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  1. Hi, Jamaican brides. I would like to hire a cigar roller for my wedding reception. My fiance loves cigars. I absolutely hate the smell, but I went over the wedding budget and I'm looking for brownie points. God knows that I will need them when he realizes how much I spent! Does anyone have a referral?
  2. Thanks for the info., Tammy. I will email him tonight. - Mary
  3. Hi, Danny. I live in Houston as well. You may want to add Jamaica to your list of places to consider. The beaches are beautiful, your guests can relax or party, and Continental has direct flights from Houston to Jamaica!
  4. Hi. Thanks for responding. I'm sorry that I didn't clarify. I would like to have a car for my 3 BM's and myself. We would like to go into town and out to eat so..... maybe 5 hours the day before the wedding. My FI and I will also need a driver with a car two days after the wedding for my TTD shoot.
  5. Hi, Ladies. I would like to know if anyone has a referral for a driver in Montego Bay. My wedding is August 15, 2009 and I would like to hire a driver for my stay.
  6. Hi, JanJan. You are my wedding date twin! I'm getting married August 15, 2009 @ Iberostar Rosehall Suites.
  7. I never thought of doing this, but it's awesome. I have less than three weeks before my wedding but I'm definitely going to try to fit this project in.
  8. Hi, BDW brides. I need your help! I am trying to print my menu cards and I can't find the post that originally gave me the idea of using cute terms like "First Kiss" for the appetizer. Does anyone know where that post is or what the terms for the main course and desert were? Thanks. - Mary
  9. Those are very nice! I wish that I would have know about her. How much were the hankies?
  10. I don't have the time to make the throwies. Has anyone found the large battery operated lanterns at a reasonable price? The lanterns at Dollar Tree are nice, but they are much smaller than what I will need.
  11. I'm getting married on the beach and will use a white runner. My friend is a graphic artist and is custom hand-painting it with our wedding monogram and wedding date! I will frame it after the wedding and keep it as a momento. I am so excited! I've seen them on several websites... Ashley Simpson had one at her wedding, but those places were entirely too expensive. My friend does them at 1/2 the price. Let me know if you are interested.
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