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  1. YAY! Another bride in Singapore!!! Are you getting married in Singapore, too?Congratulations and welcome!!
  2. You look stunning! I love your last pic with you walking towards each other... how cool is that!?!
  3. Hi Courtney, Couple things to try and help you out... 1. You will likely need to add your checking account or credit card to paypal and have it verified by paypal before you can make any payments (at least I did) - When you sign into Paypal > My Acccount > My Profile then either Add Bank Account or Add Credit Card - Add the account information and have it "confirmed" by paypal, but please note this usually takes a day or two - At least for checking accounts, paypal will make 2 small deposits into your checking account (ie. one for $0.11 and one for $0.09) you will then
  4. Aww.. they are great pictures. I love the very last one with just your silhouettes and your smile throughout them all was radiant! Congrats!
  5. Holy Crap....My FI and I are flying back home from Singapore for the first time in a year in just 12 hours!!!! We have already packed and thanks to this site, I used a ton of your packing ideas. Nonetheless, I am still paranoid I will forget something, but as long as I don't forget my wedding dress.. I can just buy anything else I forget! Its still 13 days to our wedding, but I know the week with our friends and family will fly by too fast. Thank you to everyone on this site for giving me ideas and letting me share my wedding experiences with you. Especially since we were so far
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by EDRBride2009 - the first thing he does when he gets into bed is pull on the sheets so that they're not tucked in. He said his toes feel trapped if he doesn't LMAO... my FI does the exact same thing! It drives me crazy... especially when he pulls so much, my side comes un-tucked as well!
  7. Those are AWESOME! I love the one of you two running into the ocean and the guys playing music for you. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Yes... I had the same issues! My own FI couldn't remember the website!! I posted the URL on everything wedding related including the pre-wedding brochures and any emails I sent out. I feel your pain!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JOSIE 2. When he shaves he leaves little hairs all over the sink and it drives me insane! OMG... I forgot about this one! My FI does this and it drives me nuts! Quote: Originally Posted by Barbo This is too funny:) -He sets his alarm WAY too early and presses snooze every 7 min for about LOL.. I am sooo guilty of this! Even worse, my alarm snoozes every 4 min!
  10. I just got a picture of the hankies I ordered for our mothers and grandmas and I couldn't be happier with them! Especially, since I just described want I wanted via email and she came up with the actual design. I ordered them from Joy at Smarty Pants Boutique who is fabulous to work with and I highly recommend her for anything you want embroidered.
  11. wow... that will be addictive! I got 317.1 =)
  12. LOL... I love it! Even if he did think the song was about him... why would he even ask?
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