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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva Thank you...I guess a weave may be out for me then...I need to be able to get in the water every day. I wouldn't rule out weaves because like I said I've worn weaves before and gone swimming with them w/ no problems. But I just wanted to warn you that if you didn't get a high quality hair you might experience problems (i.e.) a lot of the cheaper hair that can be purchased in most beauty supply stores. I plan to have a weave for my wedding and like you I plan to be in the water!! Just wanted to warn you that you get what you pay for, so buyi
  2. I've worn weaves and gone swimming in them before, but I will warn you that unless you get a high quality hair you will definitely have problems with tangling and shedding. I've never worn a lace front before but since they are held on with glue I wouldn't think that it would be a good idea to swim in one. Also, my stylist told me that they can do a lot of damage to your hairline.
  3. I think I ended up spending about $650 on my entire package that included my bouquet, 5 BM bouquets, groom's bout, 5 GM bouts, 2 mother's corsages, and hair flower. Honestly it was much more than what I wanted to spend on flowers, but I guess the fact that they split the payments for me helped. Not only that it gave me piece of mind to know what my flowers would look like beforehand, and most importantly all the quotes I received from the local fresh florists were at least double if not triple what I paid. Even worse, they didn't have the flowers I requested and would have to substitute them f
  4. Hi Ladies!! I hope everything is well with you all So much for me to catch up on... Speaking of real touch flowers, I finally received my flowers and I think they turned out great!!! Tonya, Take a look at this site, they seem to have tons of real touch stems. Real Touch Flowers My Bouquet BM Bouquet Hair Flower Groom's Bout Mother's/MIL Corsage
  5. Hi Ladies!!! I hope everyone is doing well and that planning isn't getting the best of you I have a lot of catching up to do, but in the meantime can you give your opinions on this email I plan to send to my guest... I'm hoping it may encourage them to book!!! Dear Family and Friends, We hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holiday season. In case you are thinking about joining us in Jamaica next April, we are sending out a friendly reminder with the most up-to-date travel information and rates. If you do plan to join us, we want to suggest that you secu
  6. I used their postcards and magnets and there was no logo on them, and I didn't have to pay extra. But this was a few months ago and I recently ordered business cards and there was a charge to not have the logo printed on them. So I guess either they changed their policies or there are certain items that don't get printed w/ the logo.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ebredhawk christina, i love every one of your details!! i am in LOVE with the peacock theme.. such rich and beautiful colors! and your BM dress.. holy moly i want one for myself!! and having those colors be accents instead of using them so obviously will be the perfect touch. with a beach wedding, it's gorgeous as it is and any splash of color is just an added bonus!! Thanks Erin!!! You are too sweet I actually ordered the BM dress for myself in black to wear to my class reunion!! I see I forgot to mention how gorgeous you look in your dress It's so p
  8. I have to agree with KittenHeart... My guests not booking has been by biggest source of stress. Telling me that you will be there doesn't mean squat to me until you have a reservation and flight booked!!! Not knowing exactly how many people will actually be there hasn't allowed me to plan ahead and begin purchasing things in advance or OOT bags, etc...
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by shortnsweet7675 Everything looks wonderful! I love the colors and the feather detail of your invites. It's nice that you will have a friend help you with them. And I am sure you can find somewhere to wear your initial shoe choice while you are in Jamaica. They are so cute. Thanks, I'm not to sure about wearing them in Jamaica bcuz they are a bit too formal for most of the activities outside of the wedding. Quote: Originally Posted by doblauvelt Christina- I LOVE it all!! Between you BM dress, your invites, the peacock feather, and your s
  10. Ok, so I finally have pics to share for everyone... Here is a pic of my BM dress... Hopefully they will be here sometime this week so that I can see them on my girls. This is a pic of the first mock up of my invites, there are still a few changes to be made and and some extra details to be added but this is how they will look for the most part. My friend went to school for graphic design, so asked if he would do these for me and he graciously accepted. This is my first attempt at how the outside will look. I ordered the envelope from paper and more and bought t
  11. Thanks for the heads up!!! I will also be flying out of BWI and it's nice to know that I have another non-stop option.
  12. Tonya - The shoes I have now are actually champagne, but the inital pair were blue and green to match my wedding colors. I love colored shoes with wedding dresses and was totally bummed that my new dress just didn't quite work with the other shoes. I say go for it and get the brown shoes, I think they will be much more fab than just plain white ones!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 I am totally stressing about what to do for my accessories, namely the bra and LACK OF PRESENCE! The back of my dress is really open so I won't be able to wear anything that wraps around my body, so I may be left resorting to the stick-on kind! While many would just suggesting I go 'au naturel' I'm just not sure if that's for me! (and Tracy, pardon my very poor french reference there LOL!). That and I still haven't picked out any jewelery which I find hard to do with such a vague idea of what my dress looks like on me and what it would match bes
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