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  1. Anyone know of a Cancun-area harpist? We are looking for one to play for about 45 minutes on June 22nd, 2017 at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun.
  2. @@caboboundbride Hi! I had this same debate. I ran the numbers on a photographer at home and in Cancun that I thought were at about the same skill level and quality and it was almost exactly the same to bring one with me rather than getting one there. But ultimately I decided I wanted someone that shoots in the area on a regular basis. I loved the style of the photographer from home but it's hard to picture that style translating to the tropical colors of the beach resort when all of that person's photos were taken in midwestern settings. With a photographer that shoots destination weddings in
  3. I’m wearing my Grandma’s veil from her wedding in the late 1940’s. Here’s what she looked like. Gorgeous, right? Here's what the veil looks like now. It's in pretty good shape! But it does have a few tears that need sewn up. I’m also going to have the seamstress sew some sparkle in to make it go better with my dress. Here's my dress with a different veil for reference: My grandma's veil has a headband attached to it that I just don’t know how to wear. Our wedding is on the beach so it’s going to be very windy and wearing my hair down is not an option. Is
  4. @@HannahShort If you use a travel agent or any sort of group contract, you will get a free room night for every 10 room nights booked. I think that's the case since you have a November date listed. Mine's in June so it's a night for every 5 rooms booked. But it's a pain to get everyone to book through the TA and guests are always thinking they've found better deals online somewhere (which they usually really aren't once all the fees are applied). But I think having all of the group booked through one person will be good for the comp nights and also help minimize headaches with head counts and
  5. I actually just used a 1 hour whitening kit from Target for my engagement photos and it worked really well. Super affordable too! My teeth are still looking noticeably whiter a month later. Here's the link: http://www.target.com/p/1-hour-intense-whitening-kit-up/-/A-16601463
  6. @@ashleydanielle4 Which cake did you guys like the best? Are there different options for the food? We won't get to do a tasting so any input you have would be super helpful! @@MichelleandAdam Thanks for your detailed breakdown! I added your hubby on FB too and have loved looking at the pictures! My color scheme is very similar to yours! What was the name of your DJ? I'd like to request yours since you had such positive things to say! Were you happy with your hair and makeup despite them trying to charge you extras? I'm a little nervous about that but definitely don't want to pay t
  7. Hello! My fiance and I are going to have a civil ceremony in Cancun. Our wedding planner got permission from the judge for us to have a mini "personal" ceremony (i.e. read scripture, sing songs, etc.) before the judge does his legal ceremony. Have any of you done this? What exactly happens in the civil ceremony? I know it's read in Spanish and interpreted to English but what else besides that? Do any of you have a script? Thanks!!
  8. @@jsparrow10 Hi! I was just searching for the logistics of a civil ceremony myself. How did it end up going for you? Anything I should know?
  9. @@jmartins1223 @@rebeccarpeck1 They switched us to Christina a while back when we complained about the response times of the girl we were with before. She's been really good so far. Still slow sometimes, but always polite and methodical with her answers. We didn't do the Big Day Preview because we stayed at a different resort when we did our site visit. So we didn't get to taste food or cake! If you and your fiancee do, please give us thorough reviews!
  10. @@motevoli - yep. That's what everyone is dealing with. In my experience so far, it's both the wedding department and the groups department. So it's definitely an added stress but I knew that going in but chose it anyway because it's such a gorgeous resort. For what it's worth, my travel agent acts like all resorts are pretty bad about that stuff but I think the Ziva is worse than others. I have noticed that they're a bit better now that I actually have my deposit down though. @@rebeccarpeck1 - is that rate through a travel agent? If so what company are they using? My TA is using FunJet an
  11. @Spoiledtator @MichelleandAdam I'll be really anxious to hear how it all goes for you! I have a different coordinator but she's been hit or miss too. Best wishes for beautiful, joyful, and stress-free wedding days to you both!!
  12. Hi! These 2 resorts were our final 2 choices too! Our wedding is in June so it's not "peak" season so I don't know what that will do to the rates. But we are going through a travel agent and the Hyatt Ziva ended up being less which surprised me because I thought it was a much nicer resort! The first quote I got had Beach Palace at $796 per person for a 2 person room for 3 nights (includes airfare and transportation to/from airport). Same deal for Hyatt Ziva except the quote was $695pp. I think both are very reasonable for an all-inclusive vacation at a stunning resort. Hope this helps
  13. Thank you for this thorough review! So helpful! Did you have to pay an extra fee to use the Punta Vista for your reception? My wedding will be about the same size as yours and I'd love to have the reception there but $5,000 to rent it seems crazy! Also, what did you do for your cocktail hour? Did you rent those little furniture sets or just a few tables? It seems like that can add up quickly.
  14. I am bringing a friend that I work with to shoot our wedding video for us. He shoots wedding videos on the side so he has professional equipment. We're not paying him a fee per say, but we are covering his travel/accommodations. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there any sort of paperwork he needs to fill out to shoot our wedding? I read somewhere here where someone's photographer got stopped at customs because he/she wasn't licensed to work in Mexico. Would that apply in this situation?
  15. Just thought I would hop in here and let you guys know that I creeped on Andrea's instagram and she posted that she is leaving. It was in Spanish, I used an auto translator. This is some next-level creeping but I want to know who will be coordinating mine if I have it there!
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