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  1. My husband and I were the first to arrive. We had abot 6 bags between the 2 of us, plus a dress. I was SO sick and tired of lugging that thing around. Basically, we stacked all of our luggage together and then just draped my dress and his duit (both in heavy-duty garment bags) over the luggage, no worries! No one is going to mess with your dress. No one even touched our luggage until we headed to our room.
  2. Did anyone notice Nigel and his snide comments towards Travis this week. Yeah, his dance was kinda contemporary and not very Jazz. But when he was talking about Tasty Oreo's Jazz coreography, he made it a point to thank Tyce for a "real" Jazz routine. They panned to Tyce and Travis was sitting nex to him with a frown. He (Travis) said something but you couldn't tell what. I think he was pissed.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyTrunck OMG I wanted a Samantha doll more than life when I was little!! I would spend HOURS looking at the catalogs and picking out clothes and furniture that I may want. I love that you got one for college!!! Oh, and I've always wanted to tell you that your siggy pic is one of my fav wedding pics that I've seen! Yeah its not quite as exciting as it would have been if I were, say, 11!!! Thanks about the comment on my pic I still look at all of them - and love em all. My photog was the best. Good luck with your wedding! If you haven't staye
  4. Its not a bad gift...but I had always wanted a Samantha doll (you know, American Girl?). My neighbours have a (not so anymore) little girl who had a bunch of them and when I would babysit we would play with them. Fast forward to my college graduation. I am getting nice and needed stuff (like money!!) and I open my neighbours gift...its a Samantha doll! They were like "we know you always wanted one!" Ummm I am 22!! WTF am I going to do with an American Girl doll?!?! Suffice to say, its 6 years later. The doll is still in its original box. I wrapped it tightly in like 5 garbage bags
  5. It rained in the early early AM of our May 9 (2009) wedding. I would not worry at all. Once the rain passed, there was nothing but heat and a LOT of wind! Then the wind pretty much died down once the sun went down and it was hot again
  6. Tina - I would guess not since they have equipment to set up and the ceremony will last about 30 min, so you might end up paying for very little time.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kristyne Hey Dr. Brainfreeze Was there also a salad bar included with the BBQ menu. It looked like you had a bunch of different salads in your pictures. Where did you buy the paper bag candle holders that you had on the ground? I have been looking around for something similar. Thanks, Kristyne There was a salad bar. Included was a salad bar, baked potatoes, various side dishes, 6 proteins, a dessert bar and rolls. Way more food than you would ever think you need They cooked the protein right there on a grill. The food was fabulous and
  8. Wow thats really expensive!! Maybe with all the business that she had been getting she jacked up her prices. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenna in Jamaica I just got an email back fro Sheila and she quoted me for $470 US!!!!! Yeah, and my cake is super simple and I'm only going to have 25 people. I would love to post a pick but after countless hrs trying to learn how to post pics I give up.
  9. My cake would have been more than enough for 50-65 people We had more than 1/2 cake left over and we had about 28 people
  10. Sheila's was fabulous. I had a beautiful cake - yellow cake with strewberry filling and buttercream frosting. I just decorated it the way I wanted it once it arrived on site. For me, it was worth the small upgrade (I think it was $250 or $300 - feels like a long time ago!)
  11. We actually had the poolside reception and I would not have changed a thing. We didn't have the option of SeaGrape since the beach party was on that night (Saturday), but the setup was perfect. People could go down to the sand if they wanted, but most people just hung out at our poolside reception area. I really wanted to wear my heels (which came off like 20 mins later), which I would not have been able to do in the sand. The poolside reception was also tucked away pretty privately, so other than a rude couple, we were left alone. I don't think that you can go wrong either way, though
  12. I actually had no issues at the SS Office with my official certificate. When I brought the certificate to the DMV in NC (Charlotte), I was told that they cannot accept the certificate since its from out of the country and sent me off with a Name Change affadavit that needed to be notarized. Luckily my bank is next door to the DMV office..very aggrivating after waiting in line for 30 mins!
  13. Maureen - thanks for that info. I thought that I would have to pay to get my passport changed. Nice to know I have a year
  14. Ok, what did Stephanie do to herself?? I mean plastic surgery? Lost a lot of weight?? What I didn't even recognize her...
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