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  1. I am sure this forum is full of young brides who are excited to be planning their destination weddings - some in Cabo. I was just like you....10 years ago! I joined this forum when it was first starting out - I think there were less then 200 members when I discovered it. I got to know so many wonderful brides through this site and the sharing of information was incredible. Believe it or not my best friend is actually someone I met through this webiste! My husband and I were married in Cabo at the Hilton on 07-07-07 surrounded by 40 family members. It was a perfect celebration! So much so that we have invited all our guests back to Cabo for our 10 year anniversary in 2017. The invites are out and we are so excited! I am looking forward to getting to know you all - hopefully I can share some tips with you along the way! Let the planning begin!
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with shipping items to Cabo? What carrier to do you recommend?
  3. what a doll - thanks for showing us some pictures - I cant wait to hear about her arrival and am glad to know you are home and doing well! BIG HUG!
  4. I was also showing at 3 months and I am sure that none of my clothes were comfortable - although the scale said I weighed the same - strange how that works! On another note I started feeling my baby girl move and kick like crazy a few days ago. She is really active after I eat or if I am in one position for too long she lets me know it is time to move. What a wonderful and strange feeling!
  5. nice job - the colors are great and he will like them for many years to come! Thanks for sharing
  6. ANN so glad to hear the family is home - you two are going to make fantastic everyday parents - after all you have been threw it is going to seem like a piece of cake!
  7. Fantastic - please let the little girl know that all her BDW aunties were waiting by the phone/computer to hear the big news - SO HAPPY FOR YOU and cant wait to hear all about it!
  8. I know I am late on this but wanted to say congrats on your little man!
  9. I haven't felt any "movement" either - sometimes I think I feel something but it happens so fast and then its gone. Don't feel bad - I want to feel my girl too - all in due time I guess!
  10. Never too soon to make progress and it looks great Lisa! I really love that color too and can totally see why you got motivated when you saw it! Your pictures are adorable - makes me want to get painting so we can have the pictures too! DH has been working like crazy so we haven't done anything more than buy the furniture (which all has to be painted!) Oh and I did get the bedding for the baby off ebay - paid for it yesterday so now I can start stocking the UPS guy everyday til it gets here! Fun!
  11. I had my Dr's appointment yesterday and we are having a baby girl! Just wanted to let everyone know. Oh and I got 2 suits at Target and they fit pretty good and were only around $25. Hope that helps!
  12. What a great list of names - I will need to share this with DH when he gets home! LOL! I know a hippy mom who named her kids, Luv (boy), Truth (boy) and Mercy (girl) - they are all a little off but I think thats from what she did while they were in the womb (if you know what I mean) not the names.
  13. Yeah - I would love to meet for a fun day or lunch - and maybe we can Angela to join us too. We live in Ventura county so it would be in the middle of your drive trip.
  14. I can't believe all the great ideas from the girls on here - I don't have any new ones to add - man I wish Sarah was around and not on vacation becuase I am sure she would have some wise suggestions... If you need a place to stay my house is big enough for your family - I am in Southern California so not sure that would help but wanted you to know you are welcome here!
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