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  1. I have mine done but I have had them for years now. LOVE them. My sister who is my bridesmaid had them done for the first time last month and we leave on Jan 25 2015 It does take a little getting used to. She has had them for 2 weeks now and absolutely loves them.
  2. I just booked my wedding with Moon Palace for January 28,2015. I was dealing with Alejandro Ulibarri, Alejandro was so friendly and easy to deal with he even pulled some strings and was able to pull of getting me the 4:00pm wedding ceremony. Any question I had Alejandro was quick to respond. I can't wait to plan the rest of my wedding.
  3. Hello Moon Palace Brides I have confirmed our wedding date to be January 28,2015. I just don't know where to start now lol this site is awesome for info. I would like the gazebo ceremony and a pool side terrace for the reception.
  4. Did they mention the change of ownership to the Hyatt and is this a concern for Dreams?
  5. Hello Ladies, I am so excited to have come across this site. So I have a date and thought I had the venue Hard Rock Mayan but with all the bad reviews and recent taking over of the Adventura. I have decided not to go with them. So I need help. I have about 35-40 People including the wedding party. My vision is with a beautiful hard roof or thatched gazebo or terrace for the ceremony. I would like to have a outdoor reception pool side using the concrete as the dance floor with some nice laterns. I do have kids coming so it has to be a family resort. My travel agent is leaning me towards the Azul, Generation or Hard Rock resorts. What imput do you ladies have and do you have pictures Thanks in advance Doris
  6. Our wedding January 28,2015

    We got married at Moon Palace on January 28,2015. We couldn't of asked for a better week.  Claudia from the wedding department was the best!!!! She was organized and was there every step of the way.  If you want to see pictures, please go to my profile on facebook under albums.
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