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  1. Hi there, This now is their busy time! March-July they are extremely busy! My wedding is 4 weeks away (April 18, 2012) and I have sent numerous emails and still have not gotten answers back. I am getting all my answers online and from someone I know that had gotten married there. The number I have is 876-680-0000 ext: 3007 or 3511. I called January of 2011 to book my date! Well over a year ago and they already had EVERY weekend in April booked. So we decided to get married on a Wednesday! It's the islands, who cares what day it is! I did send emails at first but only gave a few days until I lost my patience and called.
  2. I am getting married in Jamaica on 4/18/12 and I heard your things could get stuck at customs! I am packing everything! our guests are also packing things for us as well!
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