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  1. Whoa, 60 guests as well! Guest twins! That sounds about what we were thinking of doing, although I just came across Guest Board on another forum, which seems to be what I'm looking for, kind of a private forum for our out-of-town guests. I think it's also free. That or someone mentioned Yahoo Groups? I haven't looked into that one as much.
  2. Our wedding is in October in Tulum, MX, which we're extremely excited about. Have about 60 people all flying out there. For those who have done this before, how do you keep your traveling guests informed about stuff? It seems like a lot of nitty-gritty details to put on our simple little wedding website. I thought about making just a big email chain with those 60 people so they can see who else is flying in at what time, etc., to split transportation costs. But seems like that email would get out of control. Has anyone else thought about this issue? Is a Facebook event page too tacky? Any other options?