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  1. And, if this doesn't beat all, we got 2 cancellations today via email. Do people just not get it? Oh well, I would rather know now.
  2. Congrats Keira & Mel -- you both look gorgeous! I leave tomorrow. My FBIL is down there already and sent us a picture from Playa Del Carmen -- looks sunny & gorgeous, so everyone who is up this weekend should be all set. That Ida, she really wanted to shake things up, didn't she? Hugs to all, I can't believe it's happening!
  3. Our wedding is in eight days! Thank you for this website, it looks better than what the Weather Channel has for us (rain on the big day, UGH). Wish me luck, and send all your good weather vibes, we'll need it! :-)
  4. GORGEOUS! We have the same wedding date! Congrats & have an AMAZING time! Hooray!
  5. Ladies, once again, you are spot on with everything. I did some soul-searching last night, and it would be SO wrong to do something for everyone else and not for her. She is a good friend and has been so amazingly supportive of me for such a long time (in addition to the wedding). I am a little disappointed in myself that I can't bring myself to be more giving without resentment (this is one of my personal issues that I am trying to deal with in general -- I think I need to call my therapist!), and the right thing to do is to give her the gift like everyone else, and pay for her transfer b/c I promised I would. And, I know that she would do the same thing for me. Gotta treat all your children the same. And, when I think about it, it does come down to budget, so I may have to scale back on the hair / makeup for everyone -- they might have to pay for that on their own if they even want it. I have been in situations where I have paid for it, and in situations where it was paid for by the bride, so I think either way it is acceptable. I'll think about this one a little longer. Thank you for giving me a place to vent and to hold these thoughts while I did my soul searching last night. I know now that what I was thinking was not the right thing to do, and I'm glad that your collective voice of reason set me straight! I'm so glad I took the time to think about it and I appreciate you for being so honest!
  6. Gr8ful

    Bridal Party get Together

    Oops -- I just said the same thing as Nadine. Please ignore!
  7. Gr8ful

    Bridal Party get Together

    I think it would be fun if you could get each person to tell you (and you only) something that NOBODY else knows about them. And make it into some sort of bingo game or guessing game around a table, and whoever gets bingo first, or gets the most correct answers wins a prize! That not only would be a game, but then people will know a little more about each person to break the ice. I did this for a work event once and it was really fun and well-received. But the little-known fact has to be interesting & fun. It can't be: "I once visited France." It has to unique and fun, like I can say "I love you" in 8 different languages, ask me how". In fact, have them submit three ideas, and you choose the one you like the best.
  8. Here is inspiration from our friend Martha: Table Number Ideas Using one of these pix as inspiration -- I am using Mexican tiles for our numbers! There are a lot of options at this website. Some are pretty pricey. We have a small party, so hopefully this will work. Mexican Tile - Ceramic Tile House Numbers
  9. J2K: You should send the mis-spelled cake to: Cake Wrecks to have it posted. Have any of you seen this site? It's hilarious and a great distraction...
  10. Thank you TheOneDay -- I can't believe it is coming up so quickly! I am really excited. I did our budget yesterday, and it actually looks pretty good, so I'm proud of that. But we'll have to see how the actual event goes! That is so great you were engaged at the Tulum Ruins! How romantic! I love it there, and I'm so glad that we are getting married in such a magical place (on the beach, too bad we can't do it at the ruins themselves). Are you sure you want my wedding party? They have been great, but trust me, I have had my share of headache and tears...
  11. Totally not necessary. The only reason why we are having one is b/c my FMIL offered to do it, and we jumped at the opportunity! Cocktails, or even a night to relax in your room would be perfectly fine.
  12. I have a vent that ties into an etiquette question: - Background. I have a BM who has been out of a job for a while, so she obviously has money issues. However she has been great b/c she is coming down, and has been so supportive and wonderful about everything. - Vent. She needs money to get from the airport to her hotel. I was feeling generous so I offered to pay. Now I'm resentful b/c she has money to do other things like stay in a higher-end hotel and take a trip afterwards. - Etiquette Question. I was planning to pay for hair / makeup & I had gifts for the BM that equal about the same amount as the money for her cab. Do I (1) Just suck it all up and stop being so selfish and pay for everything, or (2) Ask her what she wants -- either the money for the cab, or the gift + hair / makeup. The costs balance out, and I think I would feel less angry about this. I think one of my driving issues is budget (big surprise!). I just don't have the money to pay for everything, and I feel bad about even offering to pay for the cab, but I felt kind of cornered. People call me up to complain about everything, and I feel like throwing money helps make the problem go away, but then I shoulder the cost, which doesn't seem quite fair. Then I get angry and resentful. I wish I was a more generous person, but it doesn't seem to be working out that way. What do you think?
  13. Gr8ful

    a reception with NO DANCING????

    PS. I think they had an agreement with the restaurant as to who they would use as their entertainment (again, it was just a guitar and a singer, who had a great voice). It was enjoyable to wedding guests and restaurant guests. Also, there was no dance floor for their first dance -- if you think about it, you don't really need that much space to squeeze in a first dance unless you have some serious choreography that you have been planning. It was really very sweet....
  14. Gr8ful

    a reception with NO DANCING????

    I just went to a reception this past weekend with no dancing! They only had the courtyard of the restaurant, and the rest of it was still open to the public, so they had to keep the music calm b/c of their other patrons. They had a live guitar and a singer, who was actually quite good. People were "dancing" in that they were moving to the music, but no serious "getting down" was to be had, if you know what I mean. They had a first dance together, but they didn't do the dancing with parents, etc. It was unusual, but to be honest, as a guest, it didn't matter to me b/c that's what they wanted, and it was tasteful and nicely done. Nobody really cares b/c they just want to see you together and happy. At least, that is how I felt. They had an after-party planned, where I think there must have been dancing and wild times (I think they like to party), but we didn't go to that part. That is always an option for your party crowd! Hope that this helps!
  15. Thank you for this list -- I am printing it out as I am typing this out. Awesome!