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Dream Wedding 12/13/14
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By ctlind7, · 2,140 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Attention to detail, friendly staff, clean rooms and facility, great food

Booking/Reservations - 4 stars. I went through a travel agent for my groups booking (46 people, various traveling dates) We were able to secure my preferred date of 12/13/14 with the last ceremony time of 12pm (noon) about 11 months out.  Process was smooth and the contract was sent immediately.  


Offsite Coordinator -5 stars. My offsite was Yazmin and she was phenomenal! She responded so quickly to all emails, and even called twice before the switch over to the onsite coordinator.  Any questions I had, she had answers to within 24 hours (even faster at times) Very nice and polite and gave her opinion when asked, which was helpful since I did not do a site visit. 


Onsite Coordinator - 5 stars. My onsite was Joselin and she was fabulous as well! We met 2 days before the wedding to go over all the details of the big day since we didn't have a rehearsal/run-through.  We ended up added extra lighting and petals to through after the ceremony and she took care of that immediately.  I had forgotten vases for the sand ceremony, and she was quick to supply those. I had dropped off my frame we used for sand ceremony, iPod with ceremony music, and cake cutters/topper to her before the wedding and she had everything set up and looking great! She was there for the ceremony and directed the comings/goings and was there to even help me lace up my dress in my room! I couldn't believe that she was there til the very end of my reception too and made sure everything went perfectly (it did!) 


Welcome BBQ - Tucan Gazebo (moved there from the terrace since it started to rain (sprinkle for an hour) Food was BBQ and the shrimp kabobs were amazing! They also left decor up from an Indian wedding before so we had some fun color in the gazebo


Ceremony - 5 stars. 12pm Tucan Gazebo. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! We did the comp package with the white chairs and I added 2 vases of calla lilies at the front of the altar (highly suggest that!) It gave it a little extra and looked great with the ocean background. The gazebo worked great to deter from people squinting due to sunlight and helped with the lighting on pics, too! The glass walls go halfway up so they did help deter a little bit of the wind (it was windy but not terrible) 


Justice of the Peace - 4 stars. gave a great message and the entire ceremony took about 20 mins. Very nice and polite, my MIL thought he could have dressed a little better (white beach attire) but I thought it was fine esp being on the beach. 


Floral - 5 stars. did the comp package so I chose white roses and upgraded to include pink lilies and greenery for only $35 (totally worth it) For the bridesmaids, we did single calla lilies ($10 each). For the Groomsman and parents we made those out of silks before we left from silks and ribbon from Hobby Lobby and they turned out great! Traveled with them in my carry on and they made it perfectly. Added the calla lilly vases (2) and loved them. 


Cocktails - 5 stars. 5pm Venado Garden - did the worldwide menu and a lot of compliments on the food! They also had a signature drink for everyone ( it was red and contained the word Love in it's name, but it was potent, but GOOD!) 


Reception - 5 stars. 6pm-9pm Venado Terrace - had extra lighting (4 strands) from Zuninga, DJ from JSAV, Italian buffet (YUM) and Strawberry Cake (I only ate the bite that my hubby fed me, but it was good) DJ had everyone dancing all night! I don't think I sat down once but our groups are HUGE dancers. They even let one of our guests sing Sweet Caroline so that was fun. We had a lot of bystanders dancing and watching so I bet we were quite the show! ha. Golf carts were there to take guests back to the main lobby to continue the party at the Pub! 


Photographers - 5 Stars. We brought ours with us! They are fabulous, so can't wait to get them back to show everyone! 


Awe-Spa - Bridal Makeup 5 stars! Went to Sunrise salon and Mayra did my make up. I brought some MAC products with me since that's what I use and knew they used that as well. She was very glad. Told her I wanted natural but emphasis on the eyes and it came out perfect. Went with more gold tones and the make up stayed put all day and night! I would highly suggest her for bridal make up (NOTE: it was not airbrush - I tend to get too oily when airbrushed) 

Massage - 4 stars - I went to the Golf Course for my massage. It was a great massage, but it being my first time there, it was confusing on what to do first, where to go (hydrotherapy, sauna, steam, shower, etc) I kind of just followed another lady in there! But the massage portion was great! I was so relaxed after! 


Room - Ocean Front King - 5 stars. Loved that it stayed cool and the A/C worked! Stayed places before were it didn't seem to cool. Housekeeping was always there to clean and stock up mini bar. Also utilized room service a lot for snacks and late night binges (ha) 


Overall, I am so glad that I chose Moon Palace. We brought 46 people with us, so I was worried about pleasing everyone. Everyone was AMAZED. Many stayed by the pool/swim up bar and we had a blast. We did venture to Beach palace to see the clear blue water and it was worth it, just more crowded than Moon. We also parasailed and that was a blast too! I would highly suggest this resort again and I do plan on traveling back for future anniversaries! I have a few candid pics from guests, so if anyone would like photos of different areas of resorts or floral, let me know I would be happy to share! 


Hi I'm having my reception & cocktail at the Tucan terrace & Venado terrace...I curious what decor you had at the terrace during your reception?

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Thank you for posting your great review! You really cant go wrong with the Palace resorts, but especially Moon Palace which really has something for everyone! If we at Wright Travel can offer any assistance, please let us know.. we are Palace Experts!

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