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  1. Talk about waiting until the last minute...I leave next week and I am getting ready to start my last project. I have pictures of all my guests and I want to put together blurb about everyone with their picture to put in the welcome bag. Does anyone have a template or an example I can "borrow" Thanks :)
  2. Here is mine. My hair flowers look exactly like the ones I am wearing. Etsy :: Reserved for Jaeme
  3. I am using the Tropical Restaurant for our reception. It is $800 for the private reception plus $18/pp after 12 (kids free). THe WC confirmed that amount for me.
  4. Sorry....pictures are really big. Will get better next time
  5. Okay....I am holding my breath to see if I can actually post a picture correctly this time. Here goes nothing. I received my BM gifts from Joy at Smarty Pants Custom Embroidery Boutique I ordered the spa wraps and cosmetic bags. I gave Joy my colors and let her mix and match the ribbons and embroidery. She did a fantasic job! She was so much fun to work with. Please work...please work...please work!
  6. Oh yeah...I got lucky. One of my best friends is a wedding photographer. She does amazing work...I love my engagement photos. Helps sometimes to have the right friends. www.devophotography.com
  7. I am not bringing decorations. My mother nixed that idea very quickly. She said the entire reason we are doing a destination wedding is to enjoy ourselves and NOT plan a wedding. I am doing the OOT bags, cute starfish name cards, fans on the chairs wrapped in our colors and the super cute cake topper from ETSY. I will bring some ribbon that matches my colors so that if I want to do something with the bouquets I can. Other than that I am sitting back and relaxing!
  8. I think the writing is pretty but I am too anal of a person to do that. If one looks a little "off" I will have to trash that star fish and star over. At least I know that about myself
  9. I am using sanddollars. Tying ribbons that match my colors to cardstock (same cardstock used for my invitations) with everyone's name on it. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1074/...6c70ccdeff.jpg
  10. I can email you the pictures that the WC sent me for the Tropical Restaurant. I have reserved that for my wedding in November.
  11. The WC at del Mar is very responsive. Reyna answers my silly questions several times a week. If you email her she should answer you with a day or two.
  12. I got tired of looking at my fiances ankles. He would come out of the dressing room and look like he was waiting for a flood!
  13. Have you looked at Beach Wedding Attire & Dresses, Linen Wedding Pants, Shirts, Guayabera, Hawaiian, Havana, and Linen Suits My FH and GM are all getting custom linen pants for $54.95. We were running into issues with having 4 of the 6 guys being over 6'2 so we are doingg the custom pants.
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