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  1. Yes we used the resort credits for massages and golf and had to pay the tax on them - it just went onto just our final bill that we paid at the end when we checked out. We had some guests who used the credits for the dolphin swim but I don't think anyone went on an exursion. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  2. I didn't do the dolphin excursion but my sisters did. I think they left at 11 for the 12 time slot and the actual spending time with dolphins part was a little more than an hour. I'm pretty sure they were back around 2. So it's definitely more time consuming than it being right there, but they had a blast! On the dock where they used to be it looks like it's just a launching pad for some of the water sports, but I really don't know since I only walked past there once and wasn't sure what it was at first... And we didn't go to Noir so I can't help you out with that question, sorry!
  3. Hi everyone, Here is the review of our trip and wedding at the Moon Palace that I just posted - all in all, it was pretty perfect. I can't imagine anything that we would change, the hotel was awesome and the actual wedding and events ran so perfectly. Please let me know if you have questions about anything, I'm happy to help! Our wedding at the Moon Palace truly exceeded my expectations. Our entire trip was wonderful and my husband and I were commenting the whole time about how we wouldn’t have changed a thing. For anyone considering booking their wedding at MP I would suggest it 100%! I’ll go through each section and if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me! Booking the trip - We were traveling out of Toronto with 9 other people and used Air Transat vacations for our package - I was relatively happy with them, although our flight times (found out a few months AFTER we book everything), were not the greatest. But that was a minor inconvenience compared to the ease of everything else. As the bride and groom we got priority boarding, extra luggage allowance, and 1 free person (air/hotel, taxes not included) for every 10 booked. We also had quite a few people coming out of the US, and when they booked through Jayne they were recorded as a part of our wedding group to qualify us for the 75 room night benefits. We did have a few families who did not book through her, but we were still able to hit the 75 room nights and get those benefits. Offsite wedding coordinator - I was first assigned Renee, who I worked with the majority of the time. As has been noted in other reviews, the response time was generally slow. However, I knew to expect this so I didn’t freak out about it too much. I would generally give her about a week to respond before sending a follow-up email. We were in communication so early that I never felt a big rush. I was able to get all of the information on the vendors from her without issues, and she sent me lots of pictures of the locations and I was able to book the ones I wanted. Toward the end of our working together I was switched over to Mayla (not sure why), but the communication regarding this change came quickly and there were no bumps. Mayla was great to work with, she responded very quickly and with the couple of hiccups we had (some of the numbers on the documents were incorrect) she was super easy to work with to correct it. Arriving at the hotel - We had transfers booked through our package and so it was super easy to exit the plane and know right where to go. MP is in a great location, not a long drive from the airport which is great! Our flight landed at 9pm so we didn’t have any of the issues that others seem to have had with arriving early and not having a room ready. Some of our other guests did get in before the check-in time, but the hotel held their bags, let them change into their suits, and gave them their wristbands so they could eat and go to the pool as though they were all checked in. I don’t think anyone had issues with this. I know a couple of guests had confusion with which section they were staying in (or rather, the drivers for their transfers did) and they went back and forth between Sunrise and Nizuc before arriving at the right location. Check-in was easy, no issues at all! Our group was all located in the same building in Sunrise, with the exception of a few people who were in Nizuc (and a few others who didn’t use our travel agent were in Grand). Nobody seemed to have big issues with this though. Room - We had an ocean view room in the Sunrise section and it was perfect! We were close to the pool and lobby but it wasn’t super loud or anything. Considering the resort was full the whole time we were there it never felt that crowded! The room is a good size, same with the bathroom. We didn’t have any issues with the room at all, it’s where my bridesmaids and I got ready and it was plenty big enough! Activities - Our guests definitely took advantage of the resort credit and played golf, went to the spa, did the swim with dolphins, etc. I don’t think anyone did the couples dinner, and we didn’t use the romantic dinner for two that was a part of our package, mostly because I had read it wasn’t worth it. The spa was lovely, we used the one at the golf course for massages and then the Nizuc one for hair the day of the wedding. I was able to book everything in advance as well, which was great to not have to worry about once we were there! Food - Food was great everywhere! Breakfast and dinners were the best, we tried a bunch of places and I really can’t remember all the names. We did the Asian restaurant in Sunrise which was delicious, and the Italian and Mexican in Sunrise for dinners as well which were both good. I had high hopes for the Italian one at the golf course but that was probably our worst meal there. Not sure if it was just an off night or what… But still it was fine. Lunch was usually around the pool and we would grab a burger or grilled chicken and fruit, nothing crazy but always fresh and tasty! We loved the little cafe in the sunrise lobby that had popsicles and salads you could grab, that was a nice alternative! We did the breakfast via room service (putting in order the night before) a few times and that was all good - hot, lots of food. I used the room service once for lunch and it was also good, although it was slow late at night. Onsite coordinator - I was assigned Leidi Laura and if you are lucky enough to get her just know you will be in GREAT hands! From the first meeting (we met the morning after we arrived, to fill out paperwork with our bridal party, then to go over everything we had booked) I knew everything would be okay. Following the advice of another bride who was married here, at the end of our meeting I gave her a gratuity card to show how appreciative we were of everything she had already done. I am sure that even if we had not done this should would have been great, but I really was so impressed by that first meeting that I was happy to give her a little something extra. She was at all of our events and on the day of the wedding she was working with her team to ensure everything ran smoothly. We gave her another gratuity card and one of our out of town bags at our last meeting because again, we were just so impressed with everything she had done. I never felt stressed at all!! Decor - We used Grupo Gama, the approved vendor through the hotel and I couldn’t have been happier. Communication was great, and they were even at the hotel during my meeting with Laura to make a coupe of last minute changes. We actually ended up having a credit because our numbers had changed and we needed one less table, and they made this adjustment with a smile on their face, not trying to get me to buy more or anything! The decor at the wedding was all exactly as I had imagined as well! Their prices are a little high but since we weren’t spending much money on extras I was okay with giving them a little more. We used the complimentary package and then added in a couple things at the ceremony and I worked with them to create the look I wanted at the reception. Super easy! Events - We had a little bachelorette cocktail hour at the Tucan Terrace that I invited all the ladies in our group to. It was a nice gathering to have just the women in one place and get to talk to those people I hadn’t really seen yet. The food was delicious and the bartenders made sure we didn't have an empty drink for a single second! We also had a welcome dinner the night before the wedding (we had several guests arrive the day before), which was at the Grand Terrace and was also a wonderful event. We did the international hors d’orves for the bachelorette and the BBQ for the welcome dinner. I recommend both locations for events as well! The grand terrace was pretty large but we were over in a corner and it felt more private and intimate than I was expecting. There was a nice big bar there too! Photographer - We found a photographer from home who we brought with us. Such a good decision! She took pictures at all of the events and we had her for the full wedding day. She had an assistant as well, and the two of them became additional fun guests during the day as well! I can’t wait to see the pictures! Wedding day - I went with my mother in law, sister in law and cousin to the Nizuc spa to get our hair done at 12 (wedding was at 5). They did a great job, I had a general idea of what I wanted but no specific picture. She took my descriptions and gave me exactly what I was thinking of! And very quickly too, we were all done in less than an hour (except for my cousin, who has very long hair and wanted a more complex style). The hair stayed the whole night, even though lots of wind and dancing! At 2 my bridesmaids came to my room to start getting ready, which is where the photographer started taking all of her getting ready pictures. My best friend is a makeup artist so she did my makeup, which was a lot of fun as well. We ordered champagne and snacks to the room and had a little party! My now-husband got ready in my sisters room with his groomsmen, and I think we both felt like we had plenty of space (I had considered doing the bridal room for the day but for the $500 or whatever they were asking for it decided against it, which I feel like was a good decision). Laura called up to the room around 4:30 saying to get ready, that they would be sending someone for me shortly. My sisters (who were walking me down the aisle) and I were picked up in a golf cart by another member of the wedding staff, who was also great. Once we got to the Caribbean Beach (in the Grand section, I highly recommend this location!!!) Laura met us and organized the bridal party for their walk. The walk down to the beach is a bit long but I liked this since it means it’s more private. The set up looked great and our judge was awesome! We wrote our own vows and then he added in some extra stuff - we signed our papers and then that was it! It lasted about 20 minutes which was just right. We took some pictures while everyone went up to the Tucan Garden for cocktail hour, then joined everyone in the Tucan terrace for the reception. We did Mexican hors d’orves and buffet, and it was delicious! Well, we didn’t get to the cocktail hour in time but everyone else said it was great. The location was so pretty, right on the water and the perfect size for our group of 47. It was a bit windy, so just keep that in mind in terms of decor (I had table numbers on rather flimsy holders that just blew over, would have gotten something else if I had realized how windy it was going to be!) The reception was so fun, we ate and then pretty much danced the rest of the time! We hired Disco Movil and I’m so glad we did. His communication was great and the night went off perfectly. So worth the outside vendor fee, especially since his prices are so low that he’s still cheaper than JSAV (who has quite a few negative reviews). We ended the night with sparklers, which was fun although it was so windy I was a little worried something was going to catch on fire! But I can’t wait to see those pictures Well I think that’s all of the big stuff - if anyone has any questions please feel free to let me know!!! I know how helpful these reviews were for me when I was planning so I’m happy to help where I can! Our trip and wedding were absolutely perfect, we would not have changed a thing!!
  4. Hello past Moon Palace brides! I was wondering if someone could tell me approximately how many servers they had at their wedding reception? I'm working out the tips/thank you cards and have no idea how much I should plan on for each event! If you had a welcome dinner (or another similar private event), can you let me know how many were at that as well? Thank you so much!!!
  5. Yikes! I definitely haven't heard of that changing... I was worried they were going to somehow charge me for one of our guests taking our pictures but they seem to be okay with that one still. But if you were told there wasn't a vendor fee for your guest taking video then hopefully they will honor that. They certainly should!
  6. Yes I'm very excited! It can't get here soon enough I will for sure come back and post reviews on everything... I know how helpful it was for me when I was starting to plan!
  7. Hello fellow MP brides! We are 15 days away from leaving for Cancun, I can't believe how quickly it's gotten here! I keep going over and over my lists, feeling like I'm forgetting something, but I'm hoping it's just nerves I figured I would share what we have arranged for our big day, if anyone has any questions let me know! Guests: We are at 47 people, including us. We've had a few last minute changes, which came as a surprise even though everyone on these threads has said to expect it Luckily it didn't change our 75 room nights that we hit so hopefully there are no more changes we have to deal with! OOT bags: I bought papel-picado themed bags from the Wedding Chicks shop that say Muchas Gracias on them. Inside there will be a welcome letter using our invite stationary (my sister designed all of our STD's, invites, signs, etc), personalized drink mugs (purchased from the Factory21 shop on Etsy), and a First Aid kit (small muslin bag filled with advil, pepto, bandaids, makeup remover wipes for the girls, and hand sanitizer wipes. I made my own red cross stamp and painted it onto the outside of the bag). There will be 7 kids attending so they are all getting different bags filled with pool toys, games, etc. instead of the meds kits. I debated adding something else but since the bags and cups weren't cheap I decided against it I figured for our crowd those would be the things used the most to that's what I decided to stick to! Welcome dinner at the Grand Terrace the night before the wedding - no decor besides some personalized drink napkins. Ceremony at the Caribbean beach: I'm getting the complimentary package and added in some coral sashes on the seats along the aisle (our colors are blue, greens, and pops of coral), and large antique-looking lanterns (that will later be moved to the reception space). Other than that just letting the natural beauty shine! I bought about 20 vintage-looking handkerchiefs and there will be a small table near the seats with a sign that says "hankies for your happy tears". I haven't decided how to display them yet, I keep going back and forth and really need to make a decision ASAP! Cocktail hour at the Tucan garden: No decor besides the personalized drink napkins Reception at the Tucan terrace: We are renting decor from Gama, who was so easy to work with! Prices are a little high but we are keeping it pretty simple. I'm renting five 10-person wooden rectangle vintage looking tables (plus a sweetheart table for the two of us), with a table runner in muslin and clusters of small vases/flowers. I am debating bringing small candles, but am not sure how necessary it will be. There will be coral napkins and I got turquoise maracas (that I personalized with a k&k tag that I made using a stamp bought on Etsy). I'm doing 3 strings of the white chinese lanterns over the dance floor, and the large antique floor lanterns will be moved from the ceremony. I also got the mexican lounge set for a hang out area next to the bar. I made my place cards and they will be displayed in hammered tin trays filled with sand. I'm also going to get a piñata when we are down there and cut a hole in the top as the card holder (I got a little wooden sign that says Cards to put around it). Flowers: I decided to get my bouquets and bouts made out of fake flowers so that I'm able to easily save them/transport them back home. I didn't want to deal with the expense and hassle of flowers once we are there and I love that I know exactly what I'm getting. I'll be using the complimentary bouquet as decor on the cake/cards/seating cards table. Other than this the only flowers we will be getting are through Gama as part of the decor in the little vases along the middle of the tables. DJ: We hired DiscoMovil, who has great reviews and prices! Photographer: I took a risk on this and am using a friend of a friend and paying for her trip in exchange for photos. She is with us for 3 days and will be taking pictures during our little bachelorette evening, welcome dinner and of course the big day. She's only done a few weddings but based on her pictures I felt like she would do a good job. It was a great way for us to cut the cost a bit and ensure we will be getting lots of candids (which are more important to us) versus a stranger coming in for a bunch of posed pictures. Fingers crossed it works out as expected! I think that's about it for all the big stuff! Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions
  8. I was able to work with my planner to get the locations I wanted, she sent me pictures of the options... It took about 1-2 weeks to get it all nailed down but I got what I requested! We did it through email about 8 months before our wedding date
  9. Hi there fellow Moon Palace bride! I know this thread is a few months old but I was just wondering if you ever figured out how you're going to hand out your bags? We are also having our guests arrive on different days - from the day before we get there to the day before the wedding. I'm guessing I will try to hand them out the first full day we are there by going room to room and then get everyone else as they arrive? I'm nervous about having the resort hand them out since I've seen mixed reviews on this... I appreciate any insight you've had!
  10. I'm a little different than everyone else on here... I decided to use a non-wedding-specific website called Squarespace after my cousin used it for her wedding website. It's not free but I loved that I could customize our website name and that they had so many options to make it a little more unique. It definitely took some time to learn how to navigate it and create the look I wanted (even with the templates they provide!) but we got so many compliments on it that I think it was time/money well spent
  11. With regards to the $800 fee - just keep in mind that although it sounds like a lot, it's not a bad idea to do some research before settling on the Moon Palace vendors. For example, their in house DJ (JSAV/PSAV) has received quite a few negative reviews on this website and it also super expensive. I'm getting our DJ (Disco Movil, who has stellar reviews on this website) for LESS than the Moon Palace DJ even once I add in the $800 fee...
  12. I think if you start working on your website now (if you're doing one) and have it all ready to go with the info to just plug in that will help you save some sanity once you get the contract finalized. We had the e-card mirror our invites and it pretty much just had the date and pointed people to the website. I think we accidentally missed a few people on the email but since they ended up getting the invite a week later I didn't feel too terrible about it
  13. I created a website that had the TA-created save the date along with other information, and then attached that in an e-card STD. We sent the invites out about a week later - I had wanted to just send out the regular invites (and no e-card STD) but since we also only had 90 days for people to put in their deposits I wanted to make sure people had as much time as possible to look over the information. This seemed to work well and I'm glad we didn't send out multiple paper documents since the postage would have added up quickly!
  14. I'm pretty sure the fine print says it couldn't be combined with sales unfortunately Since I'm still 6 months out I was probably going to wait to see if they have a sale just to do the math on which deal would be better... I figured regardless, the credit I bought wouldn't go to waste since they've got several things I was planning to purchase anyway.
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