is fine! Bridal accessories - I can't decide on shoes, jewelry, hair accessories - I've bought at least 10 pairs of shoes and returned 9 - I'm sure I'll pick something soon - not overly worried Communicate day of schedule with family & bridal party - the schedule is done, just need to send to family Packing - UG! this feels super overwhelming, but I'm going to start tackling it this weekend I keep saying "If it's not done, I'm not doing it".
  14. everything my TA has told me is that the room credits is a check back to you after the trip. So 14-30 days after you leave the resort, they send you a check for the room credits. the credit is only applied to rooms with 2 adults (single rooms or rooms with 1 adult + 1 child do not count towards the credit). My TA has been very cautious about using the Cash for your Bash Credit $$ - she says it often changes and is often a bit lower than the website, depending on rooms booked, nights stayed, and your contract. we had to pay our room balance in full a few weeks ago. Past Azul brides - please chime in - did you get a credit back or was it a discount off your room balance?
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