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  1. It's been almost 6 months since I got married in T&C in December 2009. Ever since I met Ileana I couldn't wait to write a glowing review about her but all the time something got in the way... Now, that I am finally done with school (I am a teacher), I can take my time and write about my experience with Ileana and the company. I started searching for a photographer as soon as we decided on the location. After reading a lot of reviews here and tripadvisor.com, and looking at tons of pictures, I knew I wanted Ileana. I called her and discussed the details. I have to say that from the very beginning, she came across as one of the nicest people I ever met. Very helpful, professional, accomodating, timely response to all my emails/questions/concerns. I wanted to have 3 packets - wedding, Boudoire and fashion photoshoot. Ileana worked out a great price for us that included albums, pictures and the rights to all of them. Considering what some other photographers charge and the quality of the pictures, it was a steal! When I met Ileana for my Boudoire shoot, she immediately put me at ease. I am not somebody who takes her clothes off in front of strangers easily and was concerned about how the pictures would turn out. They were stunning!!! My husband's reaction was absolutely precious when he saw them first. At the wedding shoot, Ileana was the only photographer but she managed to capture not just me and my family, but my husband, his family and our guest before the wedding. During the wedding, she picked the best possible angles (even getting into the water at one point) and the best possible poses. Her directions were clear and to the point. And once again, the pictures turned out STUNNING! Everyone who sees the pictures now is amazed at the quality. All in all, both my husband and myself, we couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Great job Ileana!!! A+++++ I can't wait to go back to T&C. And I will make sure to contact you once we are there. I can't pass an opportunity to take pictures with you! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!
  2. A pair of beautiful real touch hair flowers (originally bought from etsy.com for $100) are for sale. I wore them only 20 minutes, they are in pristine condition. Color - off-white/ivory. I would sell them for $50 + shipping (they are very light, so it shouldn't be high). PM or email at: teachinginmd@gmail.com
  3. In your opinion, having 21 people total for a reception what kind of seating arrangement is the best? should I go with one long table or should I do 3-4 separate tables that seat 6-7 people each? thank you girls!
  4. Thank you all! I'm pretty proud of them myself too especially considering this is my first and last DIY project. I used Microsoft Office only. Could have done more with Mac but I don't have printer at home, so I'm stuck with MO at work.
  5. TCIbride

    Fuchsia organza chair sashes

    how was the quality by the way? I'm thinking of ordering the sashes from their website as well and was wondering... did the color match the one they had on the website?
  6. EDRbride, please check that! I'd love to share the starfish with you!
  7. Update: I see how it works now... I guess I need to get into clear starfish line... and I think I can fit my date in! Between EDRbride (November) and kpuckrin (January)... I promise to send it on it's way as soon as I get back from my wedding.
  8. Hi ladies! I'm getting married in December 12, leaving December 9. Can anyone pass their starfish to me? My colors are white, silver and blue... thank you! that's such a wonderful idea, so exciting!
  9. Thank you girls! I decided to go with a plain white cardstock. It does seem a bit more classy to me. I will include the template in a separate thread.
  10. that sounds really good... do you have a picture of your setting?
  11. and I'm very proud of myself It's not the longest I've ever run but it's the first "official" one I participated in. When I woke up this morning at 6:30 am, I thought I must be crazy to do it - with the wedding coming up and a graduate school thesis writing and selling my place and being super busy at work... I just need to get up at 6:30 on Sat. morning. But I did it, and I'm so happy! Totally worthwhile, feels great! My result - 27 min 40 sec
  12. First of all, please tell me honestly what you think of my menues. Should I change anything? is it easy to read? and second, should I print it on a simple white cardstock like in the first picture, or should I mount on blue cardstock like in the second one? another thing, if I add a white ribbon on top (that's how my invitations looked) will it be too busy? thank you!!! #1 #2
  13. Every time when I try to open a link in a post to another topic on this forum, it takes me to the front (main) page, not the actual topic... It's been like this for a week now. Is there a problem or is something wrong with my computer? Has anyone else experienced the same?
  14. great job! I'm in process of doing my menu as well now - would you share yours with me please? pretty please? teachinginmd@gmail.com thank you!
  15. they would have been free but I used 2 of my pictures so it ended up being $10 and I paid $9 for shipping. Total $19.