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  1. I think I fhttp://www.cigarjamaica.com/ound what you're looking for:
  2. what kind of headpiece did you wear? or are planning to wear?
  3. Good list! I bet it got folks moving!
  4. Since we each live on opposite sides of the country, we are planning a VERY casual AHR in each town, a pizza party thing, the impportant people from each ide will be at the DW,I have a reputation for being independant and unpredictable so folks are wondering about this wedding, I'm just saying I'm not having it the colors i really want(fuschia and orange)pizza and beer sounds good to me
  5. Thank youall for your reviews you helped me decide which resort to chose for my wedding!
  6. If your goal is to make your groom feel like the luckiest man in the universe go with #1, he'll be like a cartoon his eyes will pop out LOL
  7. My fiance was a blind date to my soroity's Christmas formal,we have a tradition of the girls giving their dates a gag gift he played guitar, so I gave him a toy guitar,my gift for him is a Fender stratocaster with an amp, which I've had hidden at my sister's house for months( I hope I don't regret this but he'll love it!)
  8. They are both gorgeous,So you need to decide who you want to WOW the most your new husband or ever man in attendance,my vote is the second one,congratulations!
  9. beautifullll

  10. Welcome to the site,that was step 1, now step 2 you need a wedding planner, I'm using www.destinationweddings.com They'll fit in your budget cuz they're free
  11. I thought the sweetest thing was for Harry to pick flowers from the castle garden for her bpquet, those two are class all the way
  12. My FH wants a Hard rock hotel wedding in Cancun, my worries are the seaweed and the bugs,is a beach wedding possible despite the seaweed? Are the bugs unbearable?
  13. Well,I don't know about anyone else, but I'm convinced the gazebo is beautiful
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