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  1. I have not logged on in a very long time sorry ladies. I want to congratulate all the august brides as well. I'm sorry I wasn't able to congratulate you guys before you all left those getting married today and yesterday. I'm leaving on wednesday wish me luck ladies. Today is saturday and I am now going to start backing i'm excited and scared at the same time I'm hoping I don't forget anything I'm praying everyone makes there flights. And all my fragile items make it to Jamaica with out breaking. I wish all my august brides the best of luck. And if I don't get to log on before I leave I will def. post my review with some pictures if I can figure out how to post them when I get back.
  2. I reached out to her first and she may tak two or three days to respond to your emails but she does respond in detail. Every question you have you should right down and then send her one email with everything. After that when you get a sense of your options and narrow down exactly what you want you can ask more specific questions. And you have the email trail for proof just in case something was miscommunicated when you get to Negril. Dionne was very helpful so I do not see that happening but better safe then sorry. I have the photo form and things like that if you want I can send them to ou or you can have Dionne send it to you.
  3. Thanks for your advice Stay-C. I actually didn't miss the point. As I responded to another post we have been together for eight years and he has never done anything like this. He absolutely disrespected me by not communicating with me and taking the money with out even asking or telling me what he was going to do you are 100% correct when it comes to that. And I was ready to kill him I am much more relaxed and calm now but when I found out I was a mess but I sat down and had a long talk with him and I no he is truly sorry and we will move on from here. You see the thing is I no the man I am about to marry we've been together since I was a freshman in Highschool and though he made this terrible mistake I forgave him cause I am not perfect I made my share of mistakes as well and we will learn from them together and be stronger as a couple. I really apprciate your advice thank you.
  4. You do not sound harsh at all Future Mrs. Kt Ellis I understand exactly how you feel. I was feeling the same way. And I have forgiven him but it was a very selfish and careless act on his part. For the eight years we've been together he has never did anything this stupid or anything any where near what he did with our wedding money. So this is why I was so shocked. But I understand that what he did was unexcusable. We had a very long talk and I honeslty knows that he is sorry. I have 23 days till my wedding and I have half of the money. So wish me luck on getting the other half. And thanks for your insight I love honesty. Whe someone is keeping it real it is impossible to be harsh cause I would let someone no how I really felt about a situation the way you let me no how you felt about mines so I appreciate that.
  5. I don't have enough points either so I can not view them. I'm sure you looked beautiful.
  6. I vacationed at ROR last summer and Yes there were babies there from 5months and older. My daughter is my flower girl in my wedding I would not have her miss our special day for nothing she is 4 yrs old. So there should be no problem at all with your sister bringing her baby. It will be fun take lots of pictures.
  7. I'm getting my hair done by Renova to I am a little nervous I might just make my sister do it. She is doing my bridesmaids hair beacause the spa tried to charged them $95 each for an up do that cost like $60 to $65 with a perm in NY thats to much to me. But I heard good things about them so I'm going to do a hair trial first and then I will make my decision from there.
  8. Dionne is the wedding planner at Riu Negril. And I am getting married there on August 15th. She will send you a document that has viedo and photo options she and the price for each package. Everything you do is through her until you get to Jamaica when you get there she will take you to the photoshop and you tell the photographer and videographer exactly what you want like you want picture of each person coming down the aisle how many hours you need them for etc. If you ask Dionne she will explain in more detail to you. I hope this helped a little.
  9. I am now posting so your getting married in four days now congrats good luck and enjoy
  10. Congrats I can't wait to see your pic either.
  11. I hope your day at the beach helped you unwine. I know it is not easy. I'm going through a little drama myself. Nothing as severe as yours but I will explain in a bit. Relationships and marriage is a process you have to know how to work through things and stay together because you are soulmates. Though this situation may seem unfortunate cause of it's timing it was meant to happen. The way you guys work this out you will know from then if you will be able to work out other life problems that will occur once you get married. And depending on how everything turns out this situation may bring you guys closer to each other or further away. No matter what, what you are going through now will mold your marriage. I pray everythings works out for you and I wish you all the best. Now my delimma is my fiance lost his job and we were short on money for the wedding. So I begain to cut some things out like the releaseing of the doves at the end of the ceremony and a couple of other extras so we can cover the wedding part of it. Now My FI is feeling like less of a man because he is not making what he was us to bringing home unemployment is a little check and he feels like he is not doing his job of taking care of his family and no matter how much I talk to him he feels he has to make this right. So he decides to take our wedding money to Las Vegas to try to double it. The end result is he lost all of our wedding money now we are three weeks away from our wedding and we do not have the money to pay for it. Everyday he is crying saying he want's to kill him self how could he be so stupid and he is sorry he messed up my dream wedding. I am very hurt stressed and clueless as to what i'm going to do to get this money in three weeks time but I am not as mad as most brides would be. As unfortunate as this situation is we will get through it and we will get married in Jamaica. The lesson I learned from this situation is he would do anything for our family no matter what. But ass long as he don't ever take another risk like this one we will be fine. He does not even gamble so I'm confused as to why he thought he would even be able to double the money. The next reason why I was mad at myself cause he told me he was going to vegas to celebrate his friends birthday which did take place but he did not tell me he took the money and what he was going to do with it so I feel like I should have told him he could'nt go to vegas and then none of this would have happened but it's situations like this that makes you as a couple stronger when your able to work it out.
  12. Hello ladies we are less than a month away from our big days I am so excited I can't wait. I am almost all set I have a few last minute things to get like sun screen and off but for the most part almost done. I just can't wait to come back as a Mrs. I haven't spoke to Inunez in a little while but she will also be at the Riu Negril with me she will be getting married the day before me so hopefully we can hook up and have a drink before our big days.
  13. I'm not sure if CA is like NY but once we get married in Jamaica our marriage is legal in the state of NY as well so I do not have to do the whole court house thing. Find out from your county clerks office if A jamaica license is honored out there.
  14. Congratulations, Welcome
  15. I'm sorry I missed a couple of post before posting the one above. I'm so glad you had a great time.
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