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  1. Hi girls, I just posted a new topic as well, as i'm getting married in october and would love some feedback regarding the dresses i love. I am already in touch with the designer, the team is nice they told be I can have the gown made custom for me, the only thing left for me to do is to choose. If you love plunging necklines as i do you should have a loog they have great modern and sexy looks https://www.elihav-sasson.com/collection/royalty-girls/ . also the Vintage Jewellery collection is beautiful, I'm really into the VJ 001. tell me what you think can't wait to hear back! thanks a lot
  2. Hi ladies, I'm getting married in October and can't make up my mind between 2 dresses. I hesitated between the RG009 and RG007, but I ruled out the RG007 and would opt for the VJ 001. https://www.elihav-sasson.com/collection/vintage-jewllery-collection/ I love the young and modern look rather than the traditional and classy wedding dress. Will appreciate all the constructive comments girls thanks a lot
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